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London rewards urban adventurers with its rich history, theatricality, and cultural diversity.

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With 270 active stations, the Tube will take you anywhere in London and is the preferred method of transportation. Purchase an Oyster card to save your pounds. For better insight into London's layout, consider the bus or taxis. You will see black cabs that you can hail, and licensed mini cabs that you must book in advance. Only the brave consider driving in London, and with congestion charges for driving within the city, it's the most expensive option.

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Known for

Pub culture, tea culture, the royal family, Big Ben, Shakespeare, wry humor, theatre, fashion and finance, fish and chips, Tate Modern, the Tube

Locals Love

Locals Love

Bank holidays, free museums, the footy, street markets, smart sarcasm, Sunday roasts, real ale pubs, pop-ups, curry, tea and cake, the NHS, minding the gap

Locals Complain About

Locals Complain About

The weather, high rents, rising tube fares, queues, commute times, slow walkers, the NHS, politicians and bankers, people who stand on the left

Things to do in London

Here's your key to the city. A definitive guide of the best local spots, as told by local Airbnb hosts