What does an adjustment on my Transaction History mean?

Adjustment: an amount of money a host owes to Airbnb.

You may owe money to Airbnb because of a guest cancellation, a reservation alteration that resulted in a lower reservation total, a violation of our Guest Refund Policy, or because you decided to refund your guest for another reason. In addition, if you cancel a reservation, an adjustment may appear for the host cancellation fee.

An adjustment is created if you have already received a payout for the reservation. Adjustments are automatically deducted from the payout method scheduled for the next payout or payouts until it is fully collected. You can check on the status of adjustments at any time in your Transaction History: Account > Transaction History


When an adjustment is processed: it will be grouped together with the payouts that it was processed with. Click expand for more details. You can use the reservation confirmation code to find the original reservation in your Transaction History or under Your Listings > Your Reservations.

When an adjustment hasn’t been processed yet: the amount of the adjustment will appear as a negative amount to be paid in the Completed Transactions tab.

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