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Day cabin saloon Barbara
Day cabin saloon Barbara
  • Outdoor pavilion
  • Day cabin saloon Barbara
  • Cozy daytime space
  • Enjoy the great outdoors
  • House Vlado interior with kitchen
  • A small refurbished bed
  • Our cozy backyard. Due to it's position on the hill you always feel the breeze and there's plenty of light and shade
  • Outdoor pavilion built by skilled Croatian craftsmen in summer 2019.
  • Inside cabin Vlado
  • Proper front view of house Vlado with a young Japanese maple tree
  • Dining space
  • Hot summer day
  • Walk in shower and sauna
  • Customised sauna place
  • Heat the volcanic stones and enjoy
  • Small toilet
  • Our terrace with valley view
  • Young cedar during sunset
  • Hammock under the pavilion roof with a nice view
  • House Vlado
  • Entrance path
  • Spring in the backyard
  • Winter feel
  • Sunny autumn afternoon
  • We have hundreds of haskaps growing here
  • A maypop
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Day cabin saloon Barbara