Can I cancel my pending reservation request?

We understand that sometimes you may get a tad excited when making plans to stay at a spectacular listing and submit a reservation request before you're ready. Not to worry! As long as your reservation request is still pending acceptance, you are free to cancel the request without penalty at Your Trips.

While your reservation request is still pending, you will not have a completed charge made on your payment method. Your payment method may be authorized for a charge, but this authorization is voided and released back to the payment method if the reservation request is retracted, expires or has been declined, including service fees. We complete a charge only if a reservation request is accepted.

If you're looking to change the details of your reservation request, you'll need to cancel the request and submit a new reservation request with the correct details.

If you do not see the option to cancel the request in your account, double-check to see if the reservation has already been accepted, declined, or has expired. You will not be charged for any reservation that has been declined or expired. In addition, receiving a pre-approval does not mean you have an accepted reservation

In case your reservation is already accepted, you might want to learn how to alter a reservation or cancel a reservation

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