Echo Park

Vintage record shops, vintage clothing shops, and vintage vintage shops reverberate in hip Echo Park.

Roll up your right pant leg and resurrect your mom's jean jacket in Echo Park, a northeast LA neighborhood that rides bikes and reveres retro stylings. Located next to super-hip enclaves like Silver Lake, this centrally located nook caters to crowds who thrive best when ferreting out old vinyl at the local record store. Window shop along Sunset Boulevard, ascend Echo Park's notoriously steep staircases, or catch a foul ball in Dodger Stadium's nosebleed section.

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On the Map

Echo Park is bordered by Westlake, Elysian Valley, Downtown, and Silver Lake

LAX Airport: 25 minutes by car or 1 hour & 50 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 25 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 15 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 30 minutes by car
The Grove: 20 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

Hilly and Hip In Northwest Los Angeles

epack family clothing store los angeles devon0194

North of Downtown, south of Hollywood, and directly next to Silver Lake, Echo Park fits right in with its famous neighbors.

echo park main drag devon0312

It's not as sleek as Downtown, as glitzy as Hollywood, or yet as hip as Silver Lake, but its DIY attitude takes the cake.

sunset blvd painted building murals ghioldi025
los angeles public bus devon0223
echo park graffiti devon0015

Thrift-stores and dive bars become local hangouts along Sunset Boulevard.

la house of spirirs liquor store hipsters biking devon0329

In Echo Park, traveling by two wheels often proves as popular as traveling by car.

jensens recreation center building los angeles devon0020
city criss cross stairways graffiti devon0633
los angeles freeway skyline devon0471
dodgers stadium

When you do choose four-wheeled transportation, it's easy to access the freeway from Echo Park.

echo park hilly residential street devon0391

Or from Dodgers Stadium.

dodgers stadium baseball field game day

The crowd goes wild.

Echo Park's Cool Culinary Scene

kind kreme raw vegan ice cream ghioldi031

Echo Park's dining scene mixes neighborhood staples with neighborhood newcomers.

vegasn gluten free baked goods devon0143
echo park vegan food devon0133

Vegan cafes and street tacos sold from vans both find their place in Echo Park.

tacos arizas food truck devon0318
echo park candlelight dinner ghioldi043
northwest la cute cafe ghioldi016
masa echo park bakery cafe ghioldi014
restaurant bar staff ghioldi017

Low-key and low-cost pizza parlors, sandwich shops, cafes, and bakeries cater to the young crowds that dine in Echo Park.

two boots pizza evening ghioldi045
echo park pizza place girls eating ghioldi049
two boots pizza by the slice ghioldi047

The Brite Spot has been refilling coffee cups for decades.

alexanders brite spot restaurant ghioldi060
brite spot diner ghioldi056
diner waitress black glasses frames ghioldi058

Dinner at a diner has never been finer.

diner counter ghioldi057

Counter-top for two.

The creative destination of Echo Park [offers] a variety of specialty groceries and coffee, traditional neighborhood eateries and shops, more recent boutiques, bars, restaurants, bakeries and music venues..."

Looking Vintage In Echo Park

echo park independent coop store devon0092

Thrift stores, vintage shops, 99-cent marts, and recycled fashion houses lend Echo Park its signature look.

out of the closet thrift store devon0051
thrift store vintage shopping devon0030
out of the closet window displays ghioldi042
los angeles cent store ghioldi028
trendy boutique shopping devon0120
jewelry for sale boutique devon0123
echo park boutique mannequin devon0124
echo park trendy store devon0114

Founded by author Dave Eggers, 826LA and The Echo Park Time Travel Mart lend more to the neighborhood than good looks and cool objects.

the echo park time travel mart devon0104

This non-profit organization tutors students looking to improve their creative writing skills.

Echo Park's Artistic Edge

brick wall face mural ghioldi001

Wall-sized wheat pastes and walls filled with vinyl still exist in Echo Park.

los angeles record store ghioldi010
records for sale ghioldi009
records cds music worker beanie ghioldi008
subliminal projects gallery dj ghioldi070

Art shows, poetry readings, and DJ sets take a spin in Echo Park's galleries and bookstores.

art opening night ghioldi072
book store coffee shop la ghioldi038
echo park art gallery show ghioldi071
la origami vinyl boxer dog ghioldi006
You're right around the corner from boutiques and coffee shops, and you're walking distance to a farmer's market on Fridays."


Hosts sweet little apt

Going Home In Echo Park

northwest los angeles downtown skyline devon0530

Peek at Downtown's high-rises from the modest homes that color the hills of Echo Park.

echo park single family homes devon0510
mint colored home devon0721
echo park hilly residential area trees greenery devon0707

Echo Park boasts sweet declines for skating.

Live Music and Cold Pitchers: Nightlife In the Neighborhood

band setting up bar ghioldi005

Night games, live shows, and tall cans characterize Echo Park's youthful nightlife scene.

dodger stadium lights night game
food truck nighttime ghioldi068
bar art displayed ghioldi080
echo park parking lot food truck nighttime ghioldi067
echo park style young adults leather jackets ghioldi064

Bars are fastidiously divey, venues are altogether intimate, and patrons are perfectly unkempt.

outdoor bar patio beer cigarettes ghioldi075
bartender echo park bar ghioldi078
los angeles live band bar show ghioldi076
the ech0 sunset blvd music venue ghioldi083

You're in.


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