This central Rio neighborhood's spectacular park hugs Guanabara Bay.

Edging Guanabara Bay, Flamengo’s beaches are characterized by the serenity of calm water, swaying palm trees, and expansive green space. This central Rio neighborhood boasts one of the city’s finest parks and a sprinkling of bars to satiate its thirsty visitors. Flamengo serves as a peaceful respite from the frenzied trendiness of Copacabana, but it’s a neighborhood best explored by day. Luckily, Flamengo’s three subway stations will take you to friendlier evening locales in minutes.

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On the Map

Flamengo is bordered by Glória, Laranjeiras, Catete, and Botafogo

Galeão International Airport: 29 minutes by cab without traffic
Santos Dumont Domestic Airport: 11 minutes by cab without traffic
Sugar Loaf Cable Car: 7 minutes by cab or 30 minutes by bus
Corcovado's Train Station: 10 minutes by cab or 30 minutes by bus
Lapa: 11 minutes by cab or 25 minutes by bus

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

Quiet In Between The Beaches and The Hills

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Flamengo connects the Centro to Copacabana and the sandy shores of beaches beyond.

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The neighborhood shares many attributes with neighboring Botafogo–both residential areas are clean, serene, and in between Rio's financial center and its favorite recreational spaces.

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Long ago, Rio de Janeiro filled in a strip of land along its coast to keep it from washing away with the changing tides. Flamengo made it functional space, and now an expansive green park skirts its shore.

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Although Flamengo's water isn't suggested for swimming, its park is a favorite daytime destination for joggers, bikers, and strollers.

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When you want to go for a dip, it's easy to catch a bus down to Copacabana.

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Besides the beach, one of the biggest parks in Rio is located in Flamengo. A perfect place to practice every kind of sports with friends and family - running, cycling, basketball, soccer, or volleyball."

Flamengo's Functional Core

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The neighborhood's multiple bus and Metro stops allow easy access to the rest of Rio.

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Unlike neighboring Botafogo, Flamengo's housing options mainly consist of apartment complexes in neutral tones.

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Casual lunch spots serve loyal customers during the week. Come Saturday, shops slow down.

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Everyone's at the field.

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Nightlife in Flamengo is hard to find, but nearby Lapa invites all-night revelry. Stay out late so you can watch the sun come up.

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You'll be glad you did.

We especially loved the neighborhood, which is older, historical, cute, and convenient. We loved running and walking at the Aterro de Flamengo beach area..."


Visited in 2013

The beaches of Flamengo are characterized by the tranquillity of their waters, swaying palm trees and huge green spaces. This central district of Rio has the most beautiful parks of Rio, allowing anyone to breathe away from the raging atmosphere of Copacabana."


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