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La Rosa Tipi | OESTE
La Rosa Tipi | OESTE
  • La Rosa Tipi | OESTE
  • King bed, two-night stands, cowhide rug, lamp, seating area, coffee prep cart
  • La Rosa Tipi | OESTE
  • La Rosa Tipi | OESTE
  • Sign for La Rosa tipi
  • Steps down to La Rosa
  • La Rosa has a king size bed
  • Seating area for two and cooling portable AC unit for summer months
  • Welcome snacks, coffee, cups, filters (snacks and coffee may vary)
  • Coffee maker (Coffee and cups provided!)
  • 20-inch fan to cool off during warm months. La Rosa does have a portable AC for cooling in hot months. In winter months all beds come with heated blankets.
  • Bathhouse, soaps, and towels provided!
  • Bathrooms with running water
  • Bath
  • Shower
  • Each tipi has a private fire pit (firewood not provided, but available for purchase).
  • Each tipi has two outdoor chairs for lounging and we have several picnic tables scattered throughout the grounds for picnicking!
  • Aerial view of some of our tipis and bathhouse
  • Community 6-foot fire-pit
  • Road to get to the property
  • Road inside property
  • Property entrance
  • Office/bathhouse in the background. Directional sign to get you on your way to your tipi!
  • Property layout
  • La Rosa has a king size bed
  • Each tipi has a unique name from the Mexican Lotteria
  • La Rosa Tipi | OESTE
  • Please note the last stretch to the property marked in blue is an off terrain, unpaved, caliche road.
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La Rosa Tipi | OESTE