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Spacious apartment overlooking d jungle,protected Green Belt (website hidden) barkings, no fumes, no noises other than natural sounds. Steps lead directly to the beautiful River AYUNG: shrine, sacred spring, bathing area, trekking lane, pavilions, rafting...

Your host, Tini
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Spacious apartment overlooking d jungle,protected Green Belt (website hidden) barkings, no fumes, no noises other than natural sounds. Steps lead directly to the beautiful River AYUNG: shrine, sacred spring, bathing area, trekking lane, pavilions, rafting...

The Space

JUNGALOW GARDEN FLOOR APARTMENT is a romantic, comfortable, safe and independent LOFT-STYLE apartment on the garden level of a two story house, with a main lounge area, large spacious kitchen, en-suite bathroom, dining area, and terrace that opens up to a small garden.

LOUNGE has TWELVE BAY WINDOWS overlook stunning and ever changing views of Ayung River valley, jungle, rain forest, rice terraces and volcano and can accommodate FOUR people: two on the QUEEN SIZED BED (fitted with top quality inner spring mattress and mosquito net), one (no taller than 1m70) on the teak wood DAY BED complete with mattress and cushions, and one on a SINGLE MATTRESS on the floor (all bed linens provided). The area is equipped with lamps and plenty of electrical outlets, two ceiling fans (no air-con, the house is designed to have a constant breeze) with light fixtures, a teak cabinet for your clothes, storage area for luggage, antique colonial style teak desk, large tropical wood table (on wheels, recycled from an old door), two low-style bamboo armchairs with white cushions, and the walls are decorated with original Balinese paintings, and genuine Papua wood carvings.

EN-SUITE BATHROOM is designed to have a lot of natural light and is equipped with a washbasin in a natural stone counter, hot shower, western toilet, and bamboo cabinet for clothes and toiletries. We provide bath linens, soap and shampoo.

KITCHEN is equipped with a counter made from terra cotta, gas cooker, fridge, blender, kettle, teapot, water dispenser (20L water jug, for a 25,000 Rp fee), pots, pans, and basic kitchen ware (glasses, cups, plates, cutlery, linens, etc).

GARDEN is accessible through a glass door, and is equipped with a small table and chairs, and decorated with statues and large terracotta pots, lights for ambience at night, and trees on the terrace (jasmine, papyrus, heliconias, papaya, pineapples, green lime, avocado and lychee trees). The surrounding jungle is full of coconut groves, flame trees, banyans, papaya trees, giant ferns, and fruit growing on wild vines.

Guest Access

Guests are given FULL ACCESS to the apartment and garden.

PARKING for scooters or bicycles is located along the entrance of the lane; please be considerate of sharing this space with others and park neatly. Cars should park along the street in a way that does not impede traffic, or in the recessed area on the opposite side of the street. You are kindly requested not to park in front of the temple or use the cemented parking spot along the street to the right of the lane (it does not belong to us). Please make sure to tell your visitors to respect these rules as well.

INTERNET service will be provided to through a wifi network from a wired modem upstairs. Remember that Bali does not compete with Western countries in terms of speed and consistency of Internet.

NO SWIMMING POOL at the apartment, but there ate beautiful pools accessible in the area at Bali Wood, The Mansion, and d'Omah Bali in Penestanan, as well as Sayan Terrace and Gaya Gallery in Sayan, for a small fee.

PLEASE NOTE that access from the street to the house has many steps and is recommended only for people who are full mobile and in shape (nothing super athletic). If you are an elderly person, have limited physical abilities, or are a parent bringing a small child with you, you should especially be aware as the steps can be slippery (due to rain, rice field water, mold, moss—this is a tropical island). Always be sure to tread carefully, holding the railing and being sure to stay focused, as well as bringing a flashlight with you if you will be coming or going after dark.


We prefer to give you privacy, and management will only interact as needed based on your request or if there is some sort of issue that requires attention. You may also cross paths with one of our housekeepers during their twice-weekly cleaning of the unit. Please be advised that our girls have varying degrees of experience with the English language, some are able to hold a conversation and others only know a handful of words. Please be respectful of cultural differences and the language barrier in your interaction with them.

Interaction with Guests

We prefer to give you privacy, and management will only interact as needed based on your request or if there is some sort of issue that requires attention. You may also cross paths with one of our housekeepers during their twice-weekly cleaning of the unit. Please be advised that our girls have varying degrees of experience with the English language, some are able to hold a conversation and others only know a handful of words. Please be respectful of cultural differences and the language barrier in your interaction with them.

The Neighborhood

SAYAN, UBUD (the village where Jungalow is located) is 4km away from central Ubud (Ubud Palace), and is one of the most privileged areas of Bali.
Once you step off the street, you will be in a protected "green belt" area that acts as a natural lung: no cars, no bikes, no fumes, no cocks, no barking dogs, no burning garbage. The house is situated adjacent to five-star resorts (600m North of Four Seasons, 800m South of Amandari, Alila, Royal Pita Maha, Kupu Kupu Barong, 300m North of Sayan Terrace, and 50m North of Sayan Ayu on the opposite side of the street). UBUD is 600m above sea level, slightly cooler than on the coast, and is full of emerald green terraced rice fields, jungles, and coconut groves.

AYUNG RIVER comes all the way down from the Mount Batur, a volcano in Bali, and there is direct access to the riverbank by community steps through the garden steps just outside of the main entrance to Jungalow. You can walk or run along a beautiful trekking lane adjacent to the riverbank as well. There is a Hindu shrine, a spring (blessed by the local priest), huge banyan trees, mysterious vines growing strange fruit, various small pavilions open on four sides (called bale) for reading, relaxing, yoga, or other activities. The Ayung River is also a hot spot for white water rafting, for tourists and locals alike.
It should go without saying, but please don’t litter with bottles, plastic, packaging, etc, be sure to bring any accumulated rubblish back home to your own bin in Jungalow. The riverbank is a place where local kids have a dive after school, women wash their laundry, and people take their evening bath. If you are just exploring and taking photos, please respect the modesty of the locals by pretending you don't see them bathing. However, you are also welcome to bathe in the river like the locals do, but we recommend you choose a safe spot (shallow water, protected by boulders), and be sure to not leave your valuables unattended.

NEARBY, you’ll find Gaya Gallery, with contemporary art, fusion-style food, and an Italian ice-cream parlor. There is a food court at Bali Wood, trendy places like Vespa Cafe, Kopi Desa, and Alchemy in Penestanan village, and many local warung. You’ll find laundry services, local shops, and local fruit and vegetable markets all along the main road. Food delivery is available from a wide variety of places (see hardcopy folder in unit). There are two large supermarkets (Bintang and Delta Dewata) provide all you need in terms of food, clothing, toiletry etc, but we encourage you to support smaller local businesses as much as possible.

YOUR NEIGHBORS are artists, designers, painters, writers, and the Balinese community. Those who stay at Jungalow and in the area see it as a place of inspiration.

UBUD is a MOOD, as the artistic and spiritual center of this Island of the Gods, with traditional healers, painters, sculptors, musicians and dancers, kite makers, mask carvers, furniture and fashion designers, and jewelers, with many beautiful MUSEUMS to visit (ARMA, Neka, Lukisan, Blanco, Rudana, etc). The area is popular with yogis from all over the world who come here to improve their practice or complete a teacher training and has become a world-famous hub since Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love” was published, and even more so after a movie, based on the book and featuring Julia Roberts, was made. Many festivals are hosted here, including Ubud Writers Festival (Oct), Meditation Festival (Nov), and Bali Spirit Festival (March) with music, dance, and yoga.
Let us know if you are interested in our SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS that take you to visit local healers, shamans, clearVoyants. We regularly organize one visit a week, either at your home or at theirs. 

UBUD has been named “BEST DESTINATION IN ASIA” by Conde Nast Traveler Readers and the President of the World Peace Committee gave Bali the “ISLAND OF PEACE" (website hidden) SCHOOL is now a world reference in terms of their building technique, sustainable standards, and education system. Just 6km away lies their campus built on hectares of beautiful land using a most inventive architecture of bamboo, with organic vegetable gardens, a solar power system and much more—this a must see! You should find their website online for a virtual tour, as well as registering for a real tour once you’re in town.

Getting around

While it’s great to have a good walk around town, having your own transportation is essential to get the most out of your visit. The preferred method of the locals is an automatic scooter. Otherwise, you could hire an Ojek (scooter taxi) to transport you on one inexpensively (paid directly to our recommended Ojek, Mr Agung). Some athletic visitors opt for a bicycle (though be advised that it is hot, humid, and hilly). Another option is or a rented car (with/without driver). We recommend Nyoman Suarjana for scooter and push bike rentals. He has fair rates, with discounts offered for weekly and monthly periods. You will need your International Driving License and personal insurance. For the scooter rental a signed rental document with your personal information is compulsory. This is standard procedure, so please comply happily with these requests.

It is advisable to HIRE OUR DRIVER if you are arriving from the airport, so that someone will be there waiting for you, allowing for a smooth arrival, avoiding a headache and waste of time and energy. OUR DRIVER has a comfortable car with air-con and charges 280,000 IDR (approximately $23 USD, as of Jan. 2014) for pickup or drop-off at the airport. He has been transporting our guests for years, speaks great English, communicates well via mobile phone, is safe, reliable, knowledgeable, polite, and will help you carry your luggage to the unit upon arrival as well as being able to provide you with the keys, show you where the lights are, and other things. He will stand at the MAIN EXIT at AIRPORT with a large sign showing a BIRD AND A HEART (our logo) that will be very visible. He is also available for other tours (around the island to the volcano, temples, hot springs, beach, etc). LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO ARRANGE YOUR AIRPORT PICKUP WITH HIM.

Other Things to Note

INSECTS AND OTHER BEASTS are part of life in a tropical island like Bali. Vegetation here is rich, lush, growing fast and with it a whole array of living creatures. Some are quite cute and others are less pleasant. Remember also that a ugly hairy caterpillar, given time, will become a shimmering butterfly as large as your hand. This is not a jungle ala Disney, so you should be both careful and respectful. Remember also that most will flee rather than confront you, but we want to give you an idea of what you can expect while being here.

CRAWLING CREATURES: a variety of lizards (land and water), geckos, snails of various sizes, centipedes, chameleons, many varieties of ants, small scorpions, spiders (mostly harmless ones who busy themselves catching flies and mosquitoes), snakes (some could be potentially dangerous like the green tree viper).

WINGED CREATURES: herons, kingfishers, egrets (and other water fowl), owls, bats, dragon flies, fireflies, moths, butterflies, beetles, flying ants, cockroaches, flying lizards, jungle chickens, and wild doves.

OTHER ANIMALS: squirrels (commonly seen climbing up and down coconut trees), monkeys, cats, dogs, and various farm animals.

MOSQUITOS: while there is no malaria here, dengue fever is a slight possibility—though statistically, it mostly affects people who have been living here for at least three years. We provide natural essential oils as mosquito repellent. You should protect yourself with round-the-clock essential oils. We make sure to avoid stagnant water in our garden, or have it mixed with some drops of bleach to prevent larvae.

TRAVEL LIGHT (avoid heavy suitcases, clothes are cheap here), and remember to bring your own flashlight or headlamp.

BE RESPECTFUL OF BALINESE CULTURE and be sure to take your shoes off when entering a Balinese home, DO NOT point at people or things with your finger, and DO NOT touch people or things with your foot as well as not showing the sole of your feet to people (these things are considered very rude). You should give and receive things ONLY WITH YOUR RIGHT HAND, whenever possible, and always smile. People here will smile a lot and rarely say “NO.”

BE RESPECTFUL OF TEMPLE AND CEREMONY RULES, and whenever attending a ceremony, be sure that you have NO bare shoulders/chest, no short pants or Bermudas. Men should wear a sarong and a SAPUT (smaller sarong) on top, with its strings tied at the waist meant to separate the pure from the impure, an UDENG (Balinese turban). Women should wear a sarong with a sash (scarf) at the waist for the same reasons. As a top, women should wear a KEBAYA (lacy balinese style blouse), or a plain long-sleeved shirt, and hair should be knotted into a bun. Bringing an offering (banten, tjanang) with you is always welcome; you can get them from a local warung for about $1USD. Observe the Balinese people and do the same as they do. Women usually sit with women and men sit with men, please do so unless you are with a Balinese friend of the opposite sex, it’s ok then to sit together. Avoid backpacks; take a simple handbag for women, a " belt pack" for men. Avoid wearing trousers under the sarong. Never stand higher than a priest, and do not stand on a platform where everyone is sitting. do not use flash lights when photographing a priest, always ask permission to make photo (a simple gesture is enough). Menstruating women are not allowed on temple (website hidden) AVAILABLE FOR LONG TERM RENTAL (1+ MONTH), please contact us with your request.

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We had a wonderful review By Miss BREE, a doctor from australia, who staid at JUNGALOW 2 nd floor, that we,d like to share with you.....
I stayed in the 2nd floor Jungalow from February through April 2014 so I have a lot to say about my experience and it's all good!!

The Jungalow (email hidden) that quickly feels like home - I miss it alreeady. It is warm and welcoming nestled amongst the tree tops in Sayan just 4km out of Ubud central. It is literally surrounded by beautiful green jungle so you get restful jungle noises and of course can hear the river flowing below. Beautiful sunsets. No pool but a river to swim in. It is comfortable and perfect for 2 people. There is wildlife that visits you - beautiful butterflies, largish geckoes, spiders and other bugs. I saw 2 non harmful snakes in the gorgeous garden but none of these creatures bother you - they just go about their business. It is a house in the jungle so expect the full experience and enjoy it.

The hosts and staff are truly wonderful. Marie, the owner is a charismatic French lady who is always happy to pass on her local knowledge and good for a chat. Tini, Marie's assistant and housekeeper is a multi-talented woman who was always keen for a chat and gave her time willingly. She always had a big smile on and was very hard working, honest and generous. Her husband Nyoman, a smiley, hard working and honest man, can sort you out with a scooter (which you need) and helps out with house maintenance. I can't adequately express how wonderful these three people are. Anything that needed fixing would be fixed/investigated, any help I needed would be given I only had to ask.

If you have someone staying in the ground floor jungalow you can hear them and they can hear you. If you are respectful of anyone staying at the jungalow things will be fine - keeping your voice to a normal volume, not stomping around on the hardwood floors etc helps the person below you have a nice time too - I never found I had to try hard to achieve this.

I had a friend and my family stay downstairs in the garden floor jungalow and they loved it and their Sayan experience. I would love to be able to keep the jungalow a secret just for me but it would be unfair - it (email hidden) to stay and experience Bali. I can't recommend it more highly - I will be back.

Thank you Marie and Tini and Nyoman

Room type: Entire home/apt
Accommodates: 4
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Beds: 2
Extra people: $15 / night after 2 guests
Minimum Stay: 3 nights
Security Deposit: $225
Cleaning Fee: $20
Check In: 2:00 PM
Check Out: 10:00 AM
Cancellation: Strict

Overall Guest Satisfaction

Check In
  • We stayed at the Jungalow for a month and we really enjoyed our time here. It is beautifully situated with views over the jungle and the river. If you take a walk down the (very steep) stairs you'll get down to the river where you can also enjoy views over the rice fields. It is stunning.

    It took us a couple of days to settle in and get use to all the sounds of nature and also all the visitors. Don't be surprised to encounter gekkos and frogs in the apartment. In the beginning we found it a bit overwhelming but in the end it was actually a bit cosy having them around. They do eat all the insects so there are very few of these in the apartment.

    The living/sleeping area is big and bright and it is a beautiful room to stay in. The bed is comfy and you are sure to be left alone at night since there is a very big mosquito net over the bed. The kitchen and bathroom are also very nice.

    Marie was very sweet and helpful, always sending us info on events in town. She always got back to us very quickly if we had questions for her.

    Nyoman and Tini (the staff) were also lovely, always taking care of the apartment, bringing us coconuts etc.

    October 2013
  • Nous avons été accueilli avec beaucoup d'attention et de professionnalisme par Marie. L'appartement est un enchantement, situé en pleine nature, clair et aéré. Marie a été attentive à nos besoins tout au long de notre séjour, nous informant des manifestations locales et nous aidant à organiser nos excursions. C'est bien plus qu'une location, c'est une vraie rencontre... Merci!

    August 2013
  • I stayed in the garden floor of the Jungalow for a week. The place is very spacious, rather spartan, and furnished with lots of character. The outlook is amazing, with glimpses of jungle. Great spot for writing, meditation etc. Did not meet Marie but she was extremely helpful via email, and told me about a traditional ceremony nearby which I ended up going to see, definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

    The stairs etc were not an issue for me, and the ride into Ubud is a bit hairy but kind of fun. I suggest bringing a sleeping mask or improvise one, as there are no blinds and it gets very bright at sunrise. Also had a few critters drop by (a small, harmless snake and some lizards), some periodic noise from neighbours but nothing major.

    In (email hidden) to get a feel for the nature of Ubud. You do need a bike or be prepared to use taxis, but worth it for the location. Would stay again, recommended.

    January 2013
  • 3 Semaines à Bali basé à Sayan "UBUD" avec une vue plongeante sur la vallée au fond de laquelle coule la sayung Ayung, face aux rizières et au milieu des bananiers et cocotiers : un rêve réalisé !! De plus en partant entre Octobre et Novembre nous pouvions craindre la pluie et bien non nous n'avons eu que 3 averses dont 2 la nuit !! séjour merveilleux Notre logement nous a pleinement satisfait, il faut juste un peu de condition physique pour s'attaquer avec une température tropicale aux marches très irrégulières, mais quand vous êtes face à l'immense baie vitrée, une large Bintang bien fraîche à la main, ce n'est que du bonheur que je vous conseille vivement. Il y a bien les Gecko qui de temps en temps vous rappelle que vous n'êtes pas seul au monde mais comme ils ne sont pas méchants juste un peu "chiants" ce n'est pas très grave. A partir de ce très bon camp de base et équipé d'un scooter (indispensable vu l'excentration du jungalow par rapport à UBUD) nous avons pu découvrir et apprécié Bali, nous avons sillonné toute l'île avec notre scooter et nos sacs à dos) et je vous confirme que ce n'est pas si dangereux que les guides le disent, si vous appréhendez parfaitement la culture du klaxon et que la conduite à gauche ne vous fait pas peur. Avec notre expérience actuelle (basée sur ce séjour) UBUD est vraiment la place forte à privilégier, le sud c'est comme Ibiza ou Cancun cela ne mérite pas d'y rester longtemps, et le reste de l'île c'est de la découverte à faire qui justifie 5 à 6 jours sur votre séjour. A UBUD vous avez de magnifiques musées, les meilleurs spectacles de danse, des supers restos, les ballades à pied dans les rizières et en particulier nous avons énormément apprécié la sayung Agung, 250 marches plus bas que Jungalow !!! Nous nous sommes régalés à aller voir tous ces artistes balinais qui travaillent la pierre, le bois, la céramique et toutes ces galeries de peinture (il y en a vraiment pour tous les goûts et vous ne pouvez pas rester insensible à ces oeuvres cela peut être du grand n'importe quoi en terme de style ou de copie mais cela peut être également merveilleux) Ma femme étant amatrice de patchwork elle a passé des moments merveilleux à découvrir les tissus comme le batik indonésien, L'ikat balinnais ....et autres Petit point d'intendance: nous avons du laisser la moitié de notre cargaison vestimentaire de l'aller pour ramener de merveilleuses choses !!! prévoyez de la place Je vais conclure maintenant en vous invitant, si vous hésitez encore à venir en indonésie et à Bali, à vous mettre en quête d'un billet d'avion et de venir découvrir ce pays car le "must" ce sont quand même les autochtones ils sont merveilleux, toujours souriants, souvent priants (mais quel plaisir de participer à une de leur "messe") et comme vous choisirez Jungalow vous rencontrerez TINI merveilleuse.

    November 2012
  • WOW - is all I can say! I spent 15 days in the JUNGALOW - and it became my little Home. The Windows are almost to the Floor - and you have this wrap around awesome / awestruck view of the Jungle and view of the River below. Plus the place is huge. There was enough room to put a Dining Table for 14 People if you wanted to. And also there is a little Courtyard outside with 2 chairs and a Laundry line - that I took advantage of.

    MARIE was extremely helpful with guiding me on who to connect with and became a close Friend to me while I was there.

    I took a few more Photos before I left because I knew I would miss it.
    It was my absolute HEAVEN for 15 days. So nice, quiet, and peaceful. And a small taxi or moped ride into Ubud - which was very easy.

    I highly recommend you stay here. I wish I could have stayed longer.

    Thanks Again MARIE BEE!

    Love - Julie from Texas .

    September 2012
  • My boyfriend and I stayed at the Jungalow garden floor apartment for 4 days and loved every minute (apart from maybe the minor apartment mix-up and the hikes up and down the stairs...). The garden apartment is completely charming and the view over the river valley spectacular. We really appreciated Marie's responsiveness to all of our questions and kind assistance with organizing a tour, transportation and providing tips about what we could see and do around Ubud. Her driver, Made, was especially wonderful and we would most happily recommend him to anyone else who wants to explore Bali with a knowledgeable, friendly, polite and generally excellent private tour guide and driver. The apartments are indeed a bit far from the centre of Ubud but are provide easy access to hiking/ sunbathing/ swimming/ lots of picture taking along the gorgeous river valley and the centre is also easily accessible by scooter or taxi. If we have a chance to come back to Bali, we would certainly want to stay at the garden jungalow again! Thank you for a lovely experience!

    August 2012
  • Unless you are on a very tight budget and have absolutely nowhere else to possibly stay when you come to Ubud, I would NOT recommend staying at the Jungalow. We should have known from the very moment that Marie ordered our driver to bring us to the Jungalow immediately, even though we had just sat down to eat a meal that this was going to be a negative experience. The worst part was that she had emailed me the night before telling me that she would not be here to greet us but that Mr. Wayan, her caretaker, would be here and he would show us around to explain how to work all the lights and such. When our driver told us we had to leave the restaurant, we had just put in our food order and had to ask for them to box our meal so that we could take it with us. When we arrived to Jungalow, Marie was in a foul mood and did not so much as smile when greeting us. When I mentioned that her email from the night before said she wouldn’t be here, her reply was that “her plans had changed.” So just because her plans had changed, apparently we now were expected to be there at her beck and call?! She could have emailed me that morning to tell me that her plans had changed and would appreciate it if we came directly to the apartment so that she could list off her house rules or she could have simply said she was sorry for the inconvenience and politely excused herself when I asked if I’d mistaken what I had read (but I guess that was too much to ask for). Her plans had changed, so now our day had to shift to meet her agenda. Marie needs to realize that people are here on vacation and in our case on our honeymoon, and as adults, we do not need to be treated and made felt the way she made us feel. She listed off all of the house rules (and there are quite a number of them, so you may want to have pen and paper ready), she rudely shooed our driver out the door and up the staircase like he was a stray dog that she wanted off her premises and was most unpleasant. And to top things off, she knew that the lady who was here to rent us our scooter could not speak English and she never so much as took a minute to ask us if we knew how to get to the city center or asked us if we had any questions at all for that matter. She had left by the time the scooter lady came in to have us sign our rental paperwork. Luckily our driver had been kind enough to explain the route in detail when he was bringing us here in a frantic rush. You would have thought that our being here was a major inconvenience and she just wanted it over and done with. The way she treated us is no way to treat guests and she should realize that first impressions truly change how you feel when you arrive to a place away from your own home. As for the actual Jungalow apartment, I find it strange that no one who has previously stayed here mentioned that there are not a few steps, but rather a good number of very steep steps to get to the place with uneven heights and the stairs are very steep, so if you suffer from any knee pains at all, this is NOT the place to stay (there are about 75 steps to take before you get to the door of the Garden Room Apartment). I don’t even want to think about having to haul our bags back up to the road. This is the first time since arriving to Bali that neither my husband nor I slept a wink and have been greeted by such an unpleasant host. The bed (if you can call it that) smells of mold, the linens all smell of mold, the bed creaks anytime you so much as shift an arm, the fans don’t blow onto the bed either so if it’s a muggy night, good luck. As for the kitchen, the plates were covered in dust and we had to wash everything before using it, and you really have to think twice before cooking because you only have 4 cooking utensils and the pans are in pretty poor shape. Then there are things like the toilet that doesn’t look like it has been cleaned and you must “gently” pull the lever. There are instructions on the toilet that actually say “DO NOT THROW ANYTHING IN THE TOILET UNLESS YOU HAVE EATEN IT” . Who writes something like this, honestly? Lastly, if you are staying here, you MUST rent a scooter since you are pretty far removed from the center of Ubud. All in all, we were supposed to stay here for 3 nights but there is NO AMOUNT OF MONEY that you could pay my husband nor I to stay another night here. This is a neglected apartment with a nice view, if I were to sum it up in one sentence.

    June 2012
  • Lovely apartment with a wonderful panoramic view. I wish I could have stayed a week or more at the Jungalow but I only had a couple of days to enjoy this sunny and inspiring jungle apartment. I recommend going with one of Marie's drivers (mine was Made, who was very friendly and knowledgeable), particularly because the place may not be the easiest to find otherwise.

    June 2012
  • Lovely location

    May 2012
  • We stayed 5 days in the Jungalow - and wow - what a treat!!! It looks & feels just as good - and better - than the photos! The view is to die for, set up high, right alongside a gorgeous river. We swam in the river several times - such a delight after a warm day exploring! If you have issues with your hips or knees just be aware that there a few stairs (nothing outrageous - but enough to pain the slightly disabled).
    The walk down to the river is well worth it - lush green jungle, rice paddies in the distance, lovely cool river water with a temple on the banks.

    During one of our walks, we (email hidden) "Gusti" - he was one of the highlights of our trip. We did a 2-3 hour guided walk with him along the river, up through the rice paddies, and into his local village and family compound - highly recommend this. Gusti was hilarious and very intelligent, informing us along the way of local culture, plants and anything we asked! Was anything but boring!

    As for the Jungalow - its massive. Very romantic too! Everything about it was just perfect. Marie was such an accommodating host - she arranged for our pick up from Jimbarin and sorted us out with a driver for the remaining days. She was also very helpful with scooter hire. Her staff were very respectful of our privacy and belongings as they came to clean/make the bed each day.

    The Jungalow isnt too far from central Ubud - i do recommend hiring a scooter (or bike if you're fit and up for the heat) - its about a 5min or so ride into Ubud.

    Next time we visit Ubud - this is where we will stay for sure!
    Thanks Marie! All the best! Bree & Pete

    May 2012
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I am an energetic Balinese woman married with two young sons; i also work as a cook and House Keeper, so that keeps me busy... NYOMAN, my husband used to work on cruise boats, he is familiar dealing with foreigners, his English is quite good and he takes care of the maintenance. Ms MARIE is our friend who helps us with good advices and infos. Nyoman and myself like to make our guests relax and happy, making sure the house is clean and comfortable, the garden trimmed, transport organized safely. Sometimes guests ask us to bring papayas or fresh coconuts, we prepare them on site so that you can immediately enjoy a healthy freshness. We also like to give you all information about interesting things to do in Ubud: we can tell you about local ceremonies (cremation, temple anniversary), healing by local chaman, yoga classes, art courses... Or maybe trekking along the river, downhill cycling tour, visiting Museums, having a fab massage or tasting food specialities.... Just tell us what you like.. do not hesitate: we are more than happy to be of service
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