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Kitchen area
Kitchen area
  • Kitchen area
  • The front of our guest house.
  • Washer/Dryer and Primo Purified water tank
  • This is the back of the house but the main entrance for guests.
  • There is a patio with a couple of chairs and small table for relaxing.
  • This is a queen bed with pillow top mattress. There is a t.v. in the room, charging station for your devices and some storage for your belongings.
  • Family Guest House-near Red River Gorge&MuirValley
  • This is another picture of the bedroom with a closet that has hangers and laundry baskets.
  • Living room with two recliners
  • Living room picture of t.v.
  • Living room with full size futon.
  • Electric fireplace that will blow out heat if wanted
  • Bathroom with shower/tub combo.
  • Family Guest House-near Red River Gorge&MuirValley
  • Back patio
  • This is a picture of our farm and cattle.
  • This is the entrance to our house but the driveway circles around to the guest house.
  • Our farm at sunset.
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Kitchen area