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Moshi Sunset bus experience
Moshi Sunset View Bus, is a unique experience in Moshi since 2017. Pick-up from Mountain Bikes House & Eco - Bungalows Hostel Lodge and drive you to the sunset view location where the sunset bus is also parked. There you will sit on top of the bus, where you will be provided with 2 drinks each (beers or sodas a person) whilst you enjoy this sunset experience in case of good weather you'll get to also view the Mountain Kilimanjaro (both Mawenzi ,Uhuru peak & coffee plantations), you can join last minute at an extra cost. N.K From group of 10pax we can also offer a special musician/Guitar player. After the sunset with an additional cost we can also arrange special dinner (pre-booked) @ our newly cultured and uniquely built restaurant named Maisha Khalisi which is located on the same location. The only Restaurant in this region who offers both options of meals for non-veg, vegetarians, vegans, gluten free & famous PIT BBQ style of cooking the beef. Classics and elegant cocktails, wines and all types of fresh organic beverages are available. (A tailor made 3 courses set menu can be prepared for special group request)
Tauche ein in das Leben der Maasai
Du hast Lust in eine neue Kultur einzutauchen? Dann lerne mit mir das Leben der Maasai kennen! Am Morgen machen wir uns auf eine kleine Reise ins Maasailand. Auf dem Weg passieren wir Baobab-Bäume, trockene Flussbetten und wilde Tiere. Im Dorf angelangt, hast Du die Möglichkeit, das Leben der Maasai kennenzulernen. Beinhaltet: - Reise im Privatauto/Taxi ins Maasaidorf und zurück zur Unterkunft - Lunchbox - 1.5L Wasser/Person - englisch oder deutschsprachiger Guide - Begrüßungsgetränk der Maasai - traditioneller Maasaitanz der Männer & Frauen - Maasaimarkt - Feuer anzünden auf Maasai-Art - Besuch einer Maasaihütte
To the Hot Springs in the local way
Do you like the local way? You like to make new experiences and you want to get to know the culture? Then let me invite you to accompany my way to the little paradise in Moshi - in local style. I will show you the hot springs, called “Maji Moto or Chemka Hot Springs”. You can swim and relax in the turquoise waters, get "massaged" by small fish or jump in the water via a swing or from tall trees. A cozy atmosphere incl. picnic area invites you for a relaxing time. We will travel the more-local-and-not-so-touristy-way: In the morning we meet at the Highway supermarket. There you will have the opportunity to get some snacks for the day. From there, we take the "Daladala" (van for public transport) a few kilometers on the highway. Driving Daladala is characterized by music and many people who often carry interesting things and spontaneous conversations with locals - worth experiencing! Next, we'll take the Tuktuk to the Hot Springs, where we'll enjoy the day and eat Chipsi Mayai before returning in the evening. Includes: x Daladala & Tuktuk both ways x English speaking guide x Ring for Swimming x "Chemka - Hot Springs" entrance x Lunch (Chipsi Mayai) x 1.5l water/person
Trail hiking to beautiful waterfalls and coffee tour
My name is Johnny I'm Tanzanian i was born here in Kilimanjaro at Materuni village. Am 23 years old, am chagga by tribal. Materuni village is the last village before Kilimanjaro National park. Once you will visit my village you will register at the village office after that youre tour will begin is 45 minutes from the office to the waterfalls. On the way to the waterfalls you will see bananas and coffee plantations and learn more about my culture and the life of the villagers not only that but also to see Moshi town view point and spectacular view of mount kilimanjaro. After waterfalls you will get back and have short break while you waiting for coffee lesson and you will learn how coffee is processed picking, driying, pounding, roasting, grinding up to drink in local way. Youre mostly welcome.
Immerse into Kikuletwa hotspring by Tuk tuk-Bajaji
Our Chemka Hot Spring Swimming tour will begin from picking you from your Hotel, Hostel, Lodge or family staying in Moshi or Arusha. Bomang’ombe is our starting point of the experience where our Main transport will be Tuk Tuk (Bajaji) which takes 20min to Hotspring. You will have a grateful day from beautiful nature around the highway with big smile from Locals. On arrival at this oasis of its kind you will spend a few hours soaking in the pleasantly warm waters, as well as swinging on the rope swing , relaxing in the sun-dappled shade of the trees, hearing different sounds of birds, Fish massage which will make to relax while your legs under water, Taking Photos and Video is another good experience you won’t forget in this amazing trip. You will test local favorites such as Chips-mayai (a French fry omelette made out of eggs and potato chips) and Nyama-choma which is a local barbecue. Enjoy this experience before/after doing safari or climb mount Kilimanjaro. STARTING POINT is BOMANG’OMBE but we can pick you from MOSHI and ARUSHA by Public transport(Bus). We bring First Aid Kit during Experience!
Experience the Maasai Culture by Bike tour
On arrival in Maasai village by Mountain Bike you will immerse into great cultural and traditions experience by guided by Maasai warrior. The most famous of Africa’s people, these fierce warriors are still practicing their ancestral way of life and are known for their pastoral traditions, living off their herds of cattle, sheep, goats, and donkeys. Today they have established permanent settlements, and many of the Maasai do not roam. They still exist on a diet of milk, blood, and meat, however, it is becoming very common place to supplement their diet with grain. You will involve in different activities in maasai community wchich including maasai dancing, witness inside maasai boma with skin cow matress, local grasses for chassing away mosquitoes, intering in animal house, how to make fire by using pieces of trees( Ulindi and Ulimbombo) and explain you typical medicinal plants, extraordinary trees.In addition to that, the usage of local tools, hunting techniques, fire preparation the usage of local tools, hunting techniques and fire preparation is a part your unforgettable bush excursion. Vegans and vegetarians can also enjoy Maasai boma experience. Starting point is BOMANG’OMBE but we can pick you from MOSHI or ARUSHA by Public transport(Bus). Visit also: Discover Kikuletwa hotspring by Bike
Materuni Waterfalls Experience
A tour to Materuni Village and Waterfalls is a great way to spend a day away from the bustle of town life. The walk to Materuni Waterfall offers a glimpse into the nature of Tanzania allowing you either to prepare your body for the forthcoming climb to Kilimanjaro or ease your muscles after the climb. The tour starts with a walk to Materuni Waterfall. It is an opportunity to see how local fruit like avocados, mangos, lemons, and bananas grow, as well as learn some of the local history, traditions, village economy, agricultural and cultural life. When you get to the waterfall, you can refresh yourself in the natural pool, so swimsuits will come in handy!
Test swahili food or Prepare food from Kitchen
Welcome BOOK—WE SHOP—WE COOK—WE EAT TOGETHER. 1. UGALI, SPINACH AND BEEF 2. PILAU 3. MATOKE(MIXTURE OF BANANA AND BEEF 4. RICE, FISH AND CASSAVA LEAVES 5. BIRIANI 6.MIXTURE OF CASSAVA, IRISH POTATOES, SWEET POTATOES,BANANA AND PURE COCONUT MILK 7. CHAPATI In this person Experience of cooking our local foods from our kitchen to table!! Our guest will able to learn Swahili food in our kitchen step by step . Many guests/Travellers miss to get foods which they want and how to prepare their own foods and give the skills to other people when they travel. VEGAN AND VEGETERIAN are Welcomed. 1. Guest will be selecting one or two food which he/she want to cook or learn from our selection or from his/her c tradional meals. 2.Guest will be given a time to analye all the step on our notes board and explain a bit how food will be cooked and how long will take 3.We will go for shopping for that ingredients if you come 1 HOUR BEFORE. 4. We will be cooking together by learning from each other feely step by step. 5. Cooked foods will be shared with all the team in our small restaurant. 7. Photos and video recording will be part our personal cooking experience. NOTE! The price listed will be going to buy recepies for the experience and will cover drinking water breakfasf and lunch.
Bike tour to Chemka Hotspring for Swimming and relaxing
CYCLING, SWIMMING AND RELAXING. Our experience is based on cycling Mountain bike through lough road and the swimming of warm water. We will take you to hotspring by cycling. On arrival at this oasis of its kind you will spend a few hours soaking legs in warm water as well as swinging on the rope and drop into water from the highest height,relaxing in shade watching flowing of clean water. You may also having your lunch which are made around this area eg Nyama choma, Chips and eggs. You can not find any where in the northern part of Tanzania except in Kilimanjaro. Better experience before/after Hiking Mt Kilimnjaro or Meru,Safari and Zanzibar beach holidays. we offer public transport pick-up from MOSHI,ARUSHA BUS TERMINAL(Our own cost) and Private Car ONLY from KILIMANJARO AIRPORT (JRO) your own cost. Let us know if you need Tour, Mt Kilimanjaro hiking , Safari and Zanzibar Beach for arrangements. Tip not needed but appreciated . WELCOME
Ride with locals in Tanzania
Are you looking for most unique mountain biking culture tour in Tanzania? Join our one day bike tour to chagga tribe civil war cave in the foothills of Mountain kilimanjaro.Starting from Moshi we will cycle 36km about 4 to 5hrs passing the Moshi fascinating villages through coffee field and banana across the 155years old brigde built by Germany. You will also see highest mountain in Africa from the distance and learn new chagga culture in kibosho village enjoying locally tradion food & dance and then visiting the underground cave that used by chagga tribe chiefs during civil war . Our unforgettable experience we reach the end at the old Catholic Church in the middle of forest as we enjoy the marvellous view from Mountain kilimanjaro before we starting heading back to Moshi city
Waterfall visit&CoffeTour in Materuni Village
We will pick you up in Moshi town. Then we go together to the beautiful village Materuni by car or motorbike. From there we start our hiking tour to an amazing waterfall. On our way you will learn a lot about our culture and nature. When we arrive at the waterfall you have the chance to go in the water if you like. After spending some time at the waterfall we will start our way back to our camp (Mama Agnes House). Our local hot lunch awaits you there.
Ultimate Tanzanian Wildlife Experience
We meet in the morning at Kilimanjaro Airport or at your hotel or Airbnb in Arusha. We take lunch boxes (excl) and head to Tarangire where we do our first game drive and first chance to view the Big 5. The elephants here are our most favorite animals to watch. Herds in Tarangire are particularly large and the open savanna dotted by trees is their perfect habitat. Just like Manyara and Ngorongoro, Tarangire forms part of the larger Serengeti Eco-System and a wildlife corridor at Manyara connects the Tarangire seamlessly. In the late afternoon we will drive to Mto wa Mbu and Lake Manyara and check in at the cute and secluded Burudika Lodge. From here you have breathtaking views of the rift valley escarpment and the lush forests. Other things to note Private Group Pricing: Price for Solo Traveler: $2500 USD Price per person for two people sharing: $1250 USD Price per person for three people: $1250 USD Price per person for four - six people: $770 USD Discounts for kids and surcharge on holidays! Day 2 Today we will explore the picture perfect Lake Manyara National Park. The alkaline lake is perched dramatically beneath the wall of the Great Rift Valley. It his home to tens of thousands of migratory flamingos and some great wildlife viewing. The lions here are known and feared for their tree-climbing skills. After a fun day in the park we will drive up the rift valley escarpment and on to Karatu. Here, just outside of Ngorongoro, we will stay in the spaciously appointed rooms of Marera Valley Lodge. Day 3 Today we embark on the best game drive of your lives! Early morning we enter Ngorongoro and descend the largest intact caldera in the world. 600 meters below, the garden of eden awaits you. Besides your Big 5, you will marvel at wildlife, small and big and you will be amazed by the natural concentration of wild animals that occurs as the crater is hard to get out of and has everything these species need. Ngorongoro is considered the cradle of mankind and visitors cannot help but feel a deep spiritual connection to this land. This is also my homeland and it's the heart of Maasailand. In the afternoon we drive back to Arusha or Kilimanjaro. Other things to note The price shown is per person for a group of 6. Prices for smaller groups will be higher. We also give discounts to children because we love hosting them.
Explore Chemka/Kikuletwa Hot Spring by Day
Found at the heart of Kilimanjaro region, discover this naturally-heated hot spring surrounded by lush forests, monkeys, and squirrels that are awaiting for you. A good place to swim, relax and capture cool moments as you prepare either to visit northern circuit national parks, depart from Moshi or before running in the famous Kilimanjaro Marathon. It is also a good adventure for those who were after big hikes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Our journey will start with me picking you up bright and early in the morning at your Airbnb or at the airport then we will drive for about 30 minutes and stop in one of the best supermarkets to buy some bites and drinks for our road trip. Then after some few Kilometers we will enter the dusty rough road that will take us straight to the hot spring. In the road we will get to see the Maasai people, giant baobab trees and donkeys. After some few minutes, we will arrive at the hot spring. You will get the chance to experience jumping in the water using the swinging tree branches and rope, and being fish-massaged by the little fishes that will nibble your skin. We will have our lunch prepared by the locals and eat under the trees while hearing different birds sounds. You will test Tanzania’s very own “Chipsi Mayai/Zege” which is a mixture of French fries and eggs. Enjoy this well-worth experience till the evening when we get back to Moshi/Arusha.
Ngorongoro: Conservation and Community
We meet at Kilimanjaro Airport or in Arusha and drive to Ngorongoro. The scenic drive takes about 4 hours and we pass Lake Manyara and climb up the Rift Valley and up to Ngorongoro. Your game drive starts as we enter Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Lions, leopards and elephants frequent the area around the crater rim. We will stop at the crater lookout and continue to either Rhino Lodge or the budget option, camping on the crater rim. The lodge is perched just off the crater rim and run by members of my community. Welcome drink followed by buffet dinner if you chose for the lodge, delicious private chef prepared meal if you opt to camp. Get to bed early to be ready for tomorrow. Day 2 Today we will climb down Empakai Crater. This is the baby brother of Ngorongoro Crater. We will spot wildlife on our way there and descend with packed lunch. A warrior will join our hike and you can ask him and myself anything you want about our culture. We climb up again and return to the camp (standard option) or Rhino Lodge (premium option). Day 3 Today we rise early to drive into the Ngorongoro Crater. We bring packed lunch and we try to see the Big 5 and many other beautiful animals. We will stop over with the rangers to discuss their challenges and how they help keep our flora and fauna alive and well, especially how they protect our endangered rhino. We drive out of the crater again in late afternoon and return to the lodge. Day 4 Today is your last day with us and we will drive to my village to meet with the Maasai community. You will learn about our lives, how we see the future and how we manage the opportunities and challenges of living in a conservation area. We will then return to Arusha or to Kilimanjaro. I suggest adding our Zanzibar stay to this safari. Other things to note The price displayed is the price per person for a group of 6 adults sharing in green season. The price is higher for smaller groups and in peak season. We do however have discounts for children!
Tanzania: The Eco-Warrior Experience
Today we collect you from Kilimanjaro International Airport and take you to Jane and John's gorgeous guesthouse. Jane and John are the first Airbnb hosts of Tanzania and have recently expanded their luxurious home in Njiro to make room for additional guest rooms. Jane is a landscaping architect, her vast garden is a testament to this. John is the former head of the African Wildlife Foundation Tanzania and one of Tanzania's leading conservationists. Day 2 Today you will drive to Tarangire for your first game drive. The park boasts the most impressive homestead for elephants in the world. Loserian has a very special bond to one individual. She will recognise Loserian and approach him tenderly. Lose can tell you everything about her when you are there! In the late afternoon, proceed to Mto wa Mbu, situated next to Lake Manyara National Park. Check in to Burudika Lodge. Day 3 Mto wa Mbu is an Ujamaa Village, it was created during the pan-Africanist times of the founding father of the nation, Julius Nyerere. Ujamaa villages were created across the country with the goal of securing peace in the country. Nyerere saw ethnic groups across the continent fight each other and wanted to prevent ethnic violence in Tanzania. Ujamaa villages are Utopian, multi-ethnic co-living projects. To an extent, Ujamaa was a huge success, unlike its neighboring countries, Tanzania has seen minimal ethnic violence. On the flip-side, Ujamaa wiped out cultural diversity and people were forcibly uprooted and relocated across the country. In Mto wa Mbu, residents come from over 60 ethnic groups or "tribes" - (a word we avoid at Safarisource because of its Colonial connotations). Today we will meet with village executives (elders) and discuss life in the community. In the afternoon, we can go on a bird watching hike. Loserian is famous for recognizing over 200 species of birds by the shape of their shadows. Day 4 Today we have a visit planned with the wildlife protection officers. Their job is to mitigate human wildlife conflict and to come up with solutions for pastoralists or agriculturalists who have been impacted by wildlife. We will learn why a farmer whose had his or her crop destroyed by elephants may be inclined to poison the elephant - and what steps can be taken to prevent that scenario. You will also learn what happens when lions kill livestock or the tragic cases were hyenas and leopards kill children. The wildlife protection officers must come up with sustainable solutions for humans living with wildlife. Trace their steps as they ensure that the people of the area remain guardians rather than enemies of wildlife. In the afternoon you will get the perspective of the village executives. You may find that their views on on human wildlife conflict will to some extent contradict those of the officers. Our aim is to provide you with unfiltered insight into everything that is done right - and wrong - in the quest for conservation and in making the area inhabitable for both humans and animals. Day 5 Today we drive through the Rift Valley to another beautiful alkaline Lake, Lake Eyasi. Here, we will stay two nights at a very special high end luxury tented camp, Kisima Ngeda. This is a place to relax and unwind. If you are not going to Zanzibar after your safari, consider this your mini beach break. At Kisima Ngeda you can hike for hours and observe animals on foot or you can interact with the local cultures, the Hadzabe and the Datoga. Today, you will meet with villagers from the Datoga indigenous group. They are agro-pastoralists who, whilst sporting a similar fashion, are not to be confused with the Maasai. The Maasai arrived in the area roughly 400 years ago, immediately declaring war against the Datoga who have been living in this region for over 2000 years. In 1994 the Datoga and Maasai declared peace. Loserian witnessed warfare tactics between the Datoga and Maasai as a young boy. Today, his charity funds both Maasai and the minority Datoga youth to go to school. Day 6 Today you will wake up early to accompany the local Hadzabe women. The Hadzabe are a small, indigenous hunter-gatherer community. They do not farm or keep any livestock, they do not sell products, they sustain their lifestyle through hunting-for-food, foraging and they supplement with tourism income. You are invited to join the women as they gather berries and other produce from the forest. They sleep underneath the stars and don't believe in building permanent structures. The Hadzabe are the ultimate survivalists and perhaps the worlds' greatest experts on sustainable forest living. The Hadzabe lifestyle is completely sustainable with the environment they are living in and leaves the smallest ecological footprint of any humans in the world. You will spend the afternoon at leisure. You may wish to hike, there is little large game (due to it being a dense forest) or you can relax on the shore, on the lookout spot on top of the cliffs or by the pool. Other things to note Please be respective of the Hadzabe way of life. Refrain from "converting" anyone. They know well of the cities and the opportunities there and sometimes young Hadzabes move there, often to return to the community. The Hadzabe live underneath the stars and take from the earth only what they need. Day 7 After breakfast you will pack your bags and drive to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is where Loserian is from and it's deep Maasailand. You will visit a local project that is supported by his NGO. You will check in at Rhino Lodge, a quaint lodge just off the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. Most of the staff here are Maasai from Ngorongoro communities. In the afternoon you will go on a guided hike. There are wild animals everywhere, including lions, leopards, elephant and buffalo. Your Maasai guide, likely a young warrior, will read the signs of the bush and take good care of you. Day 8 Today you will descend into the Ngorongoro Crater for an action packed full day game drive. We consider the crater to be the most spectacular place on earth. You will feel an instant, otherwordly connectivity to this place, which may be explained by Ngorongoro being the cradle of mankind. You will search for black rhino and the other Big 5 inside the largest caldera in the world. On your way down you may encounter Maasai herders. They have negotiated access to the minerals at the base of the caldera. Their livestock lick the earth here and it strengthens their immune systems. The warriors brave the prides of lion to get to the minerals, roughly 50 individuals are estimated to live on the crater floor. Day 9 Today you will take the scenic route to the Serengeti. Your drive there is a constant game drive. You will be accommodated in a tented camp in a position that is strategic to the Great Migration (if their migratory pattern allows for this). You will hopefully already see the Great Migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra today. Day 10 Today you will go on a full day game drive in Serengeti. If you haven't already seen the Big 5, now is a great opportunity. Also, learn more from Loserian, a Maasai elder, of what the Serengeti was like before the evictions and how the Maasai are reclaiming their positions as the guardians of wildlife or as "eco-warriors". Day 11 You will get your last chance to observe wild animals on your drive back to Kilimanjaro today. Loserian will drop you off at Kilimanjaro Airport. If your flight is in the morning, we will arrange an extra night and take you to the airport the following day - at extra cost. We can also organize a beach holiday in Zanzibar or Mafia island for you after your safari. Other things to note Please note that price depends on group size and whether you would like to go on this tour in private or join a group. Tanzania is child friendly! We can offer discounts to children.