Miami Beach

Slathered in sunscreen, shopping malls, and dance clubs for the scantily dressed.

A touch more sedate than its neighbor to the south, South Beach, Miami Beach is a peninsular paradise that boasts hot sun and cool entertainment. Affectionately called "The Beach," this vacation destination is a short trip from the mainland yet far away from stressful city living. Spend the day sprawled along the sand and the evening perusing Collins Ave for sultry dance clubs and twice-shaken martinis. Early-risers and night owls find the Miami they want in Miami Beach.

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On the Map

Miami Beach is bordered by Port of Miami, South Beach, North Bay Village, and Bal Harbour

Miami Airport: 20 minutes by car or 40 minutes by public transit
South Beach (5th and Ocean): 5 minutes by car
American Airlines Arena: 15 minutes by car
Bal Harbour Shops: 20 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

Coastal Luxury In Florida's Resort Town

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North of South Beach's bustle and south of retiree residences in North Miami Beach, Miami Beach proper is the laid-back, low-key heart of the city's coastal lifestyle.

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MiamiBeachSurfside Cattarossi MG Mrelease.doc

When most people think of Miami, visions of Miami Beach swim in their mind.

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As one of Miami's first urbanized areas, Miami Beach boasts a rich history and several niche neighborhoods.

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Cuban-American, Orthodox Jewish, LGBTQ, and expressive artistic communities lend their culture and talents to their neighborhood's landscape.

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Bike-sharing services are increasingly popular in Miami Beach.

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The two-wheeled vehicles make getting around the neighborhood simple.

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Miami Beach is sun on your face and sand at your feet.

Miami Beach has a new bike sharing service called DecoBike...This is a practical means of exploring and serves as a good alternative to a taxi or rental car."

Miami Beach: Boards, Boardshorts, and White Sand

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To its residents and visitors, Miami Beach means paradise.

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The neighborhood remains a vacation destination for those looking to lounge near the tropics.

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Seaside recreation takes many forms in Miami Beach, an aquatic lure whose coastline stretches for miles.

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It embraces a slower pace than neighboring South Beach.

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Al Fresco Fare In Miami Beach

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In Miami Beach, the sun is superlative and its eating establishments take note.

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MiamiBeachSurfside Cattarossi MG
MiamiBeachSurfside Cattarossi MG

Like many of Miami's neighborhood bars and restaurants, Miami Beach's culinary attractions align their tables and chairs toward the light.

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Patio dining isn't reserved for casual coffee or quick snacks.

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MiamiBeachSurfside Cattarossi MG

Fine dining establishments embrace outdoor ambiance, too.

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Welcome to Miami Beach's great outdoors.

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You'll love it here.

...feel the freshness of summer all year round with tropical trees surrounding the neighborhood."

Cuban Influences: Miami Beach's Cigar Culture

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Expertly-rolled cigars are a Miami specialty, and you can watch yours take shape right before your eyes.

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In Miami Beach, the scent of hand-rolled craftsmanship is as universal as coconut tanning oil and freshly muddled mojitos.

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Resort-Style Residences

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From waterfront mansions to one-story bungalows and luxury high-rises, Miami Beach's residences share something in common.

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MiamiBeachSurfside Cattarossi MG
MiamiBeachSurfside Cattarossi MG

All of them feel like paradisal escapes.

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