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Unique things to do in Puducherry

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All activities near Puducherry

Local Pondy Heritage tour by cycle
Join with a local to know the story of Pondicherry from the prehistory to present - the session gives you a perspective of storyline and incidents and few facts from the times of many kingdoms to the French and the influence of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. We shall be covering the quaint charming heritage quarters of the Ashram with its departments, French history and colonial buildings, monuments, institutions with its cultural and architectural significances and the Tamil with the amalgamation of Franco-Tamilian through people and expression of unique architecture plus all what is local. The experience through the eyes of a local makes its compelling and special. We will be providing normal Indian cycles. The seats, adjustments are fixed cannot be changed. For the tour it will be just fine. One can bring one's personal cycles for tour as well. This tour can be done by walk as well subject to terms and conditions.
Pondicherry cycle Tour
Willing to enjoy our quaint yet dynamic city of Pondicherry? Can't wait to discover what makes this city special and learn from its very own inhabitants about it? You came to the right place! Our Pondy Cycle Tour is definitely the best experience for you to capture the flavours of the city, cover the main areas without being limited by walking only. Manisha or Darshana our multilingual guides will lead you through the entire city centre covering all from the quiet and typical French area to the lovely little alleys of the Muslim quarter, from the fishermen village to the (not so) bussling streets of the Indian quarter. You will enjoy the ride in a smooth, fresh and safe way as we cycle throught quiet and shady lane in the early morning to benenfit from the still cool ocean breeze and the minimum traffic. Come on board with us to 'give time a break' in Pondicherry!
Kayaking in backwaters mangroves Harbour Arikamedu visit
Please note this activity is based on tides( water level) Timing will change daily. Kindly message before booking to help you better. Get onboard kayak after general instructions of Do and donts. Wear proper life jacket provided with the help of Kayak leader. Start paddling in the backwater - visit ancient port ruins site 'Arikamedu' which dates to 1500BC - 2AD, proceed paddling near the harbour port area of Pondicherry to witness docks ships and boats and fishermen in action. Further paddle through the patches of mangroves with small creeks and inlets. A kayak leader will join you for this experience. You can opt to chose join with a co paddler or go solo.
Learn a three-courses French meal
Pondicherry is famous for its unique French touch. This is the only place in India to relish from a poulet basquaise or a chocolate mousse. Still many restaurants in town do not offer the real experiences and the true French recipes. Moreover, the best is always to learn so to recreate such delicacies in your own home! That is why at Sita cultural centre, we put together our best home made French recipes for you to lavish on such delicate flavours! We make it a full and complete hands-on experience for you to learn all the tips and tricks about French gastronomy in order to be able to recreate an entire French three-course meal at home. This experience has been curated by Fleur and is often taught by her or Manisha. Please note: we can accomodate people with food allergies or specific diet as soon as you inform in advance for us to arrange a safe and enjoyable menu for you.
Fivefarms Coffee- From farm to cup
Coffee is an annual crop, and not all of it can be experienced in three hours. We'll start the tour showing you images of the complete cycle. You'll then be wearing the farmers' hat (literally) for a tour of the estate. Depending on which season you visit, you could also help with the job of the day: whether it's transplating young plants from the nursery, checking for fragrant coffee blossoms or picking ripe red berries. If lucky, you'll also sight some four-legged wild visitors. Once back from the estate, you'll get to see a complete roasting and if time permits, we'll roast two batches personalised for you that you can take home. End the tour with a traditional vegetarian lunch in our homestead with a perfect South Indian filter 'Kaapi' or a French press brewed by you ...This is as fresh as it can get! Other things to note During rains you might be bit by leeches. Tour guide will be prepared with adequate medical measures. The plantation is regularly visited by wild animals. You will be advised to stay close to the tour guide.
Unique Pondicherry Creole cooking class
At Sita cultural centre, we will unveil one of the best-kept secret in Pondicherry: our city very own Creole Cuisine! Our culinary culture id a perfect blend of French gastronomy with Indian spices and a dash of South East Asian adds-up. We offer you a great opportunity to eat what we do at home, a meal that has never been recreate in any restaurant. The class will display a 3-courses meal as in a usual French way; still the recipes will have their very own burst of flavours as the French Indian Creole from Pondicherry use plenty of local food, spices and herbs to balance their meal. Finally we finish with a perfect cake which is the quintessence of the traditional cooking skills the French brought here and the use of the local ingredients and the love of local flavours. This experience has been curated by Fleur and is often taught by her or Manisha. Please note: we can accomodate people with food allergies or specific diet as soon as you inform in advance for us to arrange a safe and enjoyable menu for you.
Heritage walk with Dheepa
Explaining the history and culture of attractions during the site visits. Roaming around the french town(white town) and will explain about the history and architecture details of the french buildings. In the heart of french town We will visit Sri manakula vinayagar temple, Sri aurobindo Ashram, Bharathi Park, Pondicherry Museum, Notre Dam church, Cluny embroidery centre, Pondicherry art and craft shops, Gratitude (the heritage building), beautiful french architectural streets, Ghandi statue, Duplex Statue, Rock Beach etc. Will start from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and end at Duplex Statue.
Pottery & Life of Pi Banyan
Note: transportation is not included, You have come with your own. this tour is a pleasurable drive through the farm fields in the villages of pondy. Total driving is 50kms. For people come in two wheelers please carry helmet. Did you know the Hollywood blockbuster Life of Pi has its storyline from Pondy?. There are lot of spots where the movie of filmed. We have spun a trail around one such location. Not only the location as a deep cultural story other the movie location but its neighbourhood has much more to offer to the compelling rustic village crafty experience of Pondy. Discover Pondy's original culture beyond the fancy Boulevard. Deep dive into the culture through its personalities and their expression through folk and crafts. Join for 3-4 hours village circuit with multiple interesting pit stops. We shall be exploring crafts like Terracotta and Papermache - both are geographical indication to the region. We shall be witnessing pottery demonstrations on the traditional wheel and do hands on experience. We shall visit 2 sacred groves and folk temple which predates vedic times. All of the mentioned are specially curated for the guests visiting.
Give time a break with Taarak
Pondicherry has some unique corners and no one knows them as well as I do. Here is the list of experiences I offer; you can choose one according to your interest and time in hand: 1.We visit the Matrimandir and other Auroville units. I will tell you why and how the life shaped in this universal town. You will get to experience the life at Auroville closely. The entire experience takes about 3 hours. 2. We will take a leisurely stroll around the French Town. I will tell you some interesting stories that shaped the present town of Pondicherry. You will walk past the old light house, Notre Dame Des Anges church, the old and the new pier, and many other monuments on the beach road. If time permits, I’ll show you one of the beaches close by. This is a 2-hour walking program. 3. If you are an adventure freak, I’ll take you to the granite quarries for a refreshing swim. 17 kms out of the town, It usually takes 45 minutes to reach the quarry. We swim there and drive back. This can take up to 3 hours. The drive along the countryside is pleasant and full of greenery. 4. There's a beach which is insanely beautiful and secluded. If you are someone who loves solitude, this experience if definitely for you. The best time is either sunrise or sunset. You will need 2 hours. Food and Transportation is not included in the above experiences. These experiences are children friendly.
Cycle to a forest & visit
Cycling in the nature trail offers immersion into regenerated landscape with tropical dry evergreen forest & shrub jungle. Visit to intricate sand formations and get to know medicinal plants, indigenous trees, lesser-known flora and fauna species which help to sustain critical ecological balance and listen to in practice ideas on regeneration, sustainability & climate resilience. (or) Cycle through understand the inter-connectivity of nature, health, animal welfare, community and environmental sustainability. It is carried out in a manner so that it may inspire and educate others to consciously choose agricultural practices for a holistic and harmonious future.
Wild Bhoomi Nature tours
Discover another side of Pondicherry, away from the crowded Promenade or the busy marketplaces. Spend an early morning or later afternoon by one of the many water bodies. Colors and bird songs will fill your day. Stay in the comfort of a car while watching birds go about their business or take a walk to practice your stalking skills. Photograph some beautiful landscape, gorgeous birds, and if lucky maybe other creatures like a Mongoose or for the bold ones a snake or two. When hunger grabs you take a break and sip on some refreshing coffee or tea while having a great view of the wilderness. Drive back through some quiet rural areas and witness a simple, slowed down life that we all miss out on in the everyday rush. Other things to note The timing of the tours will depend on the season. During the monsoon, early mornings at water bodies aren't too fruitful due to the lack of birds as the water levels can be too high for them to feed in. Although some years the water levels aren't an issue. In that case, evenings are the best option to experience the wilderness as we explore the forests and wooded patches.
Authentic Mysore, India City Tour
This is a one of a kind opportunity to experience Mysore from the eyes of a local. I will pick you up from the meeting point in my tuk tuk. Along the way, you'll get to see beautiful historic buildings and monuments. Our first stop will be one of the oldest markets in Mysore. Here you will get to walk the alleyways of an authentic Indian market filled with exotic spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Plenty of colorful photo opportunities along the way! From there we will drive to the wood carving district where generations of craftsman chisel and saw intricate patterns from natural woods. A true art you rarely see in these modern times. Our next stop is a true hidden gem. You will get to see a woman who makes hand rolled incense and averages 6,000 sticks per day! Inside is a essential oils sample room where you can test a variety of fragrances, many native to India. Mysore is famous for its production of high quality sandalwood oil so this is your chance to find it in its purest form. The last stop will be a shop that specializes in rare, hand woven silk tapestries from the Kashmir region. Here you will find rugs, linen, home textiles, and fine brass items such as Tibetan singing bowls. Lastly, I will drop you back off at the meeting location. I am happy to answer any questions you have along the way. I love sharing my city with visitors!
Bestt kept secret of Bangalore with Dinesh
Join me as I take you on a journey of lifetime; filled with life, laughter, WoWs and more. From Exploring- The best food around hidden delicacies of Malleshwaram, Places around Bangalore that are not much known to travellers and pluck your own grape to make vine. Take a backseat and witness Bangalore's serene Beauty, we've covered it all. We have well-tried and tested plans that is as smooth as our masala dosa. 5% off for couples. 15% off for defence personnels. 25% off for people with disability.
Kotagiri Landscape Tour
Lets gather around 9 in the morning, The trek start at 9AM with our packed lunch and instruction. Then, together we will pass through the rocky mountains, thick forests and green meadows to reach the top. The trek almost takes about 4 hours and the trail is medium. Upnext post lunch, trek to waterfalls which is about 6 kms from the place we have lunch. Witness the mesmerizing waterfall and take as many selfies as you want and cold water bath for 2 hours. Start the descent and the group is expected to reach the basecamp by 5:00 PM. After you reach the basecamp, relax and take an evening walk in the chilly weather and end up the trek.
Heart of Tamizh Culture in Chennai
Our tour will be at the famous 2000-year-old Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore area. Known for its architectural brilliance and spiritual significance, this temple is a culmination of stories, culture, customs, traditions and high vibration. After exploring the insides, we will take a walk around the quaint lanes surrounding the temple where we can witness the local Tamil Culture in full fervor.