What are host service fees?

Airbnb charges hosts a 3% host service fee every time a booking is completed on our online platform. This fee covers the cost of processing guest payments and comes out of the host payout. We also charge guests a guest service fee to cover the cost of running the site.

Both guest and host service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal. The subtotal is the complete price of a reservation before service fees have been added and is calculated from the listing's pricing settings. Our system can only process whole numbers and will round the fee to the nearest dollar.

Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction involved, VAT on the service fees may be included as an additional amount over and above the total 3% service fee. The service fee presented to you on our website will include such VAT when applicable.

You can see the amount of the service fee in your host confirmation by clicking on the reservation code in your Transaction History and when you receive a reservation request by clicking on the link next to the subtotal.


Example: a 4-night reservation at a listing with a nightly rate of $100 and a $50 cleaning fee

Subtotal: (4 X $100) + $50 = $450
Payout: $450 - (3% X $450) = $436.50
$450 - $436.50 = $13.50
Host service fee = $14


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