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the Sunflower room at rooms2stay™
the Sunflower room at rooms2stay™
  • the Sunflower room at rooms2stay™
  • The Sunflower Room, memory foam mattress on slatted queen size bed . Table extends out for use as a writing/work surface, with desk supplies included, free wifi
  • Alternate view of room, a.m. sun
  • Closet is large enough for a dressing area with natural lighting
  • a little  hidden nook with a wicker chair and lamp by side of the bed
  • extra drawers and pull out desktop for your use
  • the Sunflower room at rooms2stay™
  • But first: Oli will greet you at the door with the sound of his people then will retreat to protection mode under my bed
  • Anyone for morning coffee and birdsong on the front porch?
  • Followed next  by Tinkerbell pointing to  the turn style doorbell
  • Stairs up to guest area on 2nd floor, second handrail recently added
  • Upstairs floor plan giving you the layout of the second floor of rooms available for stay: the Leaf room (green), the Sunflower Leaf room (yellow) and the Firefly room (beige).
  • Large shared bathroom with claw foot tub/shower,  toiletries provided
  • Common area: upstairs landing
  • Refreshment and continental breakfast just outside your room door
  • Living room to dinning room
  • Downstairs living room (secretly hoping for a guest who can play?!)  If you play you get 10% rooms price provided you share your talent!
  • downstairs dining and reading area
  • Kitchen cutout window over bar looking into dinning room and reading nook
  • Backyard privacy with accessible gas grill and hammock
  • a student of guests who signed on to play for Baker University, located in Baldwin City, just one block away from #rooms2stay.
  • Porch view during Maple leaf season in Baldwin City
  • Guests, who were performers for the Polar Express™ Train ride which runs during late November through December in Baldwin City,  photo shot on the premises
  • Maps pinpointing places my guests were from
  • Guest robes for use  during stay, available in each room
  • Chef's choice from general breakfast menu
  • Over 100 y.o. home (with user friendly antiques)  located a on corner street. Off street covered parking provided
  • Just so you know,  am not set up for honeymooners
  • the Sunflower room at rooms2stay™
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the Sunflower room at rooms2stay™