Culver City

A Westside destination with a cinematic history, Culver City's theatres and parks give a great performance.

A star was born when production studios relocated to Culver City in the early 1900s. Blending nostalgia with right-now trends, Culver City tugs on the heartstrings and pushes the envelope. Ice-skating rinks, tree-lined streets, and community theatres temper Culver City's pool-sharking bars, bare-faced art galleries, and restaurants that sound best when their name is whispered. Even better, Downtown is reachable by public transit, but like most of LA, it's still more convenient with a car.

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On the Map

Culver City is bordered by Mid-Wilshire, Mid-City, Westchester/Playa Del Rey, Venice, Del Rey, Mar Vista, South Robertson, Palms, and Baldwin Hills

LAX Airport: 20 minutes by car or 55 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 15 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 25 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 20 minutes by car
The Grove: 20 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

Culver City: LA's Westside Destination

culver blvd akasha restaurant devon0335

A little city with a heart of gold, Culver City covers its five square miles in public parks, public art, moving picture studios, and prudent suburban homes.

culver city park bench views devon0040
city of culver city clock devon0018
westside la neighborhood devon0008
culver city street mural devon0005

Canines and their human counterparts stroll Culver City's sun-shined sidewalks.

dog walking cute sidewalk devon0022
pug dog walking devon0004

Old buildings serve new purposes in this nearly-centurion Angeleno outpost.

helmos bakeries district devon0509

The Helms Bakery complex houses restaurants and home decor stores.

mother son la shopping center devon0580
culver city farmers market devon0057

Culver City's away-from-the-commotion but near-the-city location attracts families and trendsetters to its wholesome vicinity.

parked retro road bikes devon0019
culver city city hall building devon0028
city hall fountain boy swimming devon0027

While its city hall reminds that Culver City is a self-directed entity, its reflecting pools and tree-lined streets emanate a suburban calm.

westside los angeles quiet residential street devon0289
craftsman style home blue trim devon0033
craftsman bungalow old rusted truck driveway devon0145
los angeles sprawl devon0039

My, what a lovely view you have.

Dining with the Community In Culver City

culver city farmers market crowds devon0356

Every Tuesday, the Culver City Farmers' Market sets up stalls to sell the week's freshest produce.

coffee shop cafe devon0053
fresh flowers cafe tabletop devon0056
gelato cup swirl devon0049

Those raw culinary delights often transform into Culver City's cafes' delights.

organic produce market shopping devon0377

From farm-to-farmers'-market and from market-to-meal, Culver City combines fresh taste with fresh decor.

los angeles city tavern outside patio devon0014

Its restaurants, cafes, and taverns encourage sidewalk seating and second rounds.

tariquet happy hour chalk board sign devon0020
happy hour cocktails devon0051
fancy bar selection devon0048

Culver City believes in an extended happy hour.

culver city restaurants novecento grill devon0021

Culver City believes in happy hour(s).

Behind The Scenes In Culver City

sony pictures entertainment gate rainbow devon0455
sony pictures plaza devon0508

Officially nicknamed, "The Heart of Screenland," Culver City's studios have produced hundreds of films.

sony pictures plaza building devon0494

Sony Pictures Studios stands as the current incarnation of what was once MGM Studios.

culver city studios sign devon0470
i love lucy ricky driving mural devon0430

The Culver Studios and the former Hal Roach Studios also share the scene.

the culver studios manicured lawn devon0604

Old classics like "The Wizard of Oz," "Gone with the Wind," and "Citizen Kane" were produced in Culver City.

pacific theaters0fountain devon0617
movie posters los angeles devon0061
sony pictures entertainment devon0436

New classics continue to make splashes at Culver City's theatres and movie megaplexes.

pacific theaters fountain children play devon0025
la kirk douglas theatre devon0315

Culver City celebrates its cinematic history.

veterans memorial building culver city devon0093
culver veterans memorial building pool devon0089

The Veterans Memorial Building houses the Culver City Historical Society Archives and Resource Center.

culver city historical society archives museum devon0108

The museum spotlights moments of movie magic.

Arts and Culture In Culver City

actors gang ivy substation devon0702

Experimental theatre group, The Actors' Gang, performs at the Ivy Substation in Culver City.

culver city actor dvon0720
los angeles actors gang devon0707

The 99-seat venue allows The Actors' Gang to embody their mission statement: Creating bold, original works for the stage and daring reinterpretations of the classics.

culver city stage actors gang devon0739
la the cinema cocktails neon sign devon0883
culver the cinema live music devon0987

Music lounges, museums, and art galleries complete Culver City's curiosity-picquing and performance-based entertainment repertoire.

art gallery devon0544
art gallery ticket window devon0522
framed photographs art museum devon0548

The Museum of Jurassic Technology showcases scientific, historical, ethnographic, and unclassifiable items within its walls. It pays homage to pre-16th century "cabinets of curiosity."

museum jurassic technology devon0777

Consider our curiosity piqued.

The Great Escape In Culver City

culver city outdoor hiking trails devon0043

Trails meander through Culver City's outdoor expanses and into the area's surrounding hills.

la baldwin hills devon0041
culver city nature trail devon0038
culver city hiking walking trails devon0042
public swimming pool devon0128

Public swimming pools, playgrounds, and bike paths offer plenty of active respite for residents.

culver city playground devon0037
los angeles wash exercise path devon0034

In Culver City, not all activity involves the great outdoors.

culver city ice arena skater sign devon0270

The sign says it all.

ice rink skating practice devon0173
culver city ice arena figure skating devon0250

Skating Is Fun. And Great Exercise.

Lights, Camera, Action: Nightlife In Culver City

culver city restaurant bar devon0801

A destination in Westside LA, Culver City's nightlife can command an audience.

bar customer beer pint devon0784
la bar patrons laughing pints beer devon0813
cheers guinness pint devon0843

Happy hours begin the evening.

nighttime japanese restaurant devon0030

Restaurants, bars, and lounges continue to rouse a racket throughout the night.

culver hotel entrance devon0678
culver neon sign tower devon0029
motorcycle night cruise devon0845

Action. Camera.

culver city downtown shopping mall devon0059



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