How do I use my Wish Lists?

Saving Wish Lists

To bookmark or save listings you don't want to forget, use our Wish Lists feature. You must be logged in to your Airbnb account to save to your Wish Lists.

Click the Wish List button (the one with the heart on it) on a listing's page to save it to one or multiple Wish Lists. If it is your first time using Wish Lists, you need to first create a Wish List when you click the heart. Click the drop-down menu, then "Create New". Enter a title, then click "Create".

Editing Wish Lists

To view and edit your saved Wish Lists, click on your name at the top of any Airbnb web page once you’re logged in, then select Wish Lists. You can also head here:

• Sort and Message: Click on a particular Wish List to browse your saved listings. You can add notes and apply filters to sort by availability or amenities. Click the Message Hosts button to select listings to message based on your filters.

• Change or Remove: The Change button lets you move a listing from one Wish List list to another or create a new Wish List. The Remove button lets you remove a listing from a Wish List. After saving changes, the listing will be automatically moved to or removed from your selected Wish Lists and shared according to your privacy settings. Changes may take several minutes to refresh on the site.

• Set​tings and Sharing: Click on the Settings button to: (1) change the title of the Wish List, (2) delete the Wish List, or (3) manage the privacy settings of the Wish List.

Wish Lists shared with “Everyone” will be published on your Airbnb profile and can also be published to your Facebook Timeline. If you decide you would rather not post to your Facebook Timeline, edit your settings from Account > Privacy > Add Airbnb to Facebook Timeline. Select “Only Me” to keep your Wish List private. 

From within a Wish List, you’ll also be able share a link to your Wish List via Facebook, Twitter, email, or by copying the URL. Just click the Share button.

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