Replete with Boston pride and fierce town spirit, Medford is an amiable commuter suburb.

Located 5 miles outside of the city, Medford is a Boston suburb where accents are thick and community pride runs deep. Countless families have called Medford home for generations, and their long-term town dedication lends the neighborhood a certain old-school charm. Typified by 17th century churches, aging New England homes, and manicured parks, Medford is a fiercely spirited suburb with plenty of bragging rights—did we mention the inventor of the roller skate lived here?

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On the Map

Medford is bordered by Somerville, Malden, and Everett

Logan International Airport: 70 minutes on the T or 20 minutes by car
Downtown Boston: 50 minutes on the T or 15 minutes by car
Harvard Square: 35 minutes on the T
Boston Common: 45 minutes on the T

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

Strong Community Spirit In Boston's Northern Suburb

local medford houses ls37

Medford is a neighborhood steeped in tradition and local pride.

baseball players park ls19

Its residents adorn their homes to display their affection for the area.

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patriots flags houses ls13
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Medford's pace moves more slowly than the busyness of Boston proper.

fall trees park medford ls8

In Medford, residents look forward to the slow transition between the seasons.

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The suburb's cozy bakeries and careful details endear it to its residents.

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Medford is mere minutes outside of Boston, yet here you'll feel miles away from urbanity.

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paul revere restaurant ls4

You'll feel like you stumbled into a movie set in a small-town.

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for god country sign ls39
dunkin donots street medford ls30

No Boston neighborhood would be complete without a Dunkin' Donuts.

Serene Suburban Spaces

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Over 20 parks populate Medford's sprawling roads and Mystic River banks.

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Their pathways and playgrounds provide the perfect setting for working out or playing hard.

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They also provide the perfect perch for contemplating urban landscapes.

Medford Skurchak

Behold, Boston from the banks of the Mystic River.


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