Unique things to do in Querétaro

Unique things to do in Querétaro

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Create an incredible and unique print with linoleum
You will learn a brief history of printmaking in order to begin with a specific printmaking technique: linoleum. Through this method, you will have the opportunity of exploiting your creativity and learn all the processes it involves. Inspired by the artwork of different mexican artists, you will be able to create an engraving and print it on paper and personalize tour own tote bag, so you can take a unique souvenir from Queretaro. Other things to note This activity involves being in contact with inks and materials that may get you dirty, so I recommend bringing old clothes, apron or clothes that can get stains.
Queretaro, Historic & Baroque Private Tour
Queretaro City is in middle of Mexico, it has been the national crossroad for centuries. Its history is full of anecdotes and milestones that will help you understand not just the history of this colonial and baroque city, but of our whole country. Visiting its UNESCO World Heritage old-town (including convents, monuments, churches, old colleges, squares, statues, and fountains), will take you into the heart and mind of Mexico and its people. Right now I am scheduling this tour from Monday to Thursday but in case you want to book it on Friday or weekend, send me a message to open the date so you can choose it from my "Experience" calendar.
Explora Querétaro, Tour Fotográfico y Encanto Local
Realizaremos una sesión de fotos única en la ciudad, comenzaremos el recorrido en el emblemático Mirador de Los Arcos y Panteón de los Queretanos Ilustres, y continuaremos a través de diferentes callejones, puertas, paredes y lugares interesantes para tus fotos en el centro de la ciudad. ¿Te gustaría algo más personalizado? ¡Hagámoslo! La sesión de fotos es de alta calidad y me adapto a tus gustos, pueden ser fotos para actualizar tu Instagram, fotos turísticas, fotos de retrato, etc. ¡Tu pones el límite! Si te gustaría otro horario al que se encuentra en la página no hay problema ¡Me adapto a tu intinerario! Hagamos fotos juntos.
Downtown Querétaro Taco Walk y Más
Hello and welcome from Explore Querétaro! We are going to have a great time exploring the heart of Queretaro's downtown, a much-beloved neighborhood rich with history and culinary delights, on this two-hour walking and eating adventure! We'll make approximately four stops at some of our favorite eateries giving you the chance to explore some of the best of Centro's casual food scene, sampling traditional tacos, tamales, gorditas, and more! You'll meet some of our beloved vendors and discover for yourselves why we adore them, and their food! You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the ingredients and history of the cuisine they prepare, and you will eat, eat, eat! Other things to note - There will be plenty of food tastings on this walk so expect to leave us completely satiated and well-informed as we also cover plenty of local history. Feel free to email us if you are interested in a walk at a different time or with a party of more than 6.
Tour Queso y Vino V I P
PREGUNTA POR LOS HORARIOS ANTES DE RESERVAR Descubrir la ruta del queso y vino en Querétaro, es una experiencia única y deliciosa, especialmente si se hace con un experto, contactanos y obten un descuento en Insta: tours_vip_queretaro. Disfruta de un recorrido guiado dentro de cava , en donde recibirás una explicación detallada sobre el proceso de maduración de nuestros quesos, seguido de un análisis sensorial de la mejor selección de nuestra producción en un espacio exclusivo al aire libre acompañado de un guía certificado. Disfrutaremos una degustación de 6 tipos diferentes de queso y cerveza artesanal,aquí aprenderás el maridaje de los quesos. Visitarás una bodega vitivinícola galardonada premios internacionales en sus etiquetas. Esta bodega tiene una vista inigualable a la peña de Bernal, el 3er monolito más grande del mundo. Conoceremos su historia y el proceso de producción. Degustación incluida de 3 vinos y copa de regalo, guiados por un Sommelier. Continuaremos nuestro tour al pueblo mágico de Bernal donde demos un recorrido por sus calles con una vista panorámica de la peña. sin duda podrás obtener las mejores fotografías durante nuestro recorrido. Otros aspectos destacables Por petición también podemos visitar algún otro viñedo o algún pueblo mágico con un cargo extra.
Queretaro's Pyramid and pre-Hispanic museum
Experience an amazing archeological site within the Queretaro's urban area, including a renovated museum and a pre-Aztec times pyramid, the largest outside the Meso-American area built by the Toltec nation, and a collection of endemic semi-desertic flora, all by the hand of a Mexican History specialist. After the archeological site we'll, if you whish, visit the remainings of one colonial "hacienda" active from the 16 to the early 20th centuries, the one that for more than three centuries owned the archeological site, to have a lunch break while hearing the history of the Spanish conquest and the start of the colonial period in Queretaro. This "Experience" is schedule from Friday to Sunday but in case you want to book it on Thursday, send me a message to open the date so you can choose it from my "Experience" calendar.
Queretaro history is revealed
I invite you to read first before making the reservation I would love to be able to assist you in a more personal way at the welcome cocktail that I organize on Fridays, in which you can meet your new adventure companions. I will leave it below https://www.airbnb.mx/experiences/262096 We will start downtown city and we will take a tour of its streets while listening to your likings and tastes, with which we can build based on it an itinerary of activities to do, it can be the visit to a bar with a certain style, keep walking and telling about the histories of the city and all the context they represent, going to eat some typical dish, art museums, historical sites, a red wine of the region, the amount of activities to perform is very large, it depends on you What do we do, you can ask me directly or also that life will surprise you, you decide.
Queretaro is like no other tour
The Tour Meeting: We'll meet at the agreed-upon location for a brief introduction. Short Walk Downtown: We’ll begin with a short walk through downtown, where I will guide you on a walking tour of the historical sites in Querétaro. My goal is to help you understand how Mexico became the country it is today. Regional Meal: Next, we will enjoy a regional meal at a restaurant of your choice from my recommendations. Optional Wine Tasting: After lunch, we'll have a wine tasting session in Querétaro, where I will explain the wine-making process of our regional wine. Craft Shops Visit: We’ll continue our tour by visiting craft shops. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and create your own crafts to keep it as a souvenir. Traditional Ghost Tour: We will conclude our tour with a traditional ghost stories of Querétaro. (Believe me this are based on real events) Additional Information - Expenses: The cost of the meal and drinks are not included in the tour price. - All-Inclusive Option: The cost will vary based on the season and type of tour. About me: I am a passionate traveler who understands the desire to learn about new places and cultures. My aim is for you to fall in love with Querétaro just as I do. To be safe and comfortable visiting a new place but the most important is to enjoy the experience.
Tour Peña de Bernal y vñedo
PREGUNTA POR LOS HORARIOS ANTES DE RESERVAR Visitaremos fábrica de quesos con una degustación de 6 tipos diferentes de queso para ser madinados con cerveza artesanal, aquí aprenderemos sobre los quesos que se elaboran en la región, para seguir al viñedo de vinos espumosos más grande de méxico y su cava. continuaremos nuestro recorrido al pueblo mágico de Bernal donde demos un recorrido por sus calles con una vista panorámica de la peña. sin duda podrás obtener las mejores fotografías durante nuestro recorrido. Envianos mensaje insta: tours_vip_queretaro. (OBTEN UN DESCUENTO)
San Miguel de Allende Getaway plus Personal Photographer
** If you're interested in an upcoming date, contact me and we can schedule it ** Join me to discover San Miguel de Allende. We will meet at your AirBnb and the journey to San Miguel will take us approximately 50 minutes. The photo shoot will take place in different streets San Miguel's city center, we will walk through its alleyways, squares and churches, I'm sure you'll love it. If this is your first time in a photo session, don't worry, I love everything that's natural and spontaneous. I'll give you tips to make your photos look original and natural. After the session, there will be time to tour the local artisan market, enter the church of San Miguel Arcángel and eat something. You'll receive the best photos edited, roughly 15-20 photos, in the following week. I invite you to visit my profile to get to know the other experiences that I offer to Peña de Bernal and Tequisquiapan. If there is no availability for the date/time you wish, please contact me, I am very flexible. Includes Transportation. Visit mi page negretepixs By the way, my English isn't the best, actually it's pretty bad haha, but it'll be a great opportunity for you to practice your Spanish and for me to practice my English.
Tour Cerveza y Vino
Descubrirás la ruta del queso y vino. Sera una experiencia única y deliciosa, especialmente si se hace con un experto. Pregunta por nuestros horarios insta: tours_vip_queretaro. Al participar en este recorrido, viajarás pensando en impresionantes paisajes de tequisquiapan, disfrutando del camino con una introducción al mundo del vino y su historia en Querétaro. Degustación de Cerveza. Análisis sensorial de 3 estilos de cerveza en el lugar donde las producimos: Mex-Lager, Czech Plisner, American Pale Ale, Red Ale Munich Dunkel, acompañados de 3 tapas de la casa y guía en español. Degustación de vinos. En esta experiencia disfrutarás de un taller de aromas y sabores para conocer los vinos que ofrecemos. La experiencia se llevará a cabo a través de un análisis sensorial de 3 tipos de vino, acompañados de quesos de la región. Y guía en español. Análisis sensorial (aromas y sabores) de 3 etiquetas de vino en nuestra sala de cava: blanco y tinto.
Descubre Querétaro a través de la lente de un artista visual
Haremos un recorrido histórico y cultural por los sitios emblemáticos de la ciudad, edificios, calles y callejones. Revisaremos sus historias y leyendas, en una caminata amena llena de datos curiosos e históricos que harán su visita interesante e inolvidable, llena de sitios y momentos "instagrameables" gracias a las fotografías que iremos haciendo y compartiendo durante el recorrido. Posteriormente, pondré a su disposición las 10 mejores fotografías del recorrido en alta resolución. Para conocer mi trabajo fotográfico sígueme en Instagram: @miguelvaldesfoto
Breakfast in Centro Like the Locals Do
Do breakfast like the locals do! Bypass the tourist traps for breakfast in Queretaro, and explore with a local guide to discover Centro's authentic eats on this two-hour walking, learning, and eating adventure. As you walk, you’ll get the lowdown on the local cuisine, trying tamales, gorditas, tacos, and more along the way. Your knowledgeable guide will ensure your comfort as he leads you through the bustling Mercado La Cruz where you will sample the most delicious breakfast foods the market has to offer including gorditas, tacos, and fresh, local fruit. Our tour will continue beyond La Cruz as we explore the history around Plaza de Armas and Plaza Zenea where we will finish the tour with a taste of Oaxaca! You'll meet our beloved vendors and discover why we adore them, and their food! You'll watch your food being made up close and personal, have the opportunity to ask questions, learn about the ingredients and history of the cuisine they prepare, and you will eat, eat, eat! We can't wait to show you around!
Tour Aguas Termales y San Miguel de Allende
PREGUNTA POR LOS HORARIOS ANTES DE RESERVAR Viajaremos de la ciudad de querétaro a san miguel de allende, donde visitaremos un balneario, no tan concurrido, con agua termal y un hermoso temazcal subterráneo donde los vapores del agua desintoxican tu piel gracias a su alto contenido de minerales, para después dar un recorrido por la calles de san miguel y los lugares más emblemáticos, así como sitios de interés, daré a conocer la historia de la ciudad así como su importancia artística y cultural y recomendaciones gastronómicas del lugar.
Guided Beer Tasting with a Master Brewer
We will meet at one of the few places specialized in offering craft beer in Querétaro. We will be inside a Bar that offers a very carefully curated selection of beers of the best quality and freshness. Participants will be guided over 2+ hours by a Brewmaster who will explain in detail (although in a relaxed way) the characteristics of the beer, the differences between styles, what is worth appreciating in a beer, how to identify when a Beer is not good. With a flight (samples of 5 beers) per person, the participants will be able to detect, distinguish, compare and appreciate each of the organoleptic characteristics of the beer. The fundamental purpose: to learn how better appreciate beer and enjoy a very entertaining time. Other things to note -Although minors are accepted, they will not be served beer for obvious reasons. - Since we will be tasting beers we recommend that you do not drive after the event.
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