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The below terms and definitions will help you better understand the specialized vocabulary used frequently on the website. Try using them in the Help Center search (the search box above) to increase the relevancy of FAQs in your search results.

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• payment: the money a guest pays for a reservation via the Airbnb payment system. Read more.

• payout preferences: a host's payout methods and routing rules. Read more.

• payout: the money a host receives for a reservation via the Airbnb payment system. Read more.

• pending: describes a reservation request sent using the Airbnb system that is awaiting a host's approval. Read more.

• Policy Center: the page where major Airbnb policies are documented. Read more.

pre-approval: a feature that allows a host to let a guest book at the listed rate without having to await the host's response. Read more.

• pricing: the general term used to describe the rates and additional costs a host has set for a listing. Read more.

• professional photography: a professional photography service offered by Airbnb. Read more.

• profile: an overview of each Airbnb user, containing the user's profile photo, self description, reviews, and references. Read more.

• prorate: to adjust the nightly rate based off a host's weekly or monthly rate and/or cleaning fee. Read more.

• reference: a post on an Airbnb profile, written by a friend, family member, or colleague, that speaks of the good character of the person. Read more.

• referral: a person who is referred to Airbnb by another Airbnb user. Read more.

• refund: money returned to a guest after having made a payment for a reservation. Read more.

• reservation request: a request sent to a host to book a reservation at a listing for particular dates; the guest has submitted payment information. Read more.

• reservation requirements: settings that allow hosts to limit who can book with them. Read more.

• Resolutions Tool: a feature that allows guests and hosts to offer money to or request money from one another. Read more.

• response rate: a percentage found on a host’s profile that denotes how responsive a host is to guest inquiries/messages and reservation requests. Read more.

• Review Guidelines: Airbnb's policy on the content of reviews. Read more.

• review response: a reply to a review on one's profile or listing. Read more.

• review: an evaluation of a reservation, written by the host and guest who booked the reservation. Read more.

• room type: the type of listing a host is offering (shared room, private room, entire home/apartment). Read more.

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