How can I change my payout method?

1. Change Payout Method: You can change your payout method by going to your Account > Payout Preferences. Then click to add a new payout method and follow the steps.

Please pay attention to your default payout method (the default is noted next to the payout method type). If you would like a new payout method to be your default, please make sure this is the case.

2. Routing Rules: You can add payout routing rules if you have more than one payout method set up. These let you have a different payout method set up for each listing in your account or split payouts among different payout methods. Just click Add Payout Routing Rule.

Please note that once you add a new payout rule, only payouts for reservations that begin after the change will be affected. The payout method for reservations that have already begun will not be updated. If you remove a payout method that is included in a routing rule, the associated routing rule will no longer be valid.

3. Remove Payout Method: If your payout method has been pending verification for more than a week, please remove the payout method using the Options drop-down menu, then re-enter your details as a new payout method.

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