South Boston

Irish pubs, copper and brick buildings, and waterfront activity typify Southie.

South Boston, or “Southie” as it’s affectionately called, exudes a cinematic quality. Not far from Downtown via the T, Southie boasts panoramic views of Pleasure Bay and locals whose accents still hint at their Irish ancestry. Although the movies often portray it as a tough as nails neighborhood, South Boston has steadily exposed its softer side—organic markets, waterfront parks, and new condominiums are continually springing up in this beloved and storied community.

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On the Map

South Boston is bordered by Leather District, Chinatown, Downtown, Roxbury, Financial District, South End, and Dorchester

Logan International Airport: 35 minutes on the T
Downtown Boston: 25 minutes on the T
Boston Common: 20 minutes on the T
Harvard Square: 30 minutes on the T

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A Working Neighborhood Rooted In Irish Pride

church street south boston kt23

Colloquially called "Southie," South Boston boasts character unlike any other.

southie street view kt33

It sports a small-town feel where locals settle their beefs on the pitch or over a tall pint.

joe moakley park kt48
men playing rugby kt54

In Southie, Saturday is Rugby Day at Moakley Park.

busy streets boston kt31

Southie works hard, plays hard, and prays hard.

irish catholic church kt01
mother mary white statue kt30
cloudy day church kt37

Historically an Irish-Catholic neighborhood, churches dot the neighborhood's centers and squares.

boy skating home kt11

The neighborhood is known for its survival instincts.

street sidewalk graffiti kt16
nelyss unisex salon kt34

It's common to hear Southie called "one tough cookie."

amrheins family dining kt03

It grew out of hard-working industrial roots.

street corner buildings southie kt08
south boston alleys kt09

Sticking together through it all, Southie continues to evolve.

unused warehouse apartments kt04

Unused warehouses are reimagined into environmentally-conscious apartment complexes.

residential block south boston kt18

Blocks of color enliven Southie's residential blocks.

street view kt35
rusted brick buildings kt25
old southie kt29
vintage southie gifts furniture kt26

People keep their eye on Southie.

sturgis cleaners shop kt15
local street corner southie kt22
sea point food spirits kt42

We hear Mul's corned beef hash is the finest thing to touch the flat-top this side of the Mississippi.

muls diner kt02

Combine its prideful small businesses with newcomers looking to share Southie's can-do attitude, and it's easy to see why it's a neighborhood to watch.

a street third street kt06

South Boston's Erin go Bragh Attitude

blackhorn pub kt28

Southie remains Boston's bastion of Irish pride.

erin go bragh graffiti kt17

Its old-school Erin go Bragh affection is a city institution.

southies own gift shop kt27
guiness pub south boston kt19

Come Saint Patrick's Day, its bars and pubs overflow like the foam on a Guinness.

On the Banks of Pleasure Bay

pleasure bay panaromic view kt40

South Boston's location on Pleasure Bay adds to its appeal.

sandy shores bay kt47
beach coastline south boston kt45

The sandy shores of the bay are one of the city's most popular destinations for sunning, swimming, and friendly competition.

people playing volleyball kt52

It's also a popular destination to find peace and quiet.

bay side benches kt44
beach house kt49
boat on coast south boston kt51

Ships ahoy.


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