Quiet 2 Bedroom Apartment 101

Apartment - Entire home/apt · Chelwood Rd, Toronto, ON M1K, Canada

The Space

Cheap, affordable, private and comfortable accommodation.
Safe environment.
Friendly host.
Complete with Wifi, cable TV.
Free parking space on driveway and street.
Laundry facilities on-site available to guests.
Walking distance to Wal-Mart and No Frills.
Banks (RBC and TD Canada) nearby.
Park nearby.

These are the important things that we offer.

We offer an en suite apartment, located on the ground floor of a house. House entrance is through 2 common doors (front and side doors) and then enter the door to the apartment. Note: This apartment is private.

Has 2 furnished bedrooms ideal for 1-4 persons.

Room 1.1 has a king size bed and room 1.2 has a double sofa bed. The rooms are not big, about 2.9 m x 2.5 m., just enough to ensure your privacy.

Has a living room, spacious kitchen (furnished with cookwares and table wares, stove, microwave and fridge). Note kitchen is entirely for your use. Kitchen is private.

The washroom contains shower, toilet and sink - sorry no bath tub. The shower cubicle is of commercial size. The washroom is not big, just enough to do the basic things while you are on travel.

There is free cable TV, free wireless (WI-fi) internet connection, free car parking, laundry available on site (separate fee of $5 per batch) . Laundry is by appointment.

Note that we no longer provide free local phone calls. In case of emergency, there is a telephone booth at the corner of the strip mall, beside the bus stop.

Close to TTC bus stop (25 meters) and subway (15 minutes walk).

20-25 minutes to downtown Toronto via subway (public transport).

We are not in downtown Toronto.

Accessible via public transport 24 hours a day -Bus 34 Eglinton, Warden subway and Kennedy subway.

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood. Ideal for immigrants, businessmen, travelers, students.

Within 1 kilometer radius are fast foods, banks (TD Canada, RBC), food stores (No Frills, Wal-Mart,etc), Pharmacies, Birchmount Food Store (for retail shopping, phone cards, lotto, vegetables, etc), electronic stores (Best Buy, Staples,etc), buffets (eat all you can, Mandarin, China, Panda), flower shops, public library, public parks, gasoline stations, coffee shops (Tim Horton), cinema (Odeon), Dollarama and Dollar Stores. 1 block away from OHIP office.

No smoking inside the apartment. No pets allowed. We do not accept persons with strong body odor. We request our guest to observe silence specially during sleeping hours (11-8).

There is on site laundry and drying machine for a separate fee.

Note that all beds have linen (furnished). Our beds are clean and have no bed bugs unlike 5 star hotels in Toronto. Hot water is available 24 hours a day. There is air conditioner. This is a "full" apartment.

We provide airport pick up for $ 50 as well as airport delivery.

Procedure is as follows:

1. After passing the Immigration Officer, in the luggage recovery carousel, there are public phones. Call us so we know you have arrived. Then we will start our travel to airport.

2. After passing the Customs, go to Post # 38 where you will be picked up.

3. The pick up car is a (will be communicated to you) - a mini van - dark green color. Last 3 digits of plate number is (will be communicated to you). A paper note will be flashed to you, containing your name.

Where to purchase/buy SIM card?

You can purchase pre-paid SIM cards in most stores which sell cell phones. Many malls with have Bell, Rogers, Telus, or other stores or stalls selling phone or SIM cards. You'll also find them in many electronic stores sell phones and cards -- London Drugs, the Source, FutureShop, and even Walmart. You may even find a few at airports.


First, your cell phone must be unlocked. Most US carriers sell cell phone which are locked to operate only on their networks. They won't accept other SIM cards. If you are leasing your phone (i.e. have a contract) they typically won't allow it to be unlocked until the contract is up or you pay off your phone.

Second, you may need to check what type of cell phone you have and which types of cards it accepts. You can visit the Canadian carriers' web sites to see if they have SIMs for your phone.

Third, you get a new (Canadian) phone number. Certain phone features may also not work without programming the phone. This make calling, text messages, etc. somewhat limited.

When travelling to other countries, I tend to just turn my phone to airplane mode and use WiFi. Handle communication via email, web-sites,(website hidden) FaceTime/(website hidden), etc. Many places in Canada have free WiFi. If you really need to make voice calls... you can look at international calling plans via your provider. My wife also bought a super-cheap phone in the US and merely puts $5 on it once a year to keep it activated.

BILLS (Telephone, Internet, Hydro, Utility, etc)

We do not provide these documents to any guest.
Our service is only for furnsihed accomodation.

Guests should use other means to prove their residence in Canada. Be ashme of yourself for asking our personal documents for your use. You give us the impression that you are crooks.

I have printer but you can not access it.
I can print for you at $ 0.25 per page. You have to send me the document.

There are public libraries, Staples, where you can print your documents.

Mails, Packages,etc.

You can receive mails, packages, etc during your stay, procided all things are in your name.
After your departure, any mails/packages received will be returned to sender.


BILLS (Telephone, Internet, Hydro, Utility, etc)

We do not provide these documents to any guest.
Our service is only for furnsihed accomodation.

Guests should use other emans to prove their residence in Canada. Be ashme of yourself for asking our personal documents for your use. You give us the impression that you are crooks.

NOTE #1: II IS NOT POSSIBLE TO COME AND SEE THE HOUSE, or ask for the address, or ask for our telephone number, PRIOR TO BOOKING.

You just have to rely on the photos, as well as on the comments of our previous guest.

On Feb 19, 2012, someone asked the reason why it is not possible to see the house? It has something to do with the commission charged by the company AirBNB in posting my rental unit. Commission is an amount of money charged for helping clients find furnished accommodation.


This question was asked on Feb 19, 2012.

Here is an analogy.

When you try to get a room in a hotel, do you asked the manager, "Who are the other guests staying in your hotel?" How do you think will the manager answer your question when the rooms are still vacant at the time of the questioning?

Advise: If you are too sensitive of people who might stay in our house, then you are not the guest that we want to host. This is Canada. Here, people are encourage to interact with different races. If you can not interact, Canada is not the place for you.


1. Click the tab "Book Now" located on the upper right hand of the ad page.
2. Follow the prompts from there.
3. The total amount to be paid is presented. Either you accept it or not.
4. You need a credit card to book.

Note #2: Bookings are per Head. (per person). Children are considered persons and has to be paid for unless there is a written consent from host.

Comparison with a Motel:

1. our apartment is in a quiet residential neighborhood.
2. we have no bugs.
3. our guest are highly intellectual people coming mostly from outside north america.
4. we cater mostly to non Canadians.


1. Click the calendar tab to see the green squares on the dates, or
2. On the booking tab, type the dates, then enter.


B. Price:

$ 55 per night = for 2 persons; $ 1,500 per month for 2 persons.

$ 10 per night per person = for every additional person after the 2 geusts.

No additional charges.

Security deposit of $ 100 to cover property damages and misuse of facilities. Refundable if no damage at the end of stay.


$5 per batch. It includes washing and drying plus detergent. If you provide your own soap, less $1.

Washing date and time has to be agreed by host and guests as the washing machine is primarily used for washing bed sheets, towels, comforters, etc.

We discourage washing during the morning hours as the water is used by guests showering.

The best time for laundry is from 7:00 pm till 11:00 pm when water use is minimal and electricity is cheaper.

For $ 2.50 laundry, there are clothesline for air drying at the back of the house - 6 lines of 5 meters each. This is best during summer months.


D. DEALS: The deals that we offer are only those listed in this web page. We do not negotiate prices unless we could not give full service to our guests, in which case we notify them of our limitations.


E. Booking required

-before address is given. ALso telephone number of host becomes available only after booking.

-we do not accept payment upon arrival.


F. KEYS ISSUED - on the day of check -in. This is why we need to know the time of arrival so we could meet at that time.



When our geusts ask this question, we feel uncomfortable.

In the hosue, we have an administrative room in the basement which we use as our office, repair room and maintenance room, as well as security room.

We have some surveillance camera to monitor the entrance to the house, the parking area and the back of the house.


H. What happens after booking?

After making the reservation, inform us of the expected time of arrival (could be estimated) so we will meet you at the rental unit. We will issue keys, check IDs, give short briefing on house policies, briefing on where the shops, bus stops, and contact e-mails. You can ask questions at this time. Or just call us any time through the land line phone (free).


I. TRAVEL GUIDE for Guest Arriving in Toronto via the Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

Total travel time is between 90 -105 minutes by public transport.

1. Take the TTC bus 192 from the airport (fare is $ 3 cash or $ 2.50 for tokens per person) and get off at Kippling (west end point) and transfer to teh subway heading for the east. Pay fare only once. The approximate travel time is about 20 minutes.

2. The travel time is about 45 minutes from Kippling to Warden subway. Transfer to bus 17 (platform #1) heading for Birchmount.

3. The travel time varies from 2-4 minutes. Get off at the 7th stop = Chelwood road and walk to the house. Knock on the side door.

Note. Bus 192 is from 5 am to 1 am. If there is no more bus 17 after 1 am, take the taxi cab.


I. TRAVEL GUIDE for Guest Arriving in Toronto via VIA RAil at Union Station

Total travel time is between 90 -105 minutes by public transport.

1. Take the TTC subway yellow line at Union Station. Travel towards the direction of Finch.

2. Transfer at Yonge and Bloor to the green subway line - that is one level down. Go to direction of Kennedy.

(website hidden) Warden, transfer to TTC bus #17 in platform #1.

4. Get off at Chelwood stop =7th stop. Then walk to guesthouse.

3. The travel time varies from 2-4 minutes. Get off at the 7th stop = Chelwood road and walk to the house. Knock on the side door.


j. Travel Guide for Guest Arriving in Toronto via TORONTO COACH/ TORONTO GREYHOUND BUS
Terminal is at Dundas + Yonge

Estimated travel time is about 25-30 minutes, depending on the arrival times of bus 17 in Warden.

1. Go to the subway at Yonge and Dundas. Take the side going to Finch, or going North.
2. Transfer to the Green line subway at Yonge and Bloor. Just go down 1 level below.
Take the train going EAST, or Kennedy.
3. At Warden, transfer to TTC Bus 17 in platform 1.
4. At the 7th stop, get off at Chelwood Road and walk to the guest house.


k. Travel Guide for Guest Driving from the Directions of Ottawa, or MOntreal:

1. From Highway 401, exit at Kennedy (after McCowan exit).
2. Drive south, which is turn left on Kennedy Avenue.
3. Pass by Lawrenece Avenue until Eglinton Avenue.
3. Turn right on Eglinton Avenue until Birchmount Road.
4. Turn left on Birchmount Road.
5. On the second stop light, turn left and go to the house number.
6. Park on the driveway, which is on the left side of the house.


l. Age of Guests:

No guest under the age of 5.

We want to maintain silence. And no one running around.



4 only.

We will not accept you in our guest house (without prior agreemnt) if you come up with 7 persons.

Our facilities is not equipped to house more than 4 persons.

We want to maintain silence as well as garbage generation.


N. NON-REPLY to our communication:

- risk cancellation.

We need to know who you are, where you come from and why you come to Toronto.


O. No pets allowed.



Note: Disregard this message if you are a person who takes care of things.
This note is for people who are not clean and honest.

We require security deposit of $ 100 , that will be refunded at the end of your stay.

This deposit is to cover the use of our kitchen utensils and other damages guests might incur. But this is primarily to cover the use of our kitchen pots, including none cleaning of the used cooking pots, dishes, clogging of the kitchen sinks with food, and to cover the lose of cooking pots.

Our last guests as of September 17, 2010 has taken away our large cooking pot (bought in The Netherlands) and the rice cooker vessel. Something we did not expect from guests coming from the same country as ours.

It is a shame................and we remember it. People abuse the system.


Q. Security of our Rental Units:

If you have doubt about the security of our units, we do not force you to stay with us.

We can cancell the booking right from the check in.

So far, we ahve no issues on security.



2012 Improvement:

Wifi has been improved by changing to a better service provider (Distributel). The advantage aside from better connections, faster speeds is it is unlimited and fixed rate.

Before 2011:

We tested the wi-fi signal in our Chelwood rental units where our ensuite apartment is located, to address the issue of wireless internet connection. We used a 10.1 inches laptop made by ASUS Computer International with the Eee PC model.

We results showed that even the farthest room (Room 1.1) gets a 3-4 bar signal strength, with can easily support a laptop computer.
The other room 0.1 got a solid 4 bar signal.

From these test results, we consider our wi-fi service more than adequate to meet internet connection using a laptop.

All our previous guests have never complained of wi-fi connection.

A recent guest ( Jan 17-19, 2011) noted that wi-fi signal has been choppy in our room 1.1. This could be attributed to the fact that he was using his mobile phone, not a laptop. Another possibility is that our service provider is not very effective in continously providing the signals.


Q. Check in Time:

After 12:00 noon until 5:00 am the next day.

Check out: before 12:00 noon


R. The guest that we serve:

1. Persons who are badly in need of budget furnished accomodation.

Note: We do not serve rich people who can afford to stay in 5 star hotels, such as a couple from Germany - May 29, 2011. For the first time in our history, we cancelled a booking, as potential guests were fault finders.

Our facility is not perfect. There are times kitchen sinks clog, toilet as well, and maintenance is needed quickly. But we try to solve the problems ASAP.

2. Persons who are interested to know how to travel to downtown Toronto in 20 minutes using both public transport and private cars.

Note: We do not serve persons who has not even tried the public transport. And who travelled with their private cars who are not familiar with Toronto highways and complain that they drive longer than 20 minutes - we do not serve these guests.

3. Persons who can live in a multi layered housing (3 levels), in other words, persons who can live with other persons.

Note: The apartment that we offer is self contained, meaning your place is private to yourself. Persons who can not live with others - we do not serve. We cancell their booking immediately.

4. Persons who follow our house rules. No smoking.


Check out procedure is not really complicated.

Most important: Inform host of time of departure.

1. Just make sure the key is placed where it should be - on the table or near the TV

2. Close the room door but do not lock . In case you loeft something in the room.

3. Garbbage should be removed from the room.

4. Close the window.

5. Turn off TV.

6. Unplugged electrical heater

7. Wash the dishes, forls, spoons, pots that you used.

Where to eat at mignight:

This section is for Brazilians who arrive at midnight.

There is s4 hour McDonald outlet nearby along Eglinton Avenue East, just before Warden.

Or just prepare sandwiches when you travel.

24 hour access to house

This is a big advantage of our geusthosue. Guests can come in and out of the hosue, 24 horus a day, 7 days a week.

Room type: Entire home/apt
Accommodates: 4
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.5
Beds: 2
Extra people: $10 / night after 2 guests
Minimum Stay: 5 nights
Check In: 1:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM (noon)
Cancellation: Strict

Overall Guest Satisfaction

Check In
  • A great place to stay. We were three and we got very comfortable in this place. A good kitchen and good bathroom and a big living room. Erwin was very kind.
    You have to take a bus (just in the corner) to go to subway, but they are very frequent, so not a problem. If you want to party you may need to find a night bus `cause the subs close at 1 AM.

    December 2013
  • Spacious apartment, quiet neighbourhood, public transport and supermarkets nearby, we arrived late at night and Erwin was waiting for us, clean except that many kitchen utensils were greasy, fully equiped kitchen, good value for money.

    September 2013
  • My stay at Erwin's guest apartment was a pleasant one. The apartment was clean, quiet and sufficiently equipped. Although located a significant distance from downtown, public transportation was available. It was however, a drive to get into town. Recommended location as a quiet, away from the hustle and bustle retreat.

    September 2013
  • Exceptional value! Erwin was VERY responsive to all questions, both before and after I booked the trip. Most responses came in only minutes. We were there for 2 weeks, they cleaned and changed the linens and towels after one week. Full sized full function kitchen. Nice residential neighborhood where everyone takes pride in their homes which all have nice flower gardens. We had a car but it’s very close to a bus stop on the nearby main road, probably a 2 minute walk, for those who need transportation. Off street parking was provided for our car. Sufficient closet space. No bath tub, but the shower was perfectly fine for us and probably for most people. We found the apartment fresh and clean upon arrival. Two very nice touches beyond expectations where that Erwin printed out things I needed to print, and provided a scale for us to weigh our suitcases to balance them to avoid over weight charges at the airport. About 25 to 30 minutes from the center of downtown Toronto. Very close to major grocery store (Metro) and also Walmart. I would definitely recommend this rental.

    August 2013
  • Erwin's apartment is great for the budget traveller. It is quiet, clean and a short drive to Toronto. The apartment is spacious and well-equipped. There is ample on-street parking. Erwin was very welcoming and helpful.

    June 2013
  • My daughter and I spent two weeks at Erwin's. We were in the Toronto area for an ice dance try-out and needed a home away from home where we would have access to a full kitchen, parking, internet for online schooling and work. Erwin's place was ideal for our needs - located in a private residential neighborhood and still close to the major roads, etc. - it provided us exactly the base we needed. Our host was friendly and accommodating and checked in with us via email to make sure we had everything we needed while still giving us all the privacy we wanted. Thank you!!!

    May 2013
  • Muito legal este local !!! Limpo, bem espacoso !!! Bom para quem vai passar muito tempo no canada

    January 2013
  • It was a very nice stay. We needed, me my husband and 3 children, a house to stay until we could find a house of our own, and Erwin accepted us for a period of 20 days.
    The house is quiet, very clean, specially very safe. Anything we needed, Erwin was always very opened to help us out.
    It is nearby public transportation, in a very quiet area.
    If we ever need a place to stay or a family member of ours, we will propose Erwin`s house.

    November 2012
  • The place was pretty dirty. It had a foul smell the entire stay. We had to get air freshners for each room. Bedsheets were dirty as was the kitchen and bathroom. Some furniture, windows and blinds were broken. The bedroom was small but the shower was smaller. You cannot even stretch yours arms in any direction. It was an unplesant stay and I will definitely not go back to stay there.

    September 2012
  • Such a wonderful vacation we had in Toronto this summer. The location of the appartment helped very much to benefit fromour time with excellent accessability to transit, malls, shopping centres, and restaurants. The neighbourhood is very quiet and family friendly too. But best of all is the host Erwin, as he is such a nice and polit guy. He was a great host so helpful and so understanding and cooperative.
    We would defenitly come back again to stay at such nice place.
    Thank you Erwin.

    August 2012
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We specialize in providing various affordable furnished accomodations in Toronto. We are a husband and wife team, working together to provide affordable furnished accomodations for short term stay. I have part time job, teaching chess at schools while my wife works part time in a manufacturing company nearby. We ask our guest to immedaitely communicate concerns so we can provide quick solutions. Togethere we will try to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.
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