North Miami

Experience tranquil Miami without sacrificing urban sentiments, just be sure to bring a car if you want to explore the city's extra-hyped hotspots.

Boats bob alongside backyard docks and golfers go for the back nine in North Miami, a quiet suburban community a few miles north of Miami proper. North Miami might be far from the 24-hour allure of South Beach, but it boasts cultural esteem of its own—Haitians, Bahamians, and contemporary art connoisseurs gravitate to North Miami's cafes, park spaces, and museums.

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North Miami is bordered by Biscayne Park, Westview, Sunny Isles Beach, Pinewood, Golden Glades, Opa Locka, and North Miami Beach

Miami Airport: 18 minutes by car or 1 hour & 15 minutes by public transit
South Beach (5th and Ocean): 20 minutes by car
American Airlines Arena: 17 minutes by car
Bal Harbour Shops: 15 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Easy

Residential and Refined Ten Miles from Downtown

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An expansive neighborhood outside of Miami proper but a mere ten miles from Downtown, North Miami offers suburban quietude next to Biscayne Bay.

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elportalmiamiashores Cattarossi MG

Despite its relatively suburban atmosphere, North Miami boasts cultivated culture. Its citizens and institutions like the MOCA uphold spirited creativity.

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Haitian, Bahamian, Jamaican, and Cuban communities share their traditions in North Miami.

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Boating culture is common, too.

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Local Pride In North Miami

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North Miami cultivates creativity.

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elportalmiamiashores Cattarossi MG

Its inhabitants support its myriad local businesses and small purveyors, and they champion artisanal aspirations.

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elportalmiamiashores Cattarossi MG
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elportalmiamiashores Cattarossi MG MRelease.doc

Waterfront Recreation In North Miami

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Water from Biscayne Bay and Oleta River State Park laps North Miami's shoreline.

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Outdoor green space and endless fairways make it easy to stay active.

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Golfers dream of a hole-in-one.

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They boast about a birdie.

MOCA: Museum of Contemporary Art

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North Miami is home to MOCA, Florida's nationally recognized Museum of Contemporary Art.

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It's a common destination for cultural immersion.

Live Music and Open Mics In North Miami

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North Miami's creative culture resonates from the inside out.

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Charming Tranquility In North Miami

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Beach-inspired bungalows with exotic colors faded by the sun line North Miami's residential streets.

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elportalmiamiashores Cattarossi MG
elportalmiamiashores Cattarossi MG

Although the area's dwellings differ from modest homes to multi-story apartment complexes, they all share something in common.

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Beguiling greenery and unpretentious charm.

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Serenity straight ahead.


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