For what extenuating circumstances is a guest eligible for a refund?

We understand circumstances come up that affect travel plans. Depending on the case, a refund may be authorized outside of the reservation's cancellation policy and the guest may be given a full refund, meaning the host will receive no payout.

If the guest is canceling due to extenuating circumstances, we will reach out to the host right away to explain the situation. Please note that cancellations can often be avoided if you alter the reservation.


Details for guests:

Extenuating circumstances cases will be contingent upon the reservation being canceled prior to the check in date and upon you contacting Airbnb to provide proper documentation where valid. Only the cases found in our Extenuating Circumstances policy will be considered.*

If you are certain you are unable to attend the reservation due to an official extenuating circumstance, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible and contact us to provide relevant documentation. Based on the documentation provided, Airbnb will determine if the Extenuating Circumstances policy applies to your reservation. Please know that if you cannot provide the proper documentation, Airbnb will not be able to give you a refund for your reservation.

Types of documentation can include: notes from a medical professional on hospital letterhead explaining why you should not travel, a jury duty summons, a valid obituary or death certificate, etc. 

If your claim is denied, your refund will be processed according to your host's cancellation policy. You may reach out to your host to request a refund outside of the cancellation policy via the Resolutions Tool


*The following are NOT covered under our Extenuating Circumstances policy: flight cancellation due to something other than natural disaster, lost baggage, loss of employment, or death of someone other than an immediate family member.

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