Meteor's new rendering model

Avital Oliver @meteor

Wed, October 09, 2013

Meteor's new rendering model: Don't replace a template, just its parts

Meteor UI is an ongoing project to build all the necessary pieces for a full-fledged client-side reactive component system for Meteor. Some features include two-way data binding, view models and animation support. Avital Oliver will dig in to the first batch of this work -- a rehaul of Meteor's template rendering engine. In the new model, templates are compiled into reactive Meteor code that updates only the relevant parts of the DOM. This is faster, easier to use and interoperates with direct DOM manipulation and jQuery plugins. In the talk, Oliver will show some small apps and dig into Meteor UI internals to explain how they work.

Avital Oliver has researched finite group theory, built tactical systems for the Israeli Air Force, founded a school of mathematics for all, and worked at Asana before joining Meteor, where he now works as a core developer.

Dinner, prepared by Airbnb's Executive Chef, will served at 6pm.

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