Designer shops and decadent restaurants weave between Roman monuments in Pigna.

You know a place has got to be good when it’s beloved by old-timers, newcomers, and visitors alike. This neighborhood's delicious and down-to-earth ristorantes set the tone for Pigna: delightful, merry, and packed with locals. Despite Pigna’s central location and oft-visited historical attractions, it still remains a destination for Roman revelers to indulge their passion for fashion along Via del Corso and savor exquisite cuisine just like their grandmothers have been making for generations.

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On the Map

Pigna is within Roma Centro and bordered by Sant'Angelo, Sant'Eustachio, Trevi, Parione, Ponte, Campo Marzo, Regola, Campitelli, Colonna, and Monti

Leonardo da Vinci Airport: 50 minutes by public transit and Leonardo Express
Termini Station: 15 minutes by public transit
The Colosseum: 10 minutes by public transit
The Vatican: 25 minutes by public transit

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Difficult

History In the Heart of Rome


Venture to Pigna and be greeted by the sight of the Pantheon.


Resting placidly in the heart of the city, the Pantheon's soaring columns serve as testaments to historical might and genius mechanics.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB

They also serve as a testament to tourism.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB

The Pantheon, and Pigna, are never without the commotion of footsteps and camera clicks.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB

If the crowds become too much, explore the narrow streets that snake away from the Pantheon and further into Pigna.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB

Dining In Pigna

Italy Rome Pigna PSB

Pull yourself away from the Pantheon and explore the countless restaurants that Pigna claims.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB
Italy Rome Pigna PSB

Fresh bread, fresh produce, and romantic scenery set the stage for perfect meals in Pigna.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB
Italy Rome Pigna PSB
Italy Rome Pigna PSB

Casual cafes and inviting gelato shops hit the spot with locals and tourists.


The People In Pigna


The Pantheon attracts countless crowds to stand in awe of its construction.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB
Italy Rome Pigna PSB
Italy Rome Pigna PSB

Outside of its granite portico, costumed Romans pose for photos and children drink at the public fountain.


Pigna's crowds attract street performers and outdoor entertainers of all sorts.

Italy Rome Pigna PSB
Italy Rome Pigna PSB

Despite the crowds, you can still find a moment for yourself.


What a joyful moment it is.


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