Ratchathewi/Phaya Thai

Motorcycles whiz past this neighborhood's malls, street food stalls, and late night lounges along the canal.

A narrow canal separates Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai, but the neighborhoods' differences don't extend beyond the waterway. Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai's mega malls and late-night lounges create an energy that never seems to abate. Motorcycles crowd the main roads underneath its skytrain stations as marketplaces and malls redefine the way Bangkokians shop. Skyscrapers tower above sois (read: side streets) where curbside food vendors and silk trade museums shelter themselves from the area's constant locomotion.

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On the Map

Ratchathewi/Phaya Thai is bordered by Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Lower Sukhumvit, Dusit, Pathum Wan, Siam, Upper Sukhumvit, Victory Monument, and Din Daeng/Huai Khwang

Suvarnabhumi Airport: 30 minute drive or 40 minutes by public transit and Airport Link Express
Siam BTS Skytrain Station: 10 minutes by pubic transit
Khao San Road: 30 minutes by public transit
Asok BTS Skytrain Station: 15 minutes by public transit

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

Crowded Centers and Quiet Sois

Rachathewi Phaya Thai36

Just north of central Bangkok, Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai serve everyday professionals, commuters, and shoppers.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai32

From its streets to its skyscrapers, Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai feel at once lived-in and luxurious. Ratchathewi once boasted Thailand's two tallest buildings, Baiyoke and Baiyoke 2.

bangkok payathai bronstein05
Rachathewi Phaya Thai18
Rachathewi Phaya Thai19

In 2015, the Baiyoke duo's title will be usurped by Mahanakhon. Regardless of Baiyoke 2 relinquishing its top spot, the view from its observation deck still astounds.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai8

Below the soaring buildings and elevated railways, street food vendors sell sticky rice and grilled pork to office workers and errand runners.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai22
Rachathewi Phaya Thai38
Rachathewi Phaya Thai37

As an active transportation hub and central stop on the skytrain, apartments near Phayathai station increase commuters' convenience.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai33
Rachathewi Phaya Thai59
Rachathewi Phaya Thai49
Rachathewi Phaya Thai56

In the evening, Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai enliven with patio observers and karaoke serenaders.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai53

Hit the high notes.

There area is a very busy area of Bangkok and good for shopping and street food. You will hear the trains go by a few times a day, but they didn't bother me - Bangkok is a noisy city."


Visited in 2012

Fast-Moving In a Transit-Friendly Hub

Rachathewi Phaya Thai27

Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai's atmosphere is a mix of haphazard street scenes and streamlined transportation.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai5
Rachathewi Phaya Thai2

Connected to the airport by a direct express train that pulls into Phayathai station, the area gets crowded around its turnstiles, escalators, and railway platforms.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai7

Scooter traffic and boat traffic are also common in Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai9

Drifting through Bangkok's canals offers new perspectives on its surrounding neighborhoods.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai20
Rachathewi Phaya Thai28
Rachathewi Phaya Thai29
The area is nice, because you get to see more of the 'real' Bangkok, but it's still very central so that you can reach anything quite quicky!"


Visited in 2012

Shopping Malls for the Everyday


Although Ratchathewi and Phaya Thai's many malls are not known for selling luxury labels, they're constantly cramped with shoppers seeking affordable merchandise and popular styles.


The area's Platinum mall's six floors are comprised of privately run clothing and accessory outlets.


Next door to Platinum is Pantip Mall, the country’s largest IT retail complex. Its hundreds of shops fix and sell electronics, computers, and the occasional pirated DVD.

A Lesson In Textiles: Tracking the Silk Trade

Rachathewi Phaya Thai40

Set apart from the shadows of surrounding skyscrapers, the Jim Thompson House and Museum is a compound that features traditional teak homes that trace the history of Thailand's silk industry.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai10

Bathed in lush foliage, it's easy to forget you're in a bustling transit hub when you're at the Jim Thompson House.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai13
Rachathewi Phaya Thai15
Rachathewi Phaya Thai47

Here, tranquility speaks louder than commerce.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai45

From Home to Museum: Suan Pakkad Palace

Rachathewi Phaya Thai6

Prince Chumbhotpong Paripatra opened his home, Suan Pakkad Palace, to visitors in 1952. Literally translating to "Cabbage Garden Palace," the home's grounds are shrouded by verdant foliage.

Rachathewi Phaya Thai35

His home survives as a museum.


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