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Unique things to do in Riviera di Ponente

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A fisherman's morning
Varazze is part of the Ligurian Riviera known for its clear waters and for its culinary specialties. The rendezvous will be at 5:30 am at the fishing port. Here you'll meet our crew, afterwards you'll be welcomed on board. We'll give you a brief explanation of the work we are going to do, describing the gillnets, places where we are going to fish, and fishes we are looking for. You can watch the crew in action, while having fisherman's breakfast with hot focaccia and a glass of white wine. Other things to note A few days before setting off, we will get in touch to make sure the weather is safe for us to go out at sea. The time varies depending on the season, and therefore also on the type of fishing. The duration of the experience is just an indication, it can vary based on the catch, the weather etc.
Sail with us in the wake of whales
Live a unique experience, sailing aboard a 12 m sailing boat, fast and comfortable, in the most lively and clean sea of ​​the Mediterranean. Actively participate in the rigging of the sails and take the helm, to verify your skills as a sailor, following the skipper's instructions. Share the experience of life on board and sailing in family or between friends, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and actively participate in the ecological action of collecting data on the presence / absence of cetaceans and the removal of plastic from the sea surface. You will learn about the sea and its wonderful inhabitants: on board, a certified High Quality Whale Watching guide will illustrate the characteristics of this privileged sea area, the Pelagos Sanctuary, the protected area created to protect the whales and dolphins that inhabit it. You will learn to recognize cetaceans' presence's signs and the method to identify the species present. You will discover the correct behavior to adopt in their presence. You will appreciate the beauty of the open sea and the unique colors of these waters rich in life. Battibaleno's skipper will respond to all your curiosities about the world of boating and navigation techniques, putting at your disposal over 40 years of experience, to enrich your knowledge and make you fall in love with the sea. Other things to note The whale watching activity will take place in full compliance with the Cetaceans' observation code of conduct, established by ACCOBAMS and Pelagos. Experience subject to weather conditions. Avoid taking sweet foods and sugary drinks before browsing..
With this experience I want to offer you an adventure suitable for any level of ability. Once the kayaks are ready, we will visit an area that is not very accessible from the ground where the green of the pines and the blue of the sea meet on a jagged coast, after half an hour of navigation, we will arrive in a bay where we will leave our kayaks to wear masks and take a look at the fish and the wonderful seabed. Leaving the water we will relax a little on the beach in the sun before returning. An adventure, 100% ecological, that will make you experience the sea from different angles. Other things to note kayaks are sit on top double,2+1, single
Three ways to recognize a good extra virgin olive oil from a low quality one! As a guest of a family business which produces extra virgin olive oil of the Taggiasca cultivar (one of the best in the world) you’ll learn how to recognize it and you’ll be able to choose the best oil for your palate! I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot of the village of Apricale (and I’ll provide you with all the details on how to reach it in the easiest possible way). From here on we’ll cross the lovely village on foot, endorsed as one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”. Beyond the village, our walk among the olive trees will begin. The path is easy but slightly uphill (it’s possible to go by car along the last section if needed). Together we’ll discover the typical Ligurian terraces known as “fasce”, which were built thanks to the ancient art of the dry walls, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage craft. Once at the olive grove I’ll tell you about the cultivation of the trees, from the initial pruning until the harvest and then the pressing. In the suggestive location of the olive grove I’ll reveal you the secrets of our job, I’ll make you taste our extra virgin olive oil and I’ll teach you how to recognize its features and differences with olive oils from other locations. Other delicacies from our land won’t be missing from the table, and they’ll make you fall in love with our Riviera.
Vivi in prima persona l'esperienza della ricerca del tartufo
TRUFFLE EXPERIENCE Alle porte delle Langhe, territorio patrimonio dell’Unesco, e ai piedi delle Alpi Marittime, vivi un’ esperienza unica che ti farà immergere nella natura a 360° attraverso boschi incontaminati e scorci mozzafiato. L’esperienza Tartufi, che si tramanda da generazioni, ti porterà, accompagnato da un esperto cercatore riconosciuto dall’ente provinciale e dal cane Maya alla ricerca dell”oro bianco” il celebre tartufo di Alba. L'attività NON è una simulazione, ha una durata di circa 1;5 ore e si svolge alle prime luci dell'alba nei weekend della stagione Questa attività può essere programmata per singoli o gruppi di persone, In alcune settimane della stagione è possibile concordare lo svolgimento in giorni feriali. Questa esperienza è ideale per gli appassionati della natura e del tartufo, ma anche anche per semplici curiosi di conoscere questa splendida attività! L’attrezzatura richiesta è quella base per un’ escursione all’aria aperta: scarpe comode o scarponcini, abbigliamento che prevede almeno una giacca impermeabile e, consigliate racchette da camminata.
The kayak of the rising sun
With this experience, I want to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise from an unusual perspective: in the middle of the sea. A play of amazing light and color, and every day a different painting. Adventure suited to any level of ability. Make the kayaks point to the open sea for a better view, the sunrise is the best time of day. The silence, the tranquility of the sea, the sound of the paddle entering the water. Once the sun rises, we'll head to the coast, where you can take a dip in a mask and check out the fish and the beautiful backdrop. We'll head to the beach to grab a bite to relax in the sun before heading back. An adventure, 100% ecological , that will allow you to experience the sea from different angles. The time of the experience is approximate since the position of the sun changes day by day
With this experience I want to offer you an adventure suitable for any level of ability. Once the kayaks have been prepared, we will visit an area not very accessible from the ground where the green of the pines and the blue of the sea meet on a jagged coast, where you can take a dive with the mask to take a look at the fish and to the wonderful backdrop. We will continue to the beach to munch on a snack and relax a little in the sun before returning. An adventure, 100% ecological, that will make you enjoy the sea from different angles.
Go walking, visit Apricale and discover the local olive oil
You will learn to recognize extra Virgin olive oil to bad oil, in a real italian oil firm. I’ll be waiting for you in the parking place of the village of APRICALE (and I’ll provide all details to effortlessly reach it), together we’ll decide wether moving on foot across the olive tree grove (about a 40 minute walk) or keep on going by car. If you choose the path on foot, we’ll cross the lovely village of Apricale, recognized among “Italy’s most beautiful Villages”. Beyond the village our walk among the olive tree groves will begin. The path is simple, but slightly uphill. Together we’ll discover the typical Ligurian terraces known as “fasce” (strips), created through the ancient craft of the DRY WALLS, acknowledged as Unesco World Heritage. Once arrived at our grove, I’ll tell you about the cultivation of the olive tree from the initial pruning until the harvest and final pressing. In the suggestive setting of the olive tree grove I’ll reveal all the secrets of our job, I’ll make you sample our “Evo” olive oil and teach you how to recognize its features and differences with olive oils from other places. There will be also other local gastronomical delis which will make you fall in love with our land of Riviera. Other things to note An experience for everyone, outdoors, fun and educational for kids as well. You’ll find out what’s inside an olive oil bottle!
Boat trip to the sea of Sanremo
Meet at the harbor of Taggia at 1: 45 pm. Once we leave the port, we will head in the direction of the ship. Seeing the beautiful villages of the Riviera di Ponente from a unique perspective, the sea! There are many quiet bays in the area where you can stop for a few hours of relaxation surrounded by the waves or for a dip. You will be able to swim and snorkel to admire the beautiful backdrops and the many herds of fish typical of the area. Returning to the port is around 5:30 pm.
La Risorseria, un racconto di vino e altre cose
La Risorseria è un luogo dall'atmosfera casalinga, che ti introdurrà nella cultura di Langa. Lasciati trasportare dal racconto di Pier, che ti guiderà nella degustazione dei vini prodotti dalla nostra azienda di famiglia. Potrai assaggiare tutti i vini disponibili al momento, come il nostro bianco autoctono, la Nas-cetta del comune di Novello, il vino rosso Falun, il Dolcetto d'Alba, il Langhe Nebbiolo, la Barbera Superiore e i Baroli. Tutti i calici saranno accompagnati da grissini stirati a mano e nocciole tonda gentile e verranno abbinati a formaggi e salumi locali. Sarà un'occasione per scoprire alcune nozioni sulla cultura di Langa, sulle nostre tradizioni e le nostre radici, e nel frattempo, perchè no, potrai suonare il pianoforte o leggere un libro o dialogare con gli altri ospiti .. amiamo le connessioni! Seduto ai vecchi tavoli della Risorseria ti sentirai come in un piccolo salotto o cucina delle vecchie case di Langa. Il locale ospita inoltre alcune opere prodotte da artisti locali, e potrete scoprire come in Risorseria vengono prodotti manufatti artistici e di design con gli scarti di vinificazione e agricoli. Consultando un libro di antiche ricette piemontesi, crescerà in te la voglia di cenare o pranzare in uno degli incredibili ristoranti della zona, per cui saremo lieti di donarti il nostro consiglio e darti una mano nella scelta. Quindi...ti aspettiamo?
Cooking class in Langhe!
Dogliani and the Langhe are the homeland of wine, there isn't a better way to welcome you than with a good glass of Dogliani wine! So it's time to get to work. We'll start with a delicious appetizer: vegetable flan with fondue. Then we will prepare handmade pasta combined with a sauce made with the freshest ingredients of the season. We will make tajarin, tagliatelle or maltagliati, served with vegetables, cheese, sausage or mushroom sauces, depending on the seasonal availability. Finally, following the tradition, we will prepare zabaione, the typical egg-based liqueur cream, perfect to combine with cakes and biscuits. After working hard, it will be time to enjoy our dishes in a pleasant friendly lunch. Please let me know about any intolerance or preferences during the booking process and I'll be happy to adapt the menu to meet your request. The experience is in Italian, if you need it in English I will arrange it without problems. During the class you will find the recipe book available in 4 languages: Italian, English, German or French.
SANREMO FOOD TOUR Authentic Ligurian street food and the Medieval town. Discover hidden historical and cultural sights and surprises that make it more than “just a food tour”. On our 3-hour walking food tour through the “caruggi” – the characteristic narrow streets of the Medieval town - you’ll get to taste what makes Ligurian cuisine so special and unique and you’ll visit the fruit and vegetable market. All this is within walking distance … and the street food is to die for!!! Tour highlights: • 11 food & wine tastings (walking itinerary - several stops); • The finest Ligurian street food from vendors who have been feeding locals for generations; • Discover off-the-beaten path neighborhoods in Sanremo, away from the tourist crowds; • Visit of the Sanremo fruit and vegetables market; • Guided tour of the old town, called “La Pigna”, with licensed tourist guide; • Shared tour/experience. Small groups of 4-12 persons, led by English-speaking local experts. Meeting point: in front of the main entrance of the Sanremo Casino (near the pharmacy). Other things to note USEFUL POINTS - Please wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. - Our food tours & experiences run regardless of weather conditions – rain, hail or shine!
Discover ancient authentic vineyards
we will meet there, cartosio, Località roccabianca , then we will go to a special place, we will make them I will prune the vine.then to regain life we ​​will go to the cellar for the tasting of organic and vegan wines Other things to note this experience will take place almost completely outdoors in order to know the secrets of the winemakers in guyot pruning
Tour Instagram di Sanremo
Unisciti a me in quest'esperienza unica. Attraverseremo il centro storico noto come La Pigna di Sanremo e alcuni scorci mozzafiato della pista ciclabile più lunga d’Europa che costeggia il mare. Ti porterò nei luoghi più suggestivi dove potrai ottenere delle immagini d’impatto della città. Visiteremo alcuni luoghi suggestivi in cui ti darò consigli per la creazione di contenuti in modo da far risaltare ii tuoi profili social. Porta con te la tua fotocamera o smartphone e ci divertiremo! Non devi essere un fotografo, ti guiderò io negli scatti anche con il tuo smartphone. Se non trovi la data perfetta, scrivimi. Sarò felice di aiutarti a organizzare il tuo tour.
An established jewel of Italian cuisine: easy to make using the right ingredients and being coached by an experienced professional. A hands-on cooking class with tastings. You’ll be the envy of your friends the next time you invite them to dinner …
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