Independent restaurants, bakeries, and bookshops lend this west Boston suburb a big village feel.

Newton may be a residential town, but it defies the stereotypes of suburban living. You don’t need a car to access Newton’s independent restaurants, bakeries, and bookshops. Instead, the neighborhood’s village-inspired atmosphere seems to warrant a slower-paced lifestyle that rewards relaxing on rocking chairs and cheering for the local little league team. Leaving this pastoral enclave is as simple as its charm—Downtown is a quick ride away on Boston’s commuter rail.

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On the Map

Newton is bordered by Brookline, West Roxbury, Watertown, Chestnut Hill, and Allston-Brighton

Harvard Square: 50 minutes on the T or 20 minutes by car
Boston Common: 40 minutes on the T or 20 minutes by car
Logan International Airport: 60 minutes on the T or 30 minutes by car
Downtown Boston: 45 minutes on the T or 25 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

Picturesque Suburban Living

victorian house newton kt18

Spacious Victorians and manicured sidewalks define Newton, a Boston suburb where main streets look like small-town movie sets.

lady walking sidewalk kt44
fall white house kt11
man walking dog kt19
cars parked boston kt08

Green medians and old stones comprise Newton's pastoral landscape.

old stone church kt28
eagle statue kt30
bull statue kt31
newton center day kt07

Parking isn't sparse in this homey suburb, so don't be afraid to drive to Newton's commercial core, Newton Centre.

rusted house corner kt34

Rediscover small-town suburban charm in Newton.

sub urban house kt26
piccadilly square kt24
sapporo kitchen kt33

Newton's shops line up like its bike line up.

parked bike sidewalk kt04

Neatly and sweetly all in a row.

Big City Amenities With a Small-Town Feel

newton business center kt06

Although Boston proper is easily accessible by T, car, or commuter rail, Newton's businesses cater to your every need so you don't have to leave.

sta restaurant kt37
man arranging flowers kt39
the silver woman kt45
tete a tete kt38

Whether you're in the market for a gift, a drink, or an eye exam, Newton's got a spot for you.

smithwicks newton kt43
piccadilly center newton center kt49
terry oreillys irish pub kt41
deluxe station diner kt36
liverty travel boston kt22
trap dor hair salon kt17
whole foods kt13
vinodivino kt16
newton eye care kt05

See what we mean?

Getting There

green line public transport kt48

The Green Line D train's open doors will whisk you into Boston proper within a half hour.

newton highlands t map kt02
funny street sign kt03
train station kt01


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