Hosts helping hosts get started

Airbnb hosts have always helped each other. Now, we’re making it easier for hosts to find and offer help, swap stories, and reach their own hosting goals.

How it works

Hosting is an adventure, and you probably have lots of questions. No one’s better equipped to answer them than Airbnb’s most experienced hosts.

If you’re a new host and haven’t received your first booking, you can request a mentor. Once a mentor is available, we’ll pair you with one who speaks your language and has a similar listing. Mentorship happens over email and ends after 30 days.

This is a new program, and we’re developing it with select hosts in specific markets. We’re hoping to expand the program to your area soon.

Make your first booking a success

Your first booking is a big milestone. And your mentor can help you get there, one step at a time.

Master the basics

Finding the right price, managing your calendar, welcoming guests — learn how from a host like you.

Get a head start

There’s no shortcut to experience — but having a mentor is the next best thing.

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Mentor Moments

Penelope + Stuart

Penelope + Stuart, Mentor

“Mentoring gave me a chance to pass along my learnings to someone new so they could implement things that I found really helpful to guests.”


Miriam, New Host

“I had a lot of questions so this was exactly what I was looking for : a successful local host who has opinions and experience.”


Rebecca, Mentor

“I loved mentoring Venna. She loves meeting new people and helping others. I loved helping her help others. Isn’t that what Airbnb is all about?”


Venna, New Host

“I truly believe I am getting outstanding reviews during the first month I have been a host, because of the guidance and direction Rebecca provided me.”


Mentoring allows you to see amazing changes in new hosts, especially in self-confidence.”

Host Mentor · Hosting 1 year · 10 Five star reviews