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Crisp white cozy queen sized bed.
Crisp white cozy queen sized bed.
  • The Pinecone treehouse is suspended between redwood trees 35' above the forest floor
  • A giant Pinecone, suspended in a fairy ring of Redwood trees.
  • Up up and away you go!
  • Life amidst sacred geometry
  • Crisp white cozy queen sized bed.
  • Cathedral ceiling of the treehouse interior.
  • Clear floor panels allow you to see through the structures bottom windows to the forest below.
  • The lofted nest awaits you!
  • Ladder entry through a trap door in the floor of the treehouse.
  • Almost entirely made of windows, the Pinecone Treehouse lends a 360 view of the surrounding forest.
  • The alternate step ladder. Very steep, not for the faint of heart!
  • Crux of the cathedral canopy
  • Gaze up at the kaleidoscope above you
  • Catwalk to the handcrafted open air bathroom
  • Possibly the best bathroom view you've ever experienced?
  • The Pinecone Treehouse
  • Shower under the beautiful filtered light of the majestic Redwood canopy
  • Open air shower, gravity fed sink and composting toilet.
  • The Pinecone Treehouse
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Crisp white cozy queen sized bed.