My account details changed, but I didn’t update them. What should I do?

Airbnb is a community that values the trust and safety of its users. As a result, we take account security very seriously.

One of the steps we take to help protect your account is to send you an automated email whenever you have changed your email address or whenever you have added a payout method. If you have received an automated email from us, please ensure that you have personally made the changes to your account mentioned in the email. You can always check your account settings by logging in at:

Please take the time to check the following:

• Is your Airbnb registered email correct?
• Is your payout method information correct?

If you find that either your email or payout method information is incorrect, and you did not make the change, please notify us immediately at:

As a reminder, please keep all contact and payments between yourself and other users on Airbnb. If someone requests that you communicate off of Airbnb, such as through personal email, please notify us immediately at:

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