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Choose your requirements
Decide how many people can stay and for how long. Set house rules that guests must follow when staying at your place.
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Block off dates on your calendar whenever you like—there’s no minimum time that your place needs to be available.
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Set your own prices
What you charge is up to you. Our tools and insights can help you set nightly prices that are competitive for your area.
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Help guests feel welcome
Follow our amenity and performance guidelines to create comfortable stays and earn great reviews.
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Join a vibrant host community
Create memorable experiences for travelers and earn money to pursue the things you love.
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Candida & Jeff
Host a house in Joshua Tree
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Hosts a farm stay in Komatsu
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Hosts a loft in Paris
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Hosts a private room in San Francisco
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Safety is our priority
Host insurance and protection
To support you in the rare event of an incident, each booking on Airbnb includes property damage protection of up to $1M USD and liability insurance of up to $1M USD.
COVID-19 safety guidance and support
To help protect the health of our community, we’ve partnered with experts to create safety practices for everyone, plus a cleaning process for hosts.
Requirements for all guests
To give hosts peace of mind, we offer guest identification and let you check out reviews of guests before they book. Our new Guest Standards Policy sets higher expectations for behavior.
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Our tools make it easy to set the right prices, manage reservations, message with guests, receive payments, track earnings, and more.
Personalized insights
We'll share local travel trends and suggest ways to improve to help you earn great reviews and grow your business.
Education and training
Find guidance in the Resource Center, join a free webinar on hosting basics, and connect with other hosts in our Community Center.
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