Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach's cool surf and hot sun make having sand in your bed worth it.

Sand in your hair and sun on your skin seldom feels as right as it does in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles' South Bay's eclectic answer to its northern boardwalk counterpart, Venice Beach. One of three South Bay beach communities, Hermosa Beach's effervescent vitality sets it apart from more mature Manhattan Beach, while its offbeat attitude keeps it feeling funkier than nearby Redondo Beach. Surf in the morning, shop during the day, and sip or slosh in the evening—this energetic seaside enclave rises with the sun, outlasts its light, and often parties until dawn.

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On the Map

Hermosa Beach is bordered by Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach

LAX Airport: 15 minutes by car or 45 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 30 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 45 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 30 minutes by car
The Grove: 40 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

The South Bay's Busiest Beach Town

hermosa beach sunset residential area kalmbach005

Hermosa translates to "beautiful," and Hermosa Beach earns its moniker every day.

shingled beach cottage sunset kalmbach014

One of three Los Angeles Beach Cities, Hermosa Beach shares borders with Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

hermosa beach pier plaza boy skateboarding kalmbach013

Although each area boasts sandy shores and frothy whitewash, Hermosa Beach's youthful fervency and funky demeanor set it apart from the rest.

california pacific ocean waves kalmbach034
beach day southern california kalmbach007

Hermosa Beach's coastline is unusually wide.

hermosa beach suntanning surfing kalmbach035

Despite its abundance of sandy real estate, the neighborhood's beaches often fill up.

los angeles teens beach kalmbach038
beach boardwalk atm kalmbach024
hanging out daytime pier plaza hermosa beach kalmbach031

On and off its coastal fringes, Hermosa Beach brims with sunshine baskers, boardwalk ruffians, and sidewalk dillettantes.

los angeles beach residents face tattoo kalmbach015
tiki mon creamery cafe surf shops kalmbach029

Surf shops and bike rental kiosks are front-row spectators when Hermosa Beach hosts its annual CBVA and AVP volleyball tournaments.

beach paddle ball kalmbach037
hermosa beach sand volleyball courts kalmbach

Opportunities for recreation are endless in Hermosa Beach.

la south bay paddle boarders surfers kalmbach047

Paddleboarding, skateboarding, fishing, surfing.

hermosa teens skateboarders beach kalmbach022
southern california vw van kalmbach043
hermosa beach pier fishing kalmbach010

Seaside activities stretch as far as the horizon.

sunset surfer sand kalmbach036

In Hermosa Beach, it's Endless Summer.

On and Off the Boardwalk In Hermosa Beach

the strand boardwalk beach cruisers kalmbach011

Hermosa Beach's boardwalk, The Strand, stretches for 20 miles along the coast and connects Torrance Beach to Santa Monica.

hermosa pier ave bathing suits beach cruisers kalmbach019
girls bikinis sunny day kalmbach006
dad children hermosa beach park kalmbach003

Hermosa Beach's come-one-come-all atmosphere ensures that a diverse mix of families, professionals, leisure enthusiasts, and surf groms commingle along its coast.

java man coffee house outdoor seating kalmbach028

Becker Surfboards began in Hermosa Beach.

becker surfboards store front kalmbach045
hermosa ave jogger the yard pita pit kalmbach040

It still hits the lip.

Sunset In Hermosa Beach

hermosa beach sand houses at night kalmbach049

In Hermosa Beach, the slow decline of light is an event in itself.

southern california sunset ocean horizon kalmbach051
skateboarding sunset kalmbach002
hermosa beach sunset people silhouettes kalmbach009

Fishing poles get more nibbles at dusk and sunset surf sessions can only happen once a day.

california pier pacific ocean sunset fisherman kalmbach008

Leave the reach of the ocean's hypnosis and rejoin the masses skylarking along Pier Street.

hermosa pier plaza palm trees lights at night kalmbach048

Sing well into the night, skylarks.


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