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A little rum and relaxation?
A little rum and relaxation?
  • The private entrance is nestled under a trellis covered by bougainvillea.  Enjoy the privacy, get a real breakfast cooked by a local chef, and join in with our cooking classes if you wish.
  • The steps down to the apartment have a garden to the right and a view of the Caribbean Sea to the left.
  • Wouldn't you like to sit on this veranda, sip an Old Fashioned Rum Punch, and look at a Caribbean Sea sunset?
  • Looking south from our pool towards St. Johns Harbor.
  • A simple kitchen to the left as you enter allows you to make your own food or even enjoy a meal from one of our cooking classes.
  • A view to the seating area with the bed set behind a one of our pieces of homemade furniture.
  • Our road, Orchid Hill, is named for a good reason.  We have a lot of orchids across our property!
  • The bathroom is large with a full shower and cabinets for hanging your clothes.
  • Local art gives the space its own little Caribbean touch.
  • Sunset from our veranda.  Wouldn't you want to see this view?
  • Looking down the length of the studio out towards the beautiful Caribbean sunshine.
  • This is how our driveway looks as you enter our property.  Lush and alive!  We love Antigua especially during the wet season when everything is so green.
  • Jerk Chicken anyone? 
Nicole's Table is known for its Caribbean cooking classes.
  • A little rum and relaxation?
  • If you want to take a class or three, you will find them to be full of laughter, talk about local flavors and customs, history, and Caribbean stories!
  • This view is from the top of the steps leading to the studio apartment.  It is facing south towards our pool and the view of St. Johns, our capital.
  • Here is the view looking down the stairs towards the entrance to the apartment.
  • A different view of the stairs, but this time they lead to the upper veranda where you can get another view of the Caribbean Sea and the setting sun.
  • Another orchid.  Our property is full of them!
  • Looking south across our upper veranda...
  • This could be you!
  • Homemade omelet anyone?
  • John and his better half took advantage of our breakfast selecting homemade omelets flavored with Nicole's Tomato Chutney.
  • Ulla and Jukka passed through from Finland and stayed with us.  Fantastic people!  Here they are eating breakfast on our upper veranda.
  • Yet another BnB omelet from Chef Nicole.  It didn't last very long.  ;-)
  • John and his better half participated in o Coordinating Curry class with us.  John made a perfect roti!
  • Here is a Prickly Pear flower.  Is there anything that is more beautiful.  Prickly Pear grows in different spots around our property.
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A little rum and relaxation?