Remove yourself from the activity of ancient Rome and experience the simplicity of its suburbs instead.

Nestled in the northwest hills of Rome, Balduina’s brick-and-mortar residents lead lives of simplicity. Composed of modern apartments whose patios are always open for congenial conversation, what this suburban-feeling neighborhood lacks in ancient ruins it makes up for with contemporary amenities. Situated between the green expanses of an urban park and the foot of Monte Mario’s natural reserve, Balduina provides a quiet respite far-removed from the core of the city.

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Balduina is bordered by Aurelio and Prati

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

Leonardo da Vinci Airport: 60 minutes by cab without traffic
Termini Station: 20 minutes by public transit
The Colosseum: 30 minutes by public transit
The Vatican: 10 minutes by public transit

Balduina: A Local Favorite In the Suburbs of Rome

Italy Rome Balduina DBL

It's not the historical sites or the monumental attractions that draw people to Balduina.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL

It's the familial atmosphere, convivial neighborliness, and welcomed expression.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL
Italy Rome Balduina DBL
Italy Rome Balduina DBL

Virtually unknown to non-natives, this suburban escape's park spaces, playgrounds, and patios fill with locals.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL
Italy Rome Balduina DBL

Every day, Balduina becomes animated by the presence of the neighborhood's young students and errand-running families.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL
Balduina is a unique neighborhood of Rome as it is steps away from touristic attractions, yet still gives you a neighborhood feel."

The Local Park at the Foot of Monte Mario

Italy Rome Balduina DBL

Anchored at the base of Monte Mario, Balduina's public green spaces offer miles of natural pathways for locals to play and canines to converse.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL
Italy Rome Balduina DBL

The Local Businesses

Italy Rome Balduina DBL

Removed from the trendy shops that line Via del Corso, Balduina boasts easily accessible suburban amenities.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL

Street markets and small local businesses serve the neighborhood.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL
Italy Rome Balduina DBL

Tinkers, tailors, and furniture makers populate the area.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL

Their artisanal abilities are well-represented in Balduina's workspaces and galleries. Often, their craft is learned from the generations that preceded them. In the end, you enjoy more than a sturdy table.

Italy Rome Balduina DBL

You enjoy a piece of living history.


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