Airbnb Boosts the Japanese Economy by 222 Billion Yen

Airbnb supports local communities and helps grows and diversify tourism in Japan

TOKYO – November 26, 2015 Airbnb, the world’s leading community driven hospitality company, today released a new study highlighting the positive economic, social and environmental impacts of Airbnb in Japan. It shows that the Airbnb community has contributed 221.99 billion yen in total economic activity to the national economy in Japan in one year, supported 21,791 jobs and helped local residents across the country to stay in their homes.

This is the first study looking at the impact of the Airbnb community on Japan, and comes after similar studies in France, New York, London, and many other cities across the world. The economic impacts presented in this report were calculated by Professor Tatsuyuki Negoro of Waseda Business School and his team, and looked at all travel to and within Japan during the one year-period from July 2014 through June 2015.

The study found that Airbnb hosts are regular people who share their homes and use the money they earn to pay the bills and make ends meet. They are attracting new visitors to Japan who stay longer, spend more and are more likely to return, and spread economic benefits to parts of Japan that haven’t previously benefited from tourism. Airbnb is complementary to the existing tourism industry in Japan and increases consumer choice, providing authentic and local travel experiences for guests from around the world.

“Airbnb is a growing, global phenomenon that has a profound positive impact on the Japanese economy,” said Yasuyuki Tanabe, Country Manager of Airbnb in Japan. “It is supporting regular families, turning homes and surplus housing into economic assets and growing and diversifying tourism across Japan. We are pleased the government recognises the benefits of home sharing for everyone in Japan and look forward to working with them on clear and simple rules for home sharing, and to make Japan a global leader in the sharing economy.”  

Some highlights of study include:

  • From July 2014 to June 2015, the Airbnb community contributed 221.99 billion yen in total economic activity to the national economy in Japan in one year and supported 21,791 jobs.

  • Airbnb listings in Japan have more than doubled annually since 2010, and listings span more than 300 cities in all 47 prefectures in Japan.

  • More than 5,000 Japanese hosts have welcomed 525,000 Airbnb guests from around the world into their homes, and 96,000 Japanese residents have used Airbnb to explore the world.

  • Airbnb helps the residents of Japan live better. Over a one year-period, Japanese hosts earned an average of 957,000 JPY by renting out space in their homes for 10 nights per month. Hosts use much of their Airbnb income to pay for regular household expenses and almost half rely on this income to stay in their homes.

  • The average host is 37 years old, with a large percentage working in art, design or creative services. Five percent of all hosts are retired. Hosts over 60 are the fastest growing age group of all Airbnb hosts in Japan.

  • Airbnb hosts are also highly educated - 70 percent of hosts hold a college, university, graduate degree or higher.

  • Airbnb hosts provide a safe and high quality stay, resulting in a unique experience that brings guests back again and again. 90 percent of guests would recommend the Airbnb property that they stayed in to friends and family. 90 percent of all stays received at least a 4 of 5 cleanliness rating.

  • Airbnb attracts new guests to Japan who stay longer, spend more and are more likely to return. Guests stay an average of 3.8 nights and spend 169,600 JPY per trip.

  • 69 percent of Airbnb guests in Japan are repeat visitors, and 79 percent said that their experience made them even more likely to come to Japan again.

  • 28 percent of Airbnb guests in Japan would not have gone on their trip, or would not have stayed as long without Airbnb, and 65 percent saved money by using Airbnb to visit Japan.

  • 90 percent of Airbnb guests in Japan want to live like a local, 80 percent want to explore a specific neighbourhood and 77 percent of all trips involve families traveling with partners, children, relatives or friends.

  • 93 percent of Airbnb users in Japan are international, and 54 percent are from Asia. Over the past 12 months, Airbnb hosts have welcomed guests from more than 150 countries.

  • Sharing homes with guests promotes a community of tolerance, empathy and trust. 57 percent of hosts said that hosting has had a positive effect on their interactions with the local community, and 62 percent say it has changed their outlook on life for the better.

Data sources

The findings in this report are based on extensive data about Airbnb hosts and visitors to and within Japan from July 2014 through June 2015.

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