What happens when I ask Airbnb to mediate on a Resolutions Tool Case?

If your guest or host is not responding to your Resolutions Tool request, you have the option to bring in Airbnb to mediate. You should only choose this option if you cannot come to an agreement on your own.

To bring in Airbnb, first upload any pertinent documentation to the request. You are able to drag and drop files (like photos or receipts) on the right-hand side of the page. Then click the link that says, "bring in Airbnb to mediate."

By clicking "bring in Airbnb to mediate", you agree to allow Airbnb to review all information and provide a final decision. Our decision will be based on the documentation submitted through the tool, as well as the Airbnb message thread exchange between both parties. Should we require further information, both parties may be given a deadline to submit new documentation.

We will notify you once we come to a final decision.

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