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Inside The Place
Inside The Place
  • Inside The Place
  • The Lobby
  • The Lobby
  • The Lounge
  • The Lounge from inside
  • The Lounge from the lobby
  • The Lounge showing inside of fitted box
  • The Lounge while blind is opened
  • The dinning area
  • The Kitchen View 1
  • The Kitchen showing closed window blind
  • The kitchen showing opened window blind
  • The Kitchen showing the Microwave set
  • The corridor towards the rooms showing fitted wardrobes
  • The corridor from the rooms
  • The bedroom
  • Another angle of the bedroom
  • A closer shot of the bedroom
  • Another side of the bedroom
  • Another bedroom
  • Another angle of bedroom with closed window
  • The bedroom showing fitted wardeobes
  • Closer shot of the bedroom
  • Fitted wardrobes in the bedroom
  • The shower
  • The toilet
  • Another toilet
  • The Pictorial view of the Place
  • The sign post
  • The exterior shot showing the road and external car park
  • The Power Generating sets to ensure 24 hours electricity
  • The staircase to the apartments
  • The entrance into an apartment
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Inside The Place