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From the roof
From the roof
  • From the roof
  • You never know what you may encounter here. Some camels passing by the other day.
  • Chaudhary's Homestead
  • Chaudhary's Homestead
  • fresh cooked omelette
  • People (adults and children) who can't swim can enjoy here and others can swim in the river which is more than 20 feet deep.
  • Bonefire in th evening with a couple of beers
  • Morning mist
  • Its 5 degree Celsius outside and one can still take bath as the water from tubewell is most pure thing and warmer than outside.
  • Birds here don't hesitate to come by and say hello!
  • Dusk
  • Inside the room
  • Room and kitchen from outside.
  • Inside the same room
  • You may get to ride this
  • perfect ambiance for doing school homework
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From the roof