Castro Pretorio

This centrally located neighborhood suits your needs without cramping your style.

Hectic Castro Pretorio is Rome’s quintessential on-the-go neighborhood. Its savvy residents are hip to the needs of movers and shakers, including travelers who come to marvel at the neighborhood’s wealth of ancient ruins and commuters who need a quick recharge during the morning rush. Its incredibly varied residents make Castro Pretorio one of the most multilingual and multiethnic districts in central Rome, and their diverse backgrounds come as a welcomed gift to those asking “Does anyone in this shop speak English, French, or Cantonese?”

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On the Map

Castro Pretorio is within Roma Centro and bordered by Sallustiano, Ludovisi, Trevi, San Lorenzo, Esquilino, Monti, Nomentana, and Trieste

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

Leonardo da Vinci Airport: 30 minutes by Leonardo Express
Termini Station: It's walkable
The Colosseum: 10 minutes by public transit
The Vatican: 20 minutes by public transit

City Crossroads and Busy Intersections

Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL

Castro Pretorio centers around Rome's main train station, Termini Station.

Italy Rome Esquilino PSB
Italy Rome Esquilino PSB

For incoming visitors, Termini Station serves as their link to Rome's historical core.

Italy Rome Esquilino PSB

Shops, kiosks, eateries, and the roar and whistle of inbound and outbound trains keep the area bustling.

Italy Rome Esquilino PSB
Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL

Its surrounding shops cater to clientele from countless countries and backgrounds.

Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Esquilino PSB

Steps away from the train station, the crowds diminish and it's easier to find a simple place to sit.

Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL

At the summit of Viminal Hill, Piazza della Repubblica signifies the entrance to Rome's historical center.

The neighborhood which includes the notorious Porta Pia Monument, the National Public Library, and the University Campus is extremely lively and safe."


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Castro Pretorio's Mixed Community

Italy Rome Esquilino PSB

Castro Pretorio remains one of Rome's most diverse communities. The area surrounding Termini Station is especially varied.

Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Esquilino PSB

Commercial kiosks share the sidewalk with the shadow of Rome's largest public library, an attraction that generates constant foot traffic from nearby students.

Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Esquilino PSB
Italy Rome Esquilino PSB

Architecture Around Castro Pretorio

Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL
Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL

Embodying a drastic departure from the Romanesque columns in nearby Campitelli, Castro Pretorio's wide streets and open squares represent Rome's contemporary city planning aesthetic.

Italy Rome Castro Pretorio DBL

Ah, to be a winged creature with a view of the city from above!

Italy Rome Skyline PSB

What the birds see is quite lovely, indeed.


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