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View from entrance toward kitchen area with privacy curtain on door.
View from entrance toward kitchen area with privacy curtain on door.
  • Thinking person's respite  in the spacious living room at On Sacred Grounds AirBnB
  • View from entrance toward kitchen area with privacy curtain on door.
  • View from kitchen door facing north (entrance) of spacious living room area with private mini-refrigerator and microwave.
  • Home away from home. Relaxation, comfort, and entertainment
  • New, queen-sized pillow soft mattress with view of adjoining bath.
  • Privacy guaranteed with decorative French Doors; plenty of storage with large walk-in closet
  • Indulge yourself in this tiled, walk-in shower
  • Lounge around in the studio room
  • Voila' the couch transformed into a full-sized bed.  Big enough for two youths or one adult. Foam cushions added to make your sleep more comfy.
  • View of the adjoining bathroom from the studio room
  • With an extender, room enough for 4 to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal: home away from home.
  • Here are all the basics: pots, pans, dishes, mugs, utensils, and more.  You just bring on the ingredients.
  • In addition to the mini-refrigerator in your private space, Elaine will share a shelf and vegetable  crisper bin for any overflow food you brought with you.
  • Tired of restaurants? Have a picky eater? Concerned about food allergies?  If you want a quiet place to eat -- make yourself at home.
  • A blend of privacy and host hospitality with a taste of home-cooking. The kitchen is shared since the host's office is temporarily located in a breakfast nook. Downstairs guests access the basement from the rear door. Door will separate areas.
  • When guest and host schedules allow, breakfast is included. While the Pilgrim's breakfast is always available, advance reservations are requested for House Specialty menu items.
  • Do you like coffee? Enjoy a delightful cupful of conversation.  Can you name the brewing methods depicted? Win a prize for the answer.
  • Your host, Elaine, wearing traditional Ethiopian garb while performing "Romancing the Bean" coffee-tasting experience.
  • Elaine joining her guests over a cup of coffee (Turkish method of preparation -- note the demitasse cup)
  • On Sacred Grounds AirBnB... peaceful and quiet... the perfect respite for any traveler
  • Key lock box on door.  That is not the secret code...real code listed in direction. Notice the black "knob" on left.  Once numbers have been set, use one finger to pull it down as you place another finger on the black lip. That opens the case.
  • The "door" opens. To close it, just push it back up.  Don't worry about putting key back.  I will get it from you when you check-out.  If you are leaving really early, just leave it by the lamp on the piano.
  • Historic Linden trees dressed in Fall colors. They provide cooling shade and protection on the front porch all year long!
  • Its Bloomsday weekend in Spokane! (southerly view from sidewalk toward garden gate and parking area accessed from Florida St.)
  • Gazing southwest from the 94 bus stop on Fifth Avenue with a view of the front porch, cafe table and chairs under the spreading twin Linden trees and Japanese cherry tree
  • Parking for upstairs guests, On Sacred Grounds AirBnb. Accessed from Florida Street. Plenty of room for your rig: over 21 feet long and 9 feet wide.
  • Daisy checking out the Catacombs Library housing over 500 gently used, vintage, and out-of-print books covering historical, spiritual, science fiction, novels, and other "odd & strange" titles
  • Hand-made paracord key fob and matching braclet by Ellie Rising
  • Reserved parking in my drive way. Just follow the arrow...
  • We'll keep the lights on til you arrive safely.
  • Big Sky Over Valleyford
  • Pheasant Rooster Minding His Hens
  • Threshing Bee in Colfax or Toeing the Line   $30
  • A local feathered friend asks "Who said dat?"   $30
  • Sunset in the Northern Palouse
  • Butterfly At Rest
  • West Spokane Dressed in Her Finest Fall Colors  $30
  • The new home for the old Loeff Carousel
  • A Band of Sheep
  • Lilacs in Full Bloom
  • Fallen Leaf
  • Running Stream Near Metaline Falls
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View from entrance toward kitchen area with privacy curtain on door.