How do I use my calendar?

It is important to make sure your calendar is always up-to-date since guests rely on it to show them your availability and rates. It also keeps you informed of the reservations you have coming up. Manage your calendar at Your Listings > Manage Listings. Then choose View Calendar. You can edit the pricing of specific nights on this page.

If you have more than one listing turned on, you will have the option to view a multi-calendar. Remember that you cannot offer multiple listings from one calendar; you need to make a listing for every space you have available so each space has its own calendar and pricing.

Calendar days are divided in half and display nightly prices. This is to help you manage the check-in and checkout of your guests. A reservation that ends on the 10th, for example, will only show only the top half of the 10th as unavailable since you are free to host a new guest on the night of the 10th. Airbnb reservations are shaded pink, and dates that you've marked as unavailable for other reasons will show in grey.

Details about all of your reserved dates will display on the start date. If the written details are too long to display within the selected time period, an information ⓘ icon will appear. Simply hover your mouse pointer over the ⓘ to see all of your notes.

You can view your live calendar as a guest sees it by going to your listing’s public page and clicking on the tab for the calendar. Here, your calendar dates will appear as green with your nightly price for every night you have available to book and red without a price for every night you don't. For example, if a guest is checking out on the 10th and no other guest is checking in that day, the 10th will remain green, since no one is staying the night of the 10th.

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