The Bartlett~Elegant Private Studio

Apartment - Entire home/apt · Bartlett Avenue, Toronto, ON M6H 3G7, Canada

Newly renovated, 1 bdrm, private entrance, walkout to deck & beautful backyard.
Hardwood floors, 3 piece bath with modern glass tile. Kitchenette with fridge, microwave, sink, kettle, coffeemaker, toaster & laundry
Close to TTC
LGBTQ friendly!

The Space

The space is newly renovated, clean and cozy. We supply fresh linens, towels and bath products to make your stay a pampering one.

Queen size bed (with optional feather bed for those who like to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud). Private entrance at back of house and full glass door for sunny exposure.

This is a basement studio and as such it is best enjoyed by individuals under 6 feet tall!

Guest Access

The studio has free wifi access. Guests are also welcome to spend time in the backyard on our deck or in the beautifully landscaped backyard. Have breakfast in the garden or simply spend some time reading a good book enjoying the sunshine.
We have a spare bicycle that guests are welcome to use to get around town or explore some of the local bike trails.

PLEASE NOTE: Please let us know if you will have a vehicle with you. Street parking is available with a permit and we will send you a link to the city of Toronto parking website so that you can pay for and print a permit for your stay.

Interaction with Guests

We would love the opportunity to get to know our guests and make sure that you have all of the information you need about the city and our neighbourhood.
How much you see us is up to your! Your studio and entrance are private so feel free to cozy in and keep to yourself. If however, you have questions or concerns please feel free to let us know so that we can be of assistance.
Our goal is to make your stay a pleasant and stress-free one!

The Neighborhood

Some local hot spots with Reviews:

1. KITCH (less than a 5 minute walk)

Kitch isn't the type of place that's easy to assign a genre to. Upon entry, it looks inescapably like bar. Scrolling through the menu of Mexican-inspired offerings, on the other hand, one could be forgiven for claiming it as a restaurant. A trip up to the second floor brings with it the notion that perhaps the less strict "lounge" would be the best descriptor. Rather than the result of an identity crisis, the difficulty in assigning a label to Kitch has in fact been carefully cultivated by its co-owners, both of whom have ample experience in the hospitality industry.

"Being where we are, we need to be as many things as possible to survive," explains Bryan Jackson, one half of the Kitch team and owner of nearby Starving Artist. "We want to avoid being put in a box." That's understandable given the location to which he refers. Although the slick, 2800 square foot retro-inspired interior might seem more at home on Dundas or Queen West, Kitch sits humbly at 229 Geary Avenue, a street better known for its lack of aesthetic charms and ample selection of auto repair shops.

Like its newest addition, however, Geary has its own mixed identity. Beneath its industrial veneer, one finds recording studios, bakeries and bike stores (to cut only a thin slice of the businesses here). In that sense, perhaps this is the perfect home for a chimera like Kitch, the name of which gestures to the kitschy interior and the open kitchen. More pragmatically, Dovercourt Village is underserved by both restaurants and bars (for now), so why not deliver the area both? The idea is to welcome food-first groups like young families in the early evening before dimming the lights and raising the speaker-volume on tracks from bands like Tanlines and the XX when the sun has safely set.

Regardless of the changes in atmosphere that Jackson and partner Jose Rodriguez use to establish which category Kitch is trending towards in a given moment, one thing that'll remain consistent is the food, which will be served from open to close each night. Although the menu is still being tweaked in anticipation of the restaurant's official opening (Saturday, May 5), Jackson assures me that the concept — fun, Mexican-inspired comfort food — won't change.

I didn't try the food under blind conditions, so I won't frame my impressions as a review so much as a preview of what's to come. With taco offerings ($7-9 for two) like the Hole Mole (roasted pork with avocado, onion, cilantro, and mole), Jerk Chicken (pulled chicken, rice, beans, green onion, coleslaw and spicy pineapple salsa) and Cheeseburger (ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickle), the menu is so very "now." It's also quite vegetarian friendly, with numerous dedicated items for those who shy way from meat as well as substitutions that don't seem like merely an afterthought.

Having tried about half of the food on offer here during the three visits I've made, the standout dishes for me so far are the Spicy Mac & Cheese ($8) and Jerk Chicken tacos. If you're not a salt maniac, the Veggie Nachos ($12.50) are also worthy of note — though some might find them to be bit less robust in the flavour department than their colourful appearance promises. On one visit, my companion proclaims them the best she's had; on another, the response is muted. In any case, they really come into their own when combined with the accompanying guacamole, which is superb.

On the drink front, the menu is currently rather pared down compared to the cocktail heavy lists that now seem standard issue. Sure enough, upon inquiry, Jackson confirms that a more substantial list is on the way, but that he and his staff want to shore up the food menu before finalizing the cocktails. In the meantime, the Margaritas ($7.50) and pitchers of Sangria ($19) hint at what's to come — as do the non-alcoholic Mexican Kool-Aids, which when spiked and served in a saltily rimmed glass, are pretty much divine. Standard beer offerings round out the menu, with a can of PBR coming it at $4.25.

Kitch may be tough to pin down, but as someone who lives nearby, I have to say that the logic of this do-it-all approach has started to grow on me. I've yet to stop by early in the evening, but the west-facing (and very private) side patio could prove a major draw when the temperatures warm up, and the down-to-earth menu should appeal to neighbourhood residents who've been starved for a local they can call their own.

2. THE SOVEREIGN (espresso bar, just up the street)

The Sovereign is a new indie coffee shop that gambled its launch on the outcome of the most recent provincial election. That's right; while most cafes look to, say, neighbourhood demographics and area spending trends when deciding on an opening, Sovereign owners Ross and John had their eyes glued to the polls.

"This used to be a Liberal office," Ross says as he reclines in the cafe's church-pew bench. "Oh, for the last 11 years, or so."

He says that the building's landlord was quite content with the Liberals as his tenants, seeing as they always paid on time and never caused much fuss. (You can juxtapose that with party tendencies if you like, but that's a discussion for another forum.) So John and Ross made him a deal.

"We said, if the NDP wins the riding, then we get the space," Ross says. And John pulling espresso at the bar confirms how that turned out.

The pair — who live on the same street just a few blocks from the cafe — tell me they've tried to open their own space for years. Ross had been working as a sommelier and John in a bakery, when they finally thought they had caught a break with a prime space in Parkdale. "We had the lease signed and everything," Ross says. "But in the end, it fell through."

Nevertheless, they're now both behind this location on Davenport, touting the abundance of young family and drought of good espresso. " There's nothing else around here," John says, as he prepares an Americano ($2.00/$2.75) on the shop's Elektra Barlume. The shop does all of the classic espresso drinks using Rufino's Super Bar Blend (with soy and almond milks available on request) and offers a small assortment of baked goods such as shortbread cookies ($2.00) and butter- and flour-free peanut and fig torrones ($2.00), prepared by John's mother.

I sample the latter, expecting something chewy and sweet but find the torrone hard and sort of savoury — still, delicious all the same. My Americano has a smooth nutty flavour though it comes of sort of muted, confirming that I probably should have gone for the double shot instead. Ross and John tell me they're planning to soon introduce iced drinks for the summer, and that they're also hoping to host a few wine-tasting events in the (currently unfurnished) back space.

"It's been steady; people are discovering us slowly," Ross says. "Though a few people still come in thinking it's the Liberal office. So we played off of that with the name."

While Davenport Liberals might still be reeling from their loss, The Sovereign is a boon to coffee drinkers in the area.

The Sovereign offers free Wifi and is currently open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3. PICEA 997 (less than 5 minute walk)

Picea 997 has been a long time coming — and residents of what's sometimes referred to as Dovercourt Village couldn't be happier to have a little bit of new life in their neighbourhood. Originally set to be called Ivy's, the restaurant occupies an old bank at the corner of Dupont and Dovercourt, a corner that surely was in need of a little bit of activity.

Signage promising authentic Neapolitan Pizza popped up in the spring, and the restaurant finally opened in early summer. Does Toronto really need another pizza joint like this? Perhaps not so much, but as someone who lives in the neighbourhood, I can tell you that Dovercourt Village couldn't be happier. While the food has shown inconsistencies over the five or so times I've eaten it (dine in and take-out), on the whole, it's well-prepared and reasonably priced. And, yes, the pizza is very good.

Although the sauce that accompanies Emily Maggio's meatball ($8) has changed more than once since I started ordering it — ranging from a brighter red and less stewed liquid to something darker and chunkier — each iteration has revealed a garlicky and tender meatball that serves as a perfect warm up for the pizza to come. It's rather comforting dish (and is quite filling) despite the small bowl in which it's served.

Salads have been hit and miss for me here. On multiple occasions the Baby Arugla offering ($8) has been just far too acidic, the peppery characteristics of the arugula drowned in an overpowering lemon dressing that could use more olive oil to tone it down. That's a bit of a shame given how lovely the Parmigiano-Reggiano is.

The Caesar Salad ($9), on the other hand, is a nice departure from the creamy mess that is sometimes pawned off as this dish. Here the dressing is nice and light, with only a subtle hint of the garlic that you might expect (this is a good thing if you've also ordered the meatball — it could be an overload otherwise). We also tack on an order of roasted olives ($7), which are comptent but boring (try the citrusy ones at Pizzeria Libretto for something a little more interesting).

If other dishes have exposed a young kitchen in search of consistency, the pizza has been solid (and mostly unchanged) from day one. Given that this will likely be the restaurant's calling card, that's a good thing. This is a slightly doughier version of a Neapolitan pie than I've had elsewhere (Libretto, Queen Margherita, and even Pizza e Pazzi). Not a bad thing, I find that these pizzas are particularly resilient during takeout trips.

I'm a sucker for the classics, so I've ordered mostly the Margherita ($11, lead photo), which has yet to disappoint. While I find that the Fior di Latte is less creamy than at Libretto (again, my chief base of comparison for Neapolitan pizza in Toronto), that's not to say it's not close. In fact, given the more robust crust, I could see some folks taking this over Libretto's offerings.

The one other pizza that I've ordered is the Ferdinand ($16), which comes with a host of vegetables, including brocollini, roasted cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and caramelized garlic. The rest of the table is an immediate fan of this pizza, but it just doesn't taste "roasted" enough for me — with the exception of the tomatoes, the vegetables are too turgid and lack the garlic the description promises. That said, it's not as if I didn't enjoy it. I'm just looking for greater attention to detail here.

Picea 997 has recently introduced a series of main plates to their menu. The Lasagna, Pork Ragu and Chicken Scarpiello all sound promising. And given that the food has mostly impressed so far, I look forward to trying it out.

A final note. Now that you have main plates, it's time to beef up the wine list. Two bottles to choose from ain't going to cut it if I'm coming in for Sunday dinner.

Another close-by neighbourhood of note:

Bloorcourt Village:
Bloorcourt is a Toronto neighbourhood on the rise. The area along Bloor between Christie Pits and Dufferin has seen new life in the past few years as galleries, restaurants and other businesses have flocked here in search of cheap(er) rents and access to the Bloor subway line. The mix of restaurants here reflect the diversity of the local community and include the Portuguese favourite Sardinha the King of BBQ Chicken, Ethiopian restaurants like African Palace and Lalibela and Indian mainstay Banjara. They've been joined by new favourities like Bakerbots, Drift Bar, Hogtown Vegan, The Common and Two Bite Saloon.

Getting around

As mentioned, we have one bicycle available for your use. We are located close to lots of local bike lanes to help you get around the city.

In nice weather, it is a short and pleasant walk to Dufferin subway station from the property (aprox 12 minutes).

The property is located near many transit routes including buses along Davenport, Dupont and Dufferin Streets.

The 127 Davenport bus Eastbound stops just at the top of our street and is a fantastic and quick route downtown. The 127 bus takes you to Dupont subway station in less than 10 minutes (the Yong/University/Spadina line). From here you can take the train North or South (to downtown).

The 127 Eastbound bus also drops you off at Spadina station in about 12 minutes. This is the heart of the Annex with lots of great restaurants and shops. From Spadina station you also have access to the Bloor subway line which will take you East and West.

The southbound Dufferin bus (29) will take you to Dufferin station, which gives you access to the Bloor subway line, heading both East and West.

Must have app:
My world, and ease of commute, has changed because of the Rocketman app for iPhone. If you are planning a trip to Toronto, it is my strong recommendation that you download this invaluable app!!!!

Other Things to Note

We have a two night booking minimum, if you need to stay only one night we can accommodate this if you are willing to pay a $30.00 cleaning fee.

If you are celebrating a special occasion or have any special requests please do not hesitate to let us know. If it means making your stay special, you can count on us to do our part!

Room type: Entire home/apt
Bed type: Real Bed
Accommodates: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Beds: 1
Extra people: No Charge
Minimum Stay: 2 nights
Cleaning Fee: $19
Check In: 5:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
Cancellation: Moderate
Pet Owner: Some pets

Overall Guest Satisfaction

Check In
  • Lovely space, great location! Very accessible with public transit. We will definitely try to book again the next time we visit Toronto.

    April 2014
  • Super hidden treasure in the heart of downtown T.O! Clean, cozy, charming and relaxing all wrapped into a pretty package! I would most definitely stay at Tracy and Kate's next time I'm in town and have already begun referring others. Thank you for a lovely stay.

    March 2014
  • The Bartlett was lovely, and exactly as pictured in the ad. It's beautifully decorated and well laid out. A cozy nest for a Toronto visit! Tracy and Kate were helpful from booking time through our stay. Thanks so much!

    March 2014
  • I stayed at the Bartlett with my girlfriend for a whole week. It was exactly what we wanted and a perfect size for two. It's warm, clean and cosy. Close to public transport and a nice coffee shop :) Tracy and Kate were very welcoming and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay with them. Would highly recommend the Bartlett!

    March 2014
  • The place was very cute and welcoming. I was very touched by the little details and cleanliness of the place. Although I was unable to meet Kate and Tracy during my stay, they were very helpful in giving direction from the airport to their house.

    March 2014
  • Very nice and thoughtful hosts, the place felt very welcoming and cosy.

    February 2014
  • Such a lovely well-adorned space! We arrived to a sweet welcome message and were blown away by the antique touches. We actually had a shorter stay than we expected but would love to come back and stay again. I Had the chance to speak with Tracy, she is a very accommodating host, and made things very easy on us. Definitely good for solo travellers and couples who are looking for a good value and enjoy quaint spaces.

    February 2014
  • Very lovely place and owners! We were allowed to check in earlier than usual, and were met by Kate who had come back from work early to make sure we got there alright. Very clean and warm. Thanks for letting us stay!

    February 2014
  • My girlfriend I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kate and Tracy's place. They were quite friendly and provided us a very cozy place to stay. The little things were a nice touch as well, such as the candies and white wine. And though we weren't fond of the wine, we appreciated the thought--it was an awesome idea! We think that if they continue to provide such wonderful treatment and accommodations, they will never stop getting customers. As for rating the Barlett, I give it 5 stars. Thanks Kate and Tracy!!

    January 2014
  • Comfortable, Clean and Central, Tracy and Kate truly take the airbnb experience to the next level!

    January 2014
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