Marina Del Rey

Far west of LA's Downtown, Marina del Rey's homes float—they're sailboats, ships, and yachts.

Floating far west of Los Angeles' Downtown, Marina del Rey ranks highest when it comes to luxury along the sea. A mixture of multi-story apartment complexes and more-than-stunning skiffs, ships, and sailboats, Marina del Rey's residents power-walk their pets and juice their breakfasts before returning to their boats for a day spent in the sun. Located next to the freeway and bordering Venice Beach and Culver City, it's easy to find off-the-water entertainment when you have a car.

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On the Map

Marina Del Rey is bordered by Westchester/Playa Del Rey, Venice, and Del Rey

LAX Airport: 15 minutes by car or 46 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 15 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 35 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 10 minutes by car
The Grove: 30 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Easy

Marina del Rey: Aquatic Lifestyles West of LA's Center

marina del rey harbor devon0430

Safe from the Pacific Ocean's powerful tides, Marina del Rey's harbor offers placid waters suited for peaceful lifestyles.

marina del rey sailboats devon0605

In Marina del Rey, life revolves around the harbor.

mta metro orange public bus devon0706
skate board red pants devon0714
red ice cream truck order window ghioldi197

The Marina Peninsula remains an outpost for permanent patrons with sand in their hair.

marina peninsula couple walking ghioldi128

Marina del Rey's serene attitude permeates freshly stuccoed strip malls and fastidiously-kept sidewalks.

late afternoon la beach skater girl ghioldi198
marina del rey waterside shopping center devon0755
picnic table bench astro turf devon0963
waterside center marina outdoor seating devon1076

In Marina del Rey, the sun shines brightly.

picnic table reading book drinking coconut water devon0983
waterside mall golden retriever owner devon0934

The pace is mellow.

waterside outdoor mall fountain at night devon0843
los angeles beach city at night hanging lights devon0847

Nightlife is casual.

A Harbor Society

beach harbor sailboat surfboards devon0031

In Marina del Rey, citizens stay anchored to the ocean.

high rise buildings sailboats marina del rey devon0674
sunny day sailboats yachts devon0014
docked sailboats california marina devon0003

Nineteen marinas make up the aquahood and over 6,000 vessels call the harbor home.

marina del rey outrigger canoes devon0302

The number of boats almost matches the number of bipeds—9,000 humans call the harbor home, too.

so cal boat crew devon0166
sailboat yacht sunny day girl devon0267
aboard yacht friends daytime waving flag devon0363

They were born with sea legs.

late afternoon ship captain marina del rey devon1527
so cal harbor sailboat sailor devon0324
late afternoon pacific ocean sailboat sailing devon1433

They were born with internal compasses.

marina fishermans village boat rentals ghioldi161

Some float by with kayak rentals from Fisherman's Village.

outdoor seating la beach town ghioldi166
daytime marina boardwalk ghioldi170
kayaks boat rentals marina ghioldi159
view marina fishermans village lighthouse kayaks devon0183

Row together, friends.

marina del rey harbor crew canoes devon0638

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Beyond the Boats: Extracurricular Entertainment

marina del rey cafe restaurant devon1025

Dining is casual and shopping is done at sleek commercial centers in Marina del Rey.

restaurant kitchen simmering pots devon1029
california fine dining artwork devon1121
wine selection restaurant devon1108

Most restaurants serve fine food, finer wine, and only the finest views.

marina del rey nice restaurant water views devon1089

The harbor is never far from sight.

mendocino farms sandwich market blue cow devon0877
fresh salad beats apples chicken devon1071

Marina del Rey's stylishly-presented small plates match the neighborhood's smartly-dressed aesthetic.

waterside center lorna jane starbucks evening devon0765
shopping mall womens store devon0798
active wear store shopping devon0783
jonis coffee shop coffee roasting cafe ghioldi144

From Sea to Shore: Life on Land In Marina del Rey

marina del rey luxury apartments devon1196

For Marina del Rey's residents that don't call their boats home, high-rise apartment complexes and funky beach homes provide shelter from the sun.

luxury funky beach house marina del rey ghioldi175
beach cruisers palm tree lined street ghioldi146
yorkshire terriers dog sweaters devon1183
marina del rey bike path devon1169

Sidewalks, bike paths, and seaside promenades stretch along Marina del Rey's harbor's edge.

pedestrian bridge marina del rey canal ghioldi127
new so cal apartment complexes devon1125
marina del rey nice modern apartments devon1159
marina del rey beach boardwalk black house ghioldi203
beach cruisers oceanfront beach houses ghioldi133
via marina residential street ghioldi194
marina del rey beach house family stroller walking boardwalk ghioldi132
family dog walking beach pathway ghioldi176
late afternoon couple biking cruisers ghioldi152
marina del rey beach cruisers biking young adults ghioldi124
brightly painted artsy garage ghioldi123
marina del rey harbor view late afternoon ghioldi154

Land hoy.

The Beach at Marina del Rey

beach front walking german shepard ghioldi142

Not every neighborhood has a beach.

california beach volleyball ghioldi117
marina del rey beach walking path puppy dog ghioldi129
beach house sand kayak ghioldi120

Many beaches have a neighborhood.

beach goers dogs marina del rey sand volleyball courts ghioldi139

Marina del Rey residents love theirs.

friends hanging beach sunset ghioldi136
marina del rey beach sunsetting photo guitar ghioldi141

Take a sandy seat.

sunset parasailing pier silhouette ghioldi140

Float into sunset.


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