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Unique things to do in Montenegro

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All activities near Montenegro

Great Montenegro tour - Lovcen, River of Crnojevic
Itinerary: 09.00 am Start from Kotor, photo stops along the serpentines 10.30 am Arrival at Njegusi village, breakfast break 12.00 am Visit to the mausoleum, Lovćen National Park 13.45 pm Arrival at Cetinje, walking tour 03.30 pm Arrival at River of Crnojević, lunch break 05.00 pm Boat ride, swimming (depending on the temperature) 06.30 pm Departure to St Stefan (via Cetinje), scenic drive above Budva 07.30 pm St Stefan photo stop 07.40 pm Return to Kotor 08.30 pm Finish in the Old Town of Kotor Other things to note: In case of bad weather conditions and/or not enough persons attending chosen activity and/or force measure, we reserve the right to cancel the tour.
Taste organic mussels and oysters!
Guests will taste traditional high quality organic Boka's dish, prepared in front of them with fresh mussels catched immediately from the farm. Oysters will be served fresh, with touch of lemon juice and pepper. Traditional high quality Montenegrin wine will be offered to guests (1/2 litre per person). Water is A class, very pure and rich in marine species, such as sea stars, crabs, fishes and sometimes guests will be able to see sea turtles and dolphins. Place could be booked by just several persons (max 10) so you will be able to enjoy in extraordinary landscape of the Bay and to swim or snorkelling between farming lines. All technological process of mussel and oyster farming will be presented to guests from the begging.
Feel the beauty of Skadar Lake by boat
At the beginning we will meet in small village Virpazar where you will have a welcome drink and where I will briefly tell you the significance of this historic place from the 12 th century. After that we will take a wooden boat tour of Skadar Lake.The first place we will visit is the beautiful Lesendro fortress, at the heart of the beautifull Skadar Lake . I will tell you an interesting story about this fortress that is also called “Key to the Skadar Lake”, as it was meant to ensure safe trade and fishing for the local inhabitants. Then we will cross fishing trails, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Skadar lake , observe nature and birds (pelican, stork, duck, seagulls). You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the village of Vranjina, then we will pass by the small islands which can only be reached by boat. If guest express their desire we can visit some beaches that are only accesible by boat, where you can enjoy nice swimming and sunbathing. Then with a slow ride we continue our adventure towards to the initial destination.
Professional atmospheric photo walk in Kotor
Photography is so much more than just a way to capture memories, it's an experience, is like exploring a new world. Meet me by the wall of old city and we'll take some great shots together while exploring this historic town for treasures hidden among its winding streets full-of cobblestone alleyways lined with centuries' worth stories. Then we will take a walk along the beach and into town where you can see yachts from all over majestic Mediterranean Sea. We'll stop for some rest on our way, but don't worry about getting bored because I promise it won’t be long before we're back out there taking more photos! We've got 200 beautiful shots planned- plus 15 processed beautifully so that they turn out just right when printed as postcards or presented digitally through social media platforms. See you soon, my friend. Photoshoots are a lot of fun and it's always great when you can bring your own accessories (glasses, hat, or something special)!
We will be exploring the main lakes of Durmitor National park. The Jablan, Zminje, Barno and The most famous Black lake! This is a very fun and unique experience that you will remember forever! Looking forward to being your guide! Other things to note Good hiking shoes are a huge help! Have in mind that you can swim in all of the lakes that we will visit so bring the swimming equipment!
Blue Cave experience by speedboat plus various destinations
We will visit amazing places in Bay of Kotor in 3 hours. This is an itinerary for our boat tour : -Start from the old town Kotor -Cruising to the Blue Cave (1 hour) -Swimming inside the Blue Cave (20 minutes) -Cruising around island Mamula (5 minutes) -Visiting Submarine tunnel (5 minutes) -Panoramic view of city Porto Novi (5 minutes) -Cruising to the Perast islands (25 minutes) -Visiting Our Lady of the Rock (20 minutes) -Panoramic view of old town Perast (5 minutes) -Cruising back to the old town Kotor (25 minutes) The combination of cruising, swimming and sightseeing make this tour a great choice for you. Welcome !
Speed boat tour including Blue cave and all attraction
An exciting adventure awaits you! If driving speedboats, a trip around Our Lady of the Rocks, old submarine bases, swimming and diving in Blue cave, and a swim break on Žanjic beach sounds like your cup of tea, you may want to give this tour a try. A speedboat ride, wind in your hair, the open sea, beautiful beaches, and exciting places to visit are only a brief description of what's to come. We begin our adventure on a speedboat starting in Kotor and then make our way towards the magnificent islet of Our Lady of the Rocks, just in front of the ancient city of Perast. After a walk around the islet, we travel by the open sea towards the Blue cave and take a quick stop to visit an old submarine base. We then take a stroll around Mamula island, surrounded by walls of an old Austro-Hungarian fortress from the XIX century which was used as a prison in both the First and Second World Wars. The next destination is the Blue cave, an impressive natural landmark with about 300 m2. The cave has two entrances that can be accessed by boats. It got its name because the sunlight refracts at just the right angle so that the water looks like it's shining from below. Dive, bathe in the blue light, and enjoy the warm and crystal clear water. On our way back to Kotor we stop by the Žanjic beach, where you can bathe and relax
Ski lessons on Durmitor
Your “Learn to Ski (better) ” experience will take place at Savin kuk, Durmitor. I will help beginners and experienced skiers become more confident and skilled skiers. If you have never skied before, great! Our goal is to get you on the hill and skiing with connected turns and control over how fast or slow you want to go. If you already ski but feel a little stuck, our goal is to get you carving beautiful, dynamic turns like never before. Lessons can be individual (30€ for 60 minutes) or if you have a group with similar skill levels, I can teach up to 3 in a private group (20€/person). I teach ages 7 to 87. Cost does not including rentals or lift. Most beginner lessons will start by walking on flat land in skis and boots and then learning to walk up a small hill sideways, turn and ski down in a balanced and natural stance. As confidence grows, we will move to riding a magic carpet and/or chairlift and work on balance, pressure and edging ski skills on Blue (Easy) slopes. Our goal for the beginner lesson is to be able to ride the chairlift and ski down a Blue trail making multiple turns to control speed and direction and avoid other skiers. For experienced skiers, we will build on your strengths and offer helpful adjustments and exercises to get you carving sharp, dynamic turns.
Horse riding tours Žabljak
Ova tura ukljucuje jahanje konja koje počinje od Vražijeg jezera. Predviđeno je da se prvo krene u obilazak pomenutog jezera gdje ce te od vodiča čuti zanimljivosti o istom. Nakon toga se upućujemo ka drugom jezeru koje se nalazi u neposrednoj blizini, koje se zove Riblje jezero. Zatim nastavljamo jahanje prema Grčkom groblju – Bogumilski Stećci koje je kao kulturna baština naroda sa ovih prostora upisano na UNESCO listu svjetske baštine. Nakon obilaska Grčkg groblja – Bogumilski stećci vraćamo se ka mjestu polaska. Sve vrijeme mozete iskoristitu priliku za fotografisanje i pravljenje nezaboravnih uspomena. Na kraju avanture dolazimo ponovo do Vražijeg jezera sa kog smo započeli jahanje i rastajemo se u nadi da cemo ponovo imati priliku da se druzimo i uživamo zajedno. CIJENA OVE TURE IZNOSI 30 € PO OSOBI
Kayak adventure on Skadar lake - whole day
Drift around water lilies and reeds as you kayak through one of the biggest bird reserves in Europe. Spot Skadar Lake’s 270 bird species, including cormorants, gulls, and squacco. Take in the natural beauty at your own pace with one-hour, two-hour, and whole-day booking options. Begin your adventure in Virpazar with a basic safety and route briefing. Paddle through the open lake to a bridge that connects two villages, Virpazar and Vranjina, known as Little Venice. Take a break for fresh fish soup at the local restaurant if you’re feeling peckish before heading to Fort Lesendro. Glide past the bird sanctuary and around the islands of Cakovica and Kamenik. Lounge in the sun at the local beaches and swim in the clear lake waters. Important! It is written that tour lasts 10h, but you can stay less. This is option to rent a kayak for a whole day. There is no guide for this tour. After host give instructions, guest goes alone. In the price is not included entrance ticket to national park 4€.
The Safari Tour, Durmitor Ring
We are going on an adventure through National park Durmitor. We will pass through one of the most beautiful roads in Montenegro, and stop for photo breaks of the peaks like Prutas and Sedlo, and Susicko lake. After that, we will have a great panoramic view of the Susica river and Tara river canyons. In the end, we will finish with the panoramic view of the Black lake and a few peaks above it.
Sightseeing On The Sea - Exploring Budva With A Local
I am hosting a 2 hours experience on the sea, island and beautiful beaches. During this 2 hours I take you to the most beautiful places in Budva municipality. While travelling to these places via boat you will have chance to enjoy sigtseeing the city of Budva, coastline, nature and old town. We will make a stop on the island which is 20 minutes travelling from Budva and there you will be provided with snorkeling equipment to help you see better the underwater life. You will be able to do some snorkeling or simply relax and have nice swim while we are on the island. Later on we continue to another beach which is located 30 minutes from the island, the beach has a beautiful enviroment and cristaly clear water where you can take a swim again. While travelling I will tell you some historical backround of the place and provide you with some drinks if you are up for it. After the experience you will have a different view on the city of Budva (coming from local), you will be happy that you visited places not so many tourists know about, you will gain knowledge of simple way of snorkeling, going underwater and guranteed good time. Experience is perfect for small group of friends, families, couples and solo travellers. It is also possible to arrange the trip for bigger group of people.
Zen experiences on Skadar Lake
Welcome to unique lake trip with local fisherman in traditional fishing wooden boat named "čun" which is registered as a national good of Montenegro! With my homemade drinks I will tell you stories about life in my old fishing village Vranjina (former island), national park wild life, Skadar lake legends and general inf. You can get ready to board the boat in my house and than we jump in boat . On tour you can choose what you like to do: sightseeing, swimming, sunbathing, fishing by rod. I know nice natural beaches which could be reached only by boat. We visit the lake islands and pass by Lesendro fortress. I can show you beautiful river mouth in the lake, with gorgeous nature - water lilies, huge old willows, bulrush, reed, water caltrop, ducks and birds more than 250 species. We will go through narrow paths that are fishing trails through the most beautiful areas of the lake that only my fishing boat can pass through. I can provide drinks and snacks on tour (additional service not included in price). When return back to Vranjina I can prepare fresh wild fish for you in traditional way if desired by the guest (additional service not included in price). I am sure my guests will have full experience of village and Skadar lake, because I will do my best so you can see it, feel it and taste it! DISCOUNTS for groups & families! Possibility to organize a tour for bigger groups (7+)
Explore Skadar lake in two hours kayak tour
Drift around water lilies and reeds as you kayak through one of the biggest bird reserves in Europe. Spot Skadar Lake’s 270 bird species, including cormorants, gulls, and squacco. Take in the natural beauty at your own pace. Begin your adventure in Virpazar with a basic safety and route briefing. Paddle through the river channel surrounded by water lilies and lotus, which leads you to open lake which is ideal for swimming. During summer, this tour is ideal in the morning and 2-3 hours before sunset. Important! It is written that tour starts at 9am, but you can come whenever you want. Just let me know preferred time and I will wait for you. There is no guide for this tour. After host give instructions, guest goes alone. In the price is not included entrance ticket to national park 4€.
Wine experience at the Skadar lake
On a tour through centuries-old vineyards, I will share with you the knowledge about our finest wines. Visiting our wine cellar, you will get the possibility to explore our family’s culture of grape growing and wine making. You will try couple types of autochthonous montenegrin grape Vranac, and rakija - strong brandy made from grapes. During wine tasting I will explain you the whole process of wine making, from vineyards to the bottle. Also you will see our copper barrel that it is used for destillation montenegrin strong drink - loza. You will feel the atmosphere, the culture and the spirit of the long tradition in the exquisite wine production.