Software Engineer, International Growth

Why are International Growth Engineers important at Airbnb?

To connect people worldwide with unique travel experiences, Airbnb needs to be global and radically local at the same time. Simple translation is just not good enough. As an International Growth Engineer, you set new quality standards and connect people around the world with a native user experience.

We are looking for talented, driven, and entrepreneurial engineers to lead our localization team in this effort. The ideal candidates are intensely curious about globalization, hospitality, cultures around the world, mobile and web technology, exhibit a can-do attitude, and approach their work with vigor and determination. Candidates should have demonstrated the ability to learn quickly and work effectively in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, and be excellent at multi-tasking.

Currently, about two-thirds of trips on Airbnb cross a country border, and that number grows every day. We strive to offer a native, local experience in all 192 countries where we have listings. For us, internationalization isn't optional.

Some examples of our International Growth Engineers’ work so far:

  • 25 languages supported by desktop site, mobile site, iPhone app, Android app
  • In-house, web-based translation tool with some especially nifty features:
    • Translators can click on any phrase on the site to suggest a better translation, and changes go live immediately
    • Every new phrase is automatically screenshot and shown to translators for context
    • British English and Traditional Chinese sites are generated automatically from the American English and Simplified Chinese sites, with additional tweaks by our London and Singapore offices
    • Phrases are prioritized for localization based on how many impressions they got in the last week
    • We hire translators from our community; 94 translators contributed to Airbnb in June.

See how we used these tools to launch in one week.

Relevant experience might include:

  • Ruby on Rails experience in production environments 
  • Strong Java experience
  • Past experience and/or strong passion in building global websites and apps
  • Exceptional proficiency using HTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX
  • Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities
  • Rigor in A/B testing, test coverage, and other web best practices
  • Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application
  • You have a favorite punctuation (Catalan's interpunct, anyone?), favorite plural morphology system (1 nótt, 2 nætur in Icelandic!), or favorite abugida (we have only a Thai site now, and look forward to Hindi, Lao, and more…)

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