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Schema of the two levels apartment.
Schema of the two levels apartment.
  • Very comforteable living room with fine furnitures, LCD TV, Internet e Wi-Fi.
  • Schema of the two levels apartment.
  • Very comforteable living room with fine furnitures, LCD TV,  Computer, Internet e Wi-Fi.
  • Living room has a special touch of taste with the suggestion of a interior design architect.
  • A library all with books and magazines about Rome
  • Pc corner. The computer  runs Windows XP but you may connect your device both with Ethernet cable both in  Wi-fi.
  • Some touches of style around...
  • The sofa opens in a double side bed, well suited for kids.
  • A real double bed without compromise. It needs only 1 minute to be ready and to be closed
  • This stairway leads to the terrace.
  • Here there are what you see climbing the steps.
  • The sight from the terrace upon Via Gregorio VII confirm that we are near to Saint Peter's.
  • A nice place to have a dinner.
  • ..or where to have a sunbath.
  • You will enter the terrace from a stairway  directly from the apartment. There is also a barbecue and a small fountain.
  • Barbecue with coal for a grill over the roof of Rome (but please, don't invite emperor Nero...).
  • That is the kitchen at the same level of the linving room.
  • Very simple but efficient
  • Vatican Penthouse near S.Peter's Sq
  • The little terrace near the kitchen invite you to have a coffee outside.
  • Open the table and it is large enough to have a dinner there.
  • Washing machine and ironing table in the closet, fridge in the kitchen.
  • The large double bed in the bedroom.
  • With a large wardrobe.
  • Vatican Penthouse near S.Peter's Sq
  • Bathroon small but complete.
  • Details....
  • Another wardrobe near the bedroom and the sace for luggage under the stairway.
  • Down to the street, the Dome is very near.
  • Your personal door from the house, the terrace is only for you.
  • This library contains a large collection of books and magazines about Rome. The telephone line allows to receive incoming calls without the costs of roaming of the mobile.
  • Large umbrella and chairs to take sunbath.
  • Now is the right time for a sunbath. Later will be the right place for a Campari.
  • At the living level there is the kitchen with the extesible table for dining.
  • Kitchen with fridge, microwave, fully equipped for 6 people (our guest's guests are our guests).
  • Simple but efficient kitchen.
  • Bathroom fully equipped with shower box.
  • Details.... every guest has 2 towels for a week: 1 medium, 1 large size towel.
  • This picture is done by the mirror: in fact the shower box is in the left and the WC in the right.
  • Bedroom with this large double bed and large wardrobe. With air conditioning.
  • Bed, bedsides,.... the wardrobe is on the left out of sight. There is another wardrobe in the small corridor not in pictures. Space for luggages is large and distribuited.
  • This is a small bed for very young baby, if you need we get it ready for you.
  • In the linving room may enter as well as in the bedroom at night.
  • Another image of the sofa opened as double bed.
  • View from the street. St. Peter's Dome is in view
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Schema of the two levels apartment.