Thong Lo

Cooly designed with all-embracing urbanists in mind.

Make cultural commentary as you watch the traffic thin from your perch in one of Thong Lo's wine bars or chic cafes. Urban savants increasingly gather in this internationally hip niche east of Siam. Shiny condos proliferate in anticipation of Thong Lo's swiftly ascending reputation, but despite its rise as Bangkok's newest and coolest nook, Thong Lo doesn't shun the traits for which Bangkok is beloved—street markets and sticky rice still serve residents who disregard the need for sleep.

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On the Map

Thong Lo is within Upper Sukhumvit and bordered by Klong Toey and Din Daeng/Huai Khwang

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

Suvarnabhumi Airport: 25 minute drive or 45 minutes by public transit and Airport Link Express
Siam BTS Skytrain Station: 10 minutes by public transit
Khao San Road: 30 minutes by public transit
Asok BTS Skytrain Station: 10 minutes by public transit

Thong Lo: From Generic to Glamorous

ThongLor Lewin

Once an everyday office worker's destination, Thong Lo evolves so swiftly now that even its hippest residents have trouble keeping up.

ThongLor Lewin MRelease

Most Bangkokians expect Thong Lo to be the city's newest booming center.

ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin MRelease
ThongLor Lewin MRelease

The neighborhood's small flats continually give way to shiny apartment buildings and towering complexes.

ThongLor Lewin MRelease

New condo spaces seem to sell out as quickly as their proposals proliferate.

ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin

As their construction commences, Thong Lo operates as it always has.

bangkok tonglor bronstein95

Lunch carts and cafes along Soi 55 serve the employees that stream out of Thong Lo's skyscrapers.

ThongLor Lewin
bangkok tonglor bronstein73
bangkok tonglor bronstein67

When the neighborhood's lunch carts close up, its lounges open their doors.

bangkok tonglor bronstein83
ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin

If Thais don't take their own car, they can hop onto Thong Lo's signature red bus.

ThongLor Lewin MRelease

Its path is easy to trace—the red bus only runs on Thong Lo Street.

Thong Lo Street never goes to sleep. It is one of the attractive, family oriented districts. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, with many great local and international pubs plus fantastic cuisines and restaurants where you can come to chill out with your friends or family."

Trendsetting In Thong Lo

ThongLor Lewin

As Thong Lo becomes Bangkok's newest epicenter of style, boutiques become more and more prominent along its sois.

ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin

Many of the area's shops are owned by the designers themselves.

ThongLor Lewin

In Thong Lo, style emanates from more than apparel. Its bars, lounges, and restaurants continually push the culinary envelope.

ThongLor Lewin

As Thong Lo's traffic grows denser and denser, residents often opt to wait out the rush in the comfort of its popular fusion restaurants.

ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin

The neighborhood's international feel creates an inviting environment for expats, travelers, and tourists to mingle with Bangkok locals.

bangkok tonglor bronstein92

As Thong Lo's reputation for foreign fusion increases, so does its number of wine bars, pubs, and Japanese restaurants.

ThongLor Lewin

Its shopping complexes also reflect international attitudes.

bangkok tonglor bronstein41
bangkok tonglor bronstein48
bangkok tonglor bronstein42

French restaurants and western labels make their home in Tonglor Eight mall.

bangkok tonglor bronstein04
Thong Lo is the meeting ground for Bangkokg’s young, urban, and chic types. It has a fascinating lineup of outdoor boutique malls as well as concept restaurants and bars, but the real action begins after sundown as the hip and well-to-do crowd descends on Thong Lo for a fun and intoxicating night out."

Cafes, Wine Bars, and Gelato Shops

bangkok tonglor bronstein06

Thong Lo is famous for the fashionable young crowds that fill its wine bars and coffee shops along Sukhumvit 55.

bangkok tonglor bronstein07
bangkok tonglor bronstein16

They're often spotted hanging out after work watching the traffic thin.

ThongLor Lewin

Thong Lo has embraced the appeal of the coffee shop, the gelateria, and the tapas bar.

bangkok tonglor bronstein65
bangkok tonglor bronstein37
bangkok tonglor bronstein25

Working from laptops while sipping on cappuccinos prevails in this part of the city.

ThongLor Lewin MRelease
bangkok tonglor bronstein86


Staying True to Tradition: Street Food In Thong Lo

ThongLor Lewin

Bangkokians flock to Thong Lo for its renowned fruit selection.

ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin

Thong Lo's proprietors hand select their produce for its perfect ripeness. The quality is reflected in the price, but the flavor is worth the extra money.

ThongLor Lewin MRelease

Thong Lo residents don't need to boast that their neighborhood has the best mangoes and sticky rice.

ThongLor Lewin
ThongLor Lewin

The mangoes and sticky rice make it known on their own.

ThongLor Lewin MRelease

Despite Thong Lo's increasing hipness, the neighborhood makes it evident that it doesn't plan on abandoning its traditions.

bangkok tonglor bronstein29
ThongLor Lewin MRelease

Streetside satay is still one of Thong Lo's most sought-after flavors.

ThongLor Lewin MRelease


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Brent Lewin is an award-winning photographer residing in Bangkok and Toronto. His personal work largely focuses on the plight of the Asian elephant in Thailand. Brent's work has been profiled and featured in publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times, Discovery Channel Magazine, and the industry magazine Photo District News (PDN). Brent's work has also been recognized with over a dozen awards at many prestigious international contests.

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Paula Bronstein is an award winning photojournalist with over 30 years in the business. Originally from Boston, Bronstein worked for newspapers including The Hartford Courant and The Chicago Tribune before moving overseas to Thailand in 1998 to cover the Asian region including Afghanistan and Pakistan. Paula has been employed as a senior staff photographer with Getty Images for 10.5 years. Presently Paula has moved back to freelance and is being represented by Reportage by Getty Images.

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