How do I make a Special Offer?

Special Offers allow you to set a custom price for your guest's reservation from their inquiry. Click the button in your message thread to attach a Special Offer.

attach special offer

Enter the total price you'd like to offer your guest, before host service fees or guest service feesFrom the Special Offer amount you enter, the Airbnb service fees and the applied nightly rate will be calculated. Make sure to account for any additional guest or cleaning fees in your Special Offer, because they won't be added to your total. If you have a security deposit on your listing, it will be included in the reservation details.

A Special Offer doesn't block dates on your listing's calendar. So, you can offer multiple guests a Special Offer for the same dates until someone books. You can remove a Special Offer from a message thread any time before it has been booked.

If you don't see the button to attach a Special Offer, your calendar is not available for some or all of the needed dates. This may be because: (1) You have a pending reservation request for those dates: decline the pending request to open your calendar. (2) You already have an accepted reservation with the guest: use the Resolutions Tool to settle the pricing of the reservation. (3) The dates on your calendar are marked unavailable: view your calendar to see what might be blocking theses dates. Please note: changes to your calendar may take 5 minutes to appear live on your listing.

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